Mathews Z3 vs. Hoyt Powermax – Comparison of 2023

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Bowhunting is a great hobby to get into. It is a pleasing and satisfying sport that will allow you to learn discipline within yourself to become a good archer.
Having the right equipment is also essential in being a proficient bow hunter.

In this article, we will put two of the most regarded bows in the market today. In a Mathews Z3 vs Hoyt Powermax comparison, we will determine which one is the better choice for your first or next compound bow.

These are prime examples that you can get good quality bows without spending too much.

Mathews Z3 vs Hoyt Powermax Comparison in 2023

Mathews Z3

Mathews Z3

Matthews is a brand regarded by the archer community as the standard producer of bows. They have different lines for specific skill sets and levels of expertise. The Z3 is one that is geared toward the beginner to the intermediate skill level.

But that is not to say that this is not at par with the professional-grade bows. It comes with a speed of 330fps with a 7” brace height. Those elements make this bow a fast and stable shooting bow.

This design is based on a classic Matthews design, which is why the shape and the action are familiar, compact, and agile. It also features a Reverse Assist Roller Guard, which helps make the draw silky smooth and without a struggle.

Also, it measures 30” from axle to axle, which is great even in extreme hunting conditions. You can take this virtually anywhere and can use it in almost any setting.

The bow is equipped with the Focus Grip, which ensures comfort and control over the Mathews bow every time. This is a synthetic rubber grip that minimizes hand torque when shooting.


  • Design based off a classic and time tested bow
  • Agile and compact bow
  • Relatively light and smooth draw
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit heavier than Hoyt

Hoyt Powermax

Hoyt Powermax

Up next is a compound bow that blends technology, performance, style, and value. While those are always debatable, one look at the Hoyt Powermax, and you will see that they may be up to something.

As for the performance of this bow, it has a familiar Hoyt design. It has the Powermax Tec Lite riser that has appealed to shooters who have used such bows before.

And it has a 31” measurement from axle to axle, which is still compact enough to bring with you in most hunting situations without being a drag. This weight of 3.8 lbs is a good weight when holding it up since it is light enough to carry and stable when aiming.

The Powermax has a grip made from molded plastic. It may differ from most flagship models or even compared to the Mathews Z3, which is rubber. Even so, the feel and the grip is nice, secure, and performs as intended.

This compound bow is designed to fit a variety of scenarios and can be a good go-to when you want to go to the range and practice your skills. This will also work great as a beginner bow.


  • Light draw weight
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be used in a variety of scenarios
  • Great for beginners


  • Plastic grip leaves room to be desired

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Mathews Z3 or Hoyt Powermax bow?

Mathews Z3 or Hoyt Powermax bow

These mid-level compound bows are almost identical with small differences here and there. Check out how much they differ and see which one appeals more to your taste and shooting style.

Axle to Axle Length

This is something you should take into consideration if you are of a smaller stature because it will affect the way you grip and use the bow. The difference may just be 1 inch, being Hoyt Powermax the longer at 31” compared to Mathews Z3 at 30”, but it may have a huge effect on your overall control of the bow.


As far as grips go, the Mathews Z3 has a rubber grip while the Hoyt Powermax has a molded plastic one. Even so that both of these are mid-level compound bows, a rubber grip speaks more about the quality of the bow. It would have been a nice touch if the Powermax had stock rubber grips.


Bow speed is measured by feet per second (fps). Like all measurements, even small differences can mean a lot. The Mathews Z3 clocks in at 330 fps while the Hoyt Powermax was measured at 328 fps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Mathews Z3 and the Hoyt Powermax. Read on to clear any confusion that you might have.

Are all bows ambidextrous?

No, there are specific bows for left and right-handed individuals.

Why should I go for a compound bow when hunting?

This is simply because a compound bow can provide greater speed and accuracy when hunting, which is a great way for someone to get started on hunting with a bow.

How do I choose my first compound bow purchase?

Like all purchases, it is good to have a set amount of budget and proper information about what you want to buy. The more knowledge you have, the better your choice will be.

What’s the ideal draw weight?

This is subjective, which is why it is recommended to start from 40 lbs and then work your way up or down depending on your preference.

Do I need a sight for my bow?

Yes. Because having this accessory can greatly increase your shot accuracy.


Using a bow and arrow to shoot is both a fulfilling and relaxing activity as it helps one to grow a certain set of skills in order to be a good marksman.
If you are to choose between Mathews Z3 vs Hoyt Powermax, we recommend to go with the Mathews Z3 since it is more compact, has better speed, and has a comfortable handle that will suit any person of any skill level.