Top 10 Best Mathews Bows 2023 Review – New Edition for Hunting and Sports

I think that mostly everyone remotely interested in the area of hunting or cams or bows related sports would have at least heard on best Mathews Bows. So I am going to keep the introduction short.

The company boasts of having brought in some of the compounds bow and the hunting bows of all times.

Top 10 Best Mathews Bows Comparison

Mathews Z7 bow MATHEWS Z7

  • Draw Length: 29in.
  • Archery Type: Compound

  • Draw Length: 24in., 30in.
  • Archery Type:Target
Mathews DXT Compound Bow MATHEWS DXT

  • Draw Length: 24in. – 30 in.
  • Archery Type: Compound
Mathews Switchback Bow MATHEWS SWITCHBACK

  • Draw Length: 25in. – 30in.
  • Archery Type: Compound
Mathews Monster Compound Bow MATHEWS MONSTER

  • Draw Length: 23in. – 30in.
  • Archery Type: Compound

  • Draw Length: 24-30″
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting

  • Draw Length: 29 in
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting

  • Draw Length: 30 in.
  • Archery Type: Compound
Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow MATHEWS DRENALIN

  • Draw Length: 29in.
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting

  • Draw Length: 28 in.

Best Mathews Bows Review

In this section, you can see our list of top ten best Mathews bows which totally excel for their make and working. There ar best Mathews bow reviews will give you an insight into the top products from the company. Let’s head straight to it: here are the best Mathews bows ever.

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1. Mathews Z7 bow

Mathews Z7 bow

When Z7 was introduced first in 2010, it came with the hope that this will pacify the criticisms that the two cam bow introduced prior to Z7 had invoked. Mathews was, until then, the leader in the single-cam market.

Well, it did serve its purpose and Mathews Z7 was a step forwards for Mathews. It turned out to be one of the best hunting bows. As the Mathews website described it when it came out, ‘it is the finest hunting bow ever produced’.

The slim fit inline grip ensures a smooth and relaxed grip and handling. Its riser is made of the Mathews’ Grid Lock technology.

Even though the GridLock pattern was initially criticized for looks, its users fell in love with the pattern, for it made the bow way lightweight, stronger and easy to handle.

Additionally, given the balance that comes with the GridLock technology and parallel design, the bow offers great performance.

The Key features of Best Mathews Bows Z7:

  • Special Z7 cam offering a remarkable speed to the arrow shot.
  • The gridlock technology keep the overall mass of the bow low while making it stronger and easy to handle.
  • Given its build and make, the bow offers great overall performance as a hunting bow.
  • Mathews Z7 features reverse assist roller guards.
  • Other notable features of the best Mathews bows include Damping System and String Suppressors, which plays an important role in deadening the string vibrations.
Why should you buy Mathews Z7 bow?

Mathews Z7 bow is an ideal blend of speed, style and performance. One of the many reasons in support of buying this bow can be its sturdiness. Mathews Z7 has been sweeping hearts of buyers for its durability and make.

Moreover, with its Grid Lock technology, Z7 is lightweight and quite smooth to handle. With the parallel design and slim fit inline grip, you can have a relaxed hold over the bow.

Also, those who prefer a more manoeuvrable bow would love this for its short length and handiness. Simply, the Mathews Z7 bow can be your perfect hunting companion.

2. Mathews Triax

Mathews Triax

It is a relatively new Mathews bow and ever since it came out, Mathews Triax is in just every list of top hunting bows. At 28 inches, Mathews Triax is a compact and yet high-performing bow.

Weighing around 4.4 pounds, Triax is a light-weight bow that would clearly surprise you with the performance and accuracy it delivers. The bow being short, it can be a perfect choice for any stand and blind hunter.

The bow is proven surprisingly handy to even those who aren’t short bow type hunters. There are many aspects that make Mathews Triax an ideal bow for hunters; some of them being, the balance and ease of handling the bow, decent draw cycle, lack of hand shock, etc. The brand had put considerable efforts into the force draw curve.

Mathews Triax is available in 7 finishes which are Black, Lost Camo XD, Optifade Sub Alpine, Optifade elevated II, Ridge Reaper forest, Ridge reaper Barren and Stone. Draw length can run between 25- 30.5 inches. Available draw weight options are 50 Lbs., 60 Lbs., and 70 Lbs.

The Key features of Mathews Triaxbow:

  • Triax is a short, light-weight bow that will be easy to carry and handle.
  • Exceptional performance with improved force draw curve, providing more energy to the arrows.
  • The short body makes the product ideal for the stand and blind hunters.
  • 3D dampening technology that can deaden the vibrations to offer a quiet performance.
  • Crosscentric type cam can produce a good deal of energy and accuracy.
Why should you buy Mathews Triax bow?

Triax offers a sharp, fast bow that you can be totally confident in. Powered by Crosscentric cam technology, it can bring accuracy and can produce a steady draw while producing the required energy. For its performance and features, Mathews Triax is indeed a preferable hunter’s bow.

3. Mathews DXT Compound Bow

Mathews DXT Compound Bow

With 3.75 Lbs. body, Mathews DXT can be counted among the least weighing bows from Mathews. Made of aluminum, the unnecessary part of the body is cut out to maintain low body weight.

The limbs of Mathews DXT compound bow are made with Mathews’ proprietary composite material and hence come way stronger and thinner. The eccentric system is not adjustable, thus requiring a separate cam for each draw length, however, for good reason. Each of the cams is precisely tuned to deliver maximum performance.

The bow comes about 30 inches long with a draw length that runs between 24 and 28.5 inches. Mathews DXT is available in 4 draw weight options which are 50 Lbs., 70 Lbs., 60 Lbs., 40 Lbs.

The Key features of Mathews DXT compound bow:

  • It comes with a relatively narrower online laminated walnut grip defining the bow’s centerline.
  • Mathews DXT is lightweight.
  • The non-modular eccentric system is tuned to deliver optimal performance in terms of speed and accuracy.
  • The bow is designed to offer some of the smoothest draw cycles.
Why should you buy Mathews DXT compound bow?

Designed precisely to match performance and the hunter’s comfort, the bow is a perfect choice in many aspects.

Along with offering a quiet performance, the Mathews DXT compound bow also offers a smooth draw cycle, accuracy as well as speed. Overall, it is safe to count it among the best compound bows.

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4. Mathews Switchback Bow

Mathews Switchback Bow

Mathews Switchback Bow is a combination of some of the smoothest performances and make. Designed with Mathew’s perfect single-cam eccentric system, the bow has been among the best of bows with the smoothest draw cycle.

The inline grip lets enough pressure to be drawn to the Riser while offering some comfort to hands. Talking about the dynamic efficiency percentage, the product goes up to 80.

Despite being longer when compared to other best Mathews bows in the list, the weight is surprisingly kept around 4 pounds. The bow delivers a decent speed of 295 fps.

It comes with some essential innovations which add to its ultimate performance, such as the Harmonic Dampening System which limits the noise or vibrations and draw-length runs between 27 and 32 inches.

The Key features of Mathews Switchbackbow:

  • The single-cam eccentric system offers the smoothest draw.
  • A harmonic stabilizer and dampener deaden the vibrations to a considerable extent.
  • V-Lock limb cup system and a string suppressor offer an improved shooting experience.
  • Offer a greater draw length.
Why should you buy Mathews Switchback bow?

As many shooters would confirm, the Mathews’ Switchback bow is designed to be lightweight while offering a better shooting consistency.

Being compact and lightweight, the bow can be a balanced choice for a bowhunter. The smooth draw cycle is what makes the bow exceptional.All in all, Mathews Switchback bow offers some great archery/hunting experience.

5. Mathews Monster Compound Bow

Mathews Monster Compound Bow

Exceptionally fast, the bow is truly a monster in many respects. Following the Z7’s production, many of the best Mathews bows went by the grid pattern that helped to cut back on the body weight of the bow while maintaining or improving the strength and performance.

Mathews Monster compound bow uses a similar derivative of the same old Grid-lock technology. Hence, even though it comes in a 33.5-inch A2A package, the mass remains just around 4.3 Lbs.

The draw length offered by this product comes about 24-28 inches and draw weight options run between 40 and 70 Lbs. The bow is surprisingly quiet despite being definitely fast and aggressive.

The draw cycle of this particular Mathews bow can be aggressive, given a different kind of eccentric system designed into it.
Tip: The bow is designed to deliver an aggressive shot. It might not be, thus, the right choice for beginners.

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The Key features of the Mathews bow:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle due to the grid-patterned body.
  • The speed offered by the product is a notable plus point of this Mathews bow, especially when compared to its previous version.
  • Smooth draw cycle.
  • The limb savers and stabilizers work along to make the bow reasonably quiet for the performance it delivers.
Why should you buy Mathews’s bow?

It delivers amazingly fast performance but with a stiff draw cycle. The bow will be suitable for shooters in good form who prefer faster bows even with an aggressive draw cycle. Simply, this Monster is an unbeatable bow.

6. Mathews HTR No CAM Bow

Mathews HTR No CAM Bow

In their attempt to influence the bow industry and provide customers with more options, best Mathews bows introduced the No CAM HTR Bow to the market in 2014. This best hunting bow of all time is an incredible bow for all bowhunters who are looking for smooth, consistent accuracy.

Mathews NO CAM makes use of cables that slave every small wheel to the opposite let-off module affixed to every big wheel, it is different from the Mathews bows of the past, which make use of split bus cables that affix each wheel or cam to the opposite limb’s axle.

Apart from being one of the best Mathews bows ever, the fit and finish of HTR No CAM from Mathews are very attractive.

Key Features of Mathews No CAM:

  • Modifiable draw length from 24-30″.
  • A reduced reflexed riser
  • Shorter, more inflexible quad limbs
  • Double Harmonic Stabilizers and ground-breaking Focus Grip for greater accuracy and feel of tremendously smoothness, quiet and balance.
  • A string stops to get rid of string vibration after the shot.
  • Monkey Tails and Proprietary Harmonic Stabilizers to deaden little sound made by this bow, making it as quiet as modern bows.
  • Two smaller, 1.98-inch wheels are pinned to the axle together with each major wheel.
Why Buy Mathews HTR No Cam Bow?

The solids wall and draw cycle on this new best Mathews bows are some of the most excellent in the business. It will ensure a smooth draw in bad weather conditions and difficult situations.

It tackles the challenges associated with drawing your bow after sitting in a treestand for many hours in what looks like sub-zero temperatures. The fact that this bow is actually quiet is another impressive aspect of this bow.

After the release of a shot, there would be little to no vibration, helping a lot with consistency and accuracy.

7. Mathews MQ1 Bow

Mathews MQ1 Bow

If you are looking for the best bow and the forerunner of the parallel limb craze of today, look no further than Mathews MQ1 Bow. This is the best compound bow that will take your game hunting or archery to a new level.

Mathews MQ1 has been the mainstay of hunters for many years because it includes a lot of handy devices and useful choices for all your archery needs. The 3D scope is available and helpful for long-range archery and ballistic shots in thick forests.

You can get the Mathews bow for sale with the chance of customizing your bow with a selection of finishes, cable and string options, as well as accessories. Do you want the look of your bow personalized to your liking? This would be a great feature for you.

Measuring 37 inches from axle to axle, Mathews MQ1 is on the longer side in this list and is suitable for finger shooters of all ability levels.

This particular best compound bow for target shooting and all its accessories have been planned for use by right-handed hunters.

Key Features of Mathews MQ1 Bow:

  • Bodoodle Zapper 400 arrow rest – Steadies the shaft and offers a dependable flight channel every time you shoot.
  • A smooth draw cycle – Helps accuracy
  • Forgiving 7.5-inch brace height – Perfect for amateur shooters.
  • The StraightLineMaxCam allows for speedy shooting with least noise
  • The shaft – Leaves the string at about 308 feet per second, which is an incredible velocity that will destroy any target.
  • A wrist strap and a leather grip cover – Guarantee that your grip will not slip and your bow will not fall when you draw it back.
Why Buy Best Mathews Bows MQ1?

Mathews MQ1 is the quietest bow you can ever own. This bow is light and durable, making it a solid choice for you whether you a seasoned veteran or new to the hunting sport.

It is a very fast bow that looks great. Also, it can be cranked up to 70lbs pull and is extremely accurate.

Mathews MQ1 is a compact and ergonomically designed bow even when fitted out wholly with all accessories. It is easy to move through thick growth or underbrush at merely 3.75 pounds and just about above three feet in height.

You can bring it to bear fast and noiselessly even in a jam-packed thicket. This bow can deliver an arrow with force from many yards away, in the most complicated conditions.

8. Mathews Monster XLR8

Mathews Monster XLR8

The Mathews Monster XLR8 is a very fast compound bow with great features. As a matter of fact, it is one of the fastest Mathews bows on the market. But the fact that Monster XLR8 is the fastest bow doesn’t mean that it is suitable for everyone.

As this fastest rig will be the best alternative for a number of big game hunters in good form, it is actually not the best option for average shooters and beginners in a poor form.

Even as hunters who are used to stiff and fast bows will take pleasure in shooting this bow, other hunters may hate it owing to its non-forgiveness and hostility.

By and large, Mathews Monster XLR8 is a fantastic bow for a smaller fraction of knowledgeable shooters with good archery skills.

Key Features of Mathews Monster XLR8 Bow

  • A stiff draw cycle – Making the bow to be very fast
  • A short valley
  • An extremely solid back wall
  • Its 5 inches brace height makes it less forgiving
  • Completely machined reflexed riser
  • A one-piece Inline Walnut grip
  • Split limbs that get to past parallel angles at full draw
  • A stiff-drawing twofold cam AVS eccentric system, designed to hit IBO speeds more than 360 FPS.
Why Buy Best Mathews Bows Monster XLR8?

There are different customers Mathews bow reviews for Monster XLS8 depending on their skills and form because of the short brace light and aggressive eccentric system of the bow.

As a number of shooters prefer how this rig shoots, others concluded that it is very hard to draw. Nevertheless, this is a typical condition as the Monster XLR8 bow is not made for all and sundry because of its fast speeds and aggressive design.

The modular modifiable eccentric system of Monster XLR8 makes it a great bow for shooters with excellent shooting skills. It is comparatively quiet for the speeds it produces.

In addition, the bow is a powerful and very fast bow. You can never be wrong with the choice of Mathews Monster XLR8 Bow.

9. Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow

Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow

Mathews Drenalin was introduced to the market in 2007 and had since then remains the lightest and genesis Mathews bow as a result of its sophisticated limb design.

This bow is light, fast and compact with an exceptional slim feel. In spite of the low weight of Mathews Drenalin bow, its limbs hold up to torque extremely well, even at the whole draw.

The Mathews Drenalin is another ground-breaking solution that comes from the Mathews engineers.

If you are shopping for Drenalin Compound bow and other Mathews products but are not sure of the current price, there are new Mathews bow prices at the website.

The Key Features of Mathews Drenalin Compound Bow:

  • The SlimLimbs last is two times as long as conventional limbs.
  • Safe and Thin Limb Pocket System makes Drenalin Compound Bow lighter
  • A solid back wall and smooth draw cycle make the bow faster
  • The Roller Guard eases friction on the system cables
  • A walnut grip with a line on the side allows for easy location of the centerline of the bow in order to improve accuracy and balance.
  • Realtree Multi-Purpose Camo color is helpful for hunting in backcountry places.
  • The Perimeter-Weighted Inertia Disc – Reduces noise and recoil
Why Buy Best Mathews Bows Drenalin Compound?

The Drenalin CAM system is unique. It is a very smooth and silent bow having a solid back wall and a smooth draw cycle. It is extremely lightweight but speedy and steady.

Mathews Six-Point Harmonic Damping System is incorporated into the riser, guard, cable guard, and string suppressors of this bow to make sure it doesn’t make noise or vibrate.

10. Mathews MR7 bow Reviews

Mathews MR7

Mathews MR7 comes in a beautiful and catchy finish with the incorporated grid riser. The standard Slimfit grip would make handling MR7 quite comfortable for most shooters.

If chosen with a Focus grip, much of the pressure would be drawn to the riser’s center, lowering the hand torque. Hand shock can be said to be totally eliminated with dampeners and stabilizers.

The AVS eccentric system that is designed in the bow allows some flexibility in draw length, which runs up to 32 inches. With a solid back wall, the draw cycle is overall smooth, especially in the improved models and lacks any sharp humps while drawing.

This Mathews bow Quad VLock Limb System which allows the limbs to be consistent from shot to shot, given they are double locked into a zero-tolerance form.

Limbs in this system cycle longer, thus reducing the stress on the limb by spreading out the pressure more evenly over a larger surface area.

Key features of MR7 bow:

  • The gridlock riser keeps the overall weight of the bow low while the performance is improved.
  • The eccentric system is designed to offer a longer and smoother draw.
  • There would be no noise or least noise and the hand shock is non-existent.
  • It offers an incredible speed of about and up to 344 fps.
Why buy Mathews MR7 bow?

MR7, being an improved version of the already perfect 2010 Monster 7, it can be relied on for performance and durability.

With an epic speed of about 344 fps, this can be an ideal choice for a professional shooter looking for a high-performing speed bow.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

How to choose the right compound bow

to shoot an arrow.\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eBerger hole:\u003c/strong\u003e The tiny hole or opening on the riser where the arrow is screwed into, to keep it tight.\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eArrow rest:\u003c/strong\u003e A small piece on the riser to rest the arrow until shot. They can be stationary or may drop after shooting the arrow.\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eGrip:\u003c/strong\u003e The part on the riser wherefrom a person is intended to hold the arrow. Arrow shelf: It is another part on the riser where you can hold the arrow steady and balanced until you shoot it.”}]} –>

How to choose the right compound bow?

There are a few factors that you can consider while determining which bow is perfect for you.

A2A length: shoot an arrow. A2A length, or in other words, Axle to Axle length is an important factor to look for when buying a bow. The length would depend largely on the purpose of the bow. For instance, for a stand and blind hunting, a longbow might not be suitable.

Draw length: When buying a bow, strongly consider the draw length; it must not be too long or too short for you. You can ask the store you visit to measure up the right draw length for you. Alternatively, you can measure yourself.

To do this, stand with hands extended to both sides and have someone measure from the tip of fingers on one side to fingertip on the others. Divide the same by 2.5. That should be the draw length suitable for you.

Draw weight: This determines the weight you can draw. If you have not drawn before, you ming have to go a trail to better understand the one ideal for you. Start on low. Nowadays, bows are more versatile and the draw weight and length do come flexible. Still, we suggest you discuss the ideal draw weight suitable for you.

The bow that matches the dominant eye: To know which one is your dominant eye, simply point your finger at an object some 15 feet away and then close the left eye. If your finger is still pointed at the object, you are right eye dominant. If will be better to go with the bow matching your dominant eye.

Let off: Traditionally, it is believed that the higher the let-off, the harder it is to pull. However, given that the higher the let-off, the lower the weight and the longer one can hold the bow comfortably, now a let-off of up to 80 is preferable.

Price: This is an obvious factor in shortlisting your choices. Compound bows or hunting bows are available in a wide price range. You can scan through the options that fall within your budget and based on other factors, determine which is the best for you.

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Which is the best compound bow?

From the list above, the following is our most preferred Mathews compound bow: Mathews Triax If you have a good budget for investing in a bow and you are looking for a high-quality bow that can deliver high-level performance, Mathews Triax is the one.
With its smooth functioning, speed and accuracy, it can be a perfect choice for hunting Pros.

What are the major compound bow parts?

Mathews Bows parts

Riser: The main body of the bow that determines the A2A length.

Limbs: the two arms of the bow that reach to the cams from the central mount. They can be rigid as well as flexible

Cams: The most noticeable part of the bow perhaps is the two wheels attached to either end that control the pulley action. A bow can come with a single cam or double cams. Also, cams can be soft (flexible and requires less effort) or hard (aggressive and requires more effort; it provides higher power though).

Cables: The cables/wires that run between the cams. They are different from the bowstring. This might not need detailing.

Bowstring: The string on the compound bow which is pulled back and then released to shoot an arrow.

Berger hole: The tiny hole or opening on the riser where the arrow is screwed into, to keep it tight.

Arrow rest: A small piece on the riser to rest the arrow until shot. They can be stationary or may drop after shooting the arrow.

Grip: The part on the riser wherefrom a person is intended to hold the arrow. Arrow shelf: It is another part on the riser where you can hold the arrow steady and balanced until you shoot it.

Some other important terms are Best Mathews Bows:

FPS of Best Mathews Bows

Feet per second. The speed offered by a bow is measured in fps.

A2A measurement of Best Mathews Bows

Axle to Axle measurement defines the overall length of the bow, i.e., top tip to bottom tip length.


The unit for measuring the weight of an arrow.

Brace height

The distance between the string and the riser is called brace h


In this list, you found out top recommendations from Mathews compound bows along with brief reviews from our experience and other users’ point of view. Many of these bows can be ideal for professionals as well as novice shooters.

However, we do recommend trying and shooting yourself and gauging your comfort with the bow before you finally buy your bow. This is because the kind of bow that suits you might vary depending on your physique and personal preferences.

However, this list will surely serve as a guide for you to shortlist your choices from the best Mathews bows.