10 Best Bow Press Review

Some have always wondered how a bow can be actually set up for ensuring a more accurate shot, and the answer didn’t make it any easier. Using such a tool can be dangerous without either proper training or some advice from pros. Although there are hobbyists that put their imagination to work. Due to the massively preloaded nature of the limbs, people have to use safety as a guideline when using a best bow press.

Best Bow Press 2023

For that reason, and that reason only, we never recommend the use of any portable press. However, we understand that sometimes they are crucial as we can’t carry a full-size with us.

Most people always use the best portable bow presses nowadays (especially when they are remote). But that might not be the best decision to make as there are plenty of factors that can affect our experience.

Either way, as long as we follow the safety guidelines carefully we will be alright. What we managed to understand throughout our research is that the market is in a continuous expansion for these presses, and we are here to help you choose the most suitable one.

We have spent over 40 hours to research, test and understand the way they function, and the way we can use them without harming ourselves. Therefore we feel that it’s time for you to check our personal opinion and make the right purchase.

Best Bow Presses Comparison

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Top 10 Best Bow Press Reviews- 2023


Bowmaster G2 Portable Bow Press

The manufacturer has been on the market for a while to understand how important is for their customers to adjust their bow.

Bowmaster G2 comes with a 6-inch jackscrew allowing the press to be used on the shorter axle to axle bows, but also allowing the complete tear down for your gear. It’s one of the best value bow press.

This model has been designed for anyone that shoots a compound bow, as we all need a press small enough to fit in our pocket or backpack.

At the same time, it weighs just ¾ lb which makes it an essential tool that comes with the full capabilities of a full-size press.

The Bowmaster Press G2 is more than portable and it has got the features needed to either replace strings, change drawings or even add a peep sight.

In regards to this product, our research was more based on the way it functions, but also if it is durable enough to support even bigger bows.

At the same time, as we don’t usually recommend using the best cheap portable bow press, we wanted to see if it is safe enough to ‘play’ with the G2 model. We can definitely say that it makes its way in the top bow press for both the cost and functionality.

Key Features

  • The bow press comes at a very affordable cost.
  • The 6-inch jackscrew ensures usability and makes it a durable tool.
  • The portable press is suitable for people that like to adjust their compound bows while they are in the middle of the action.

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Bowmaster G2 Standard Split Limb L Brackets

There are plenty of tools available out there that will help us do compound bow adjustments easier, however, we need to understand when and how to use them.

Obviously, when it comes down to portable tools it is a bit different as there is more work to do for a safer environment.

This split limb bracket must be used in conjunction with brewmaster Press, and it is compatible with most bows up to 6 degrees past parallel.

It also fits large cams so it might be the perfect product for some of us out there. At the same time, it works perfectly fine on a non-split limb bow as well.

During our research, we have seen that it works fine and it is very easy to use with a bow vise and it is a solid piece that makes it easier to adjust our bow.

Also, the L design brings more benefits to life such as the fact that it is slightly longer than previous models and fits a wider variety of cams. You should buy this best cheap bow press if your budget is low.

Key Features

  • They hold the bow nice and secure which makes the adjustment process safer.
  • Fits most compound bows (however it needs to be checked with your limbs width).
  • Affordable product.

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The OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise is suitable for any kind of compound bow, no matter the limb width or any other specifications, all of them without having the aid of an adapter.

We have tried several models before to try to understand which one is the easiest to use, but also affordable at the same time.

We realized that the Versa-Cradle Vise is far away from the best we have used. It features a 360-degree locking to make it more accessible. At the same time, it has got a ball head and cam-lock lever system to ensure safety.

The vise is completely adjustable which makes another strong point for people that don’t look to change their tools too often. Also, the polyurethane pads ensure a perfect grip without marring the limb.

We have spent enough time to get to the point when we rated this product one of the most reliable bow vises on the market.

There are several benefits that come with this model, including the fact that we won’t be bothered about the bow size at it is adjustable. Also, we keep in mind the fact that the cost is affordable compared to other models out there.

Key Features

  • Ensures security and safety through the polyurethane pads.
  • Adjustable and very easy to install.
  • Features a 360-degree locking.

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Bowmaster Bow Press

This Martin Bowmaster Bow Press is very similar to the G2 model listed above, including all the functions that can be found in a full-size press.

It is more of a combination between a string changed and a bow press, so some might say it’s multifunctional and it helps everyone repair their bow easily.

The 3/8 cable ends work perfectly fine with most compound bows featuring a ‘V’ split limb out there, and the fact that it is all-metal construction makes it a long-lasting tool.

The multiple stop cable with 1 1/4 “ adjustments ensures reliability (the same as the G2 model) and makes it one of the most compact bow presses we can find.

Bowmaster has always shown us that having the best bow press for the money will help us get rid of a headache especially when we are out in the middle of the action.

This model also fits most solid limb bows and other additional adapters that are in use with full split limb compound bows.

Although, in order to make it work for a full split limb bows it requires quad limb brackets that can be purchased separately.

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Key Features

  • Portable and compact bow press perfect for repairs.
  • Durable metal construction.
  • A reliable tool that works perfectly fine with any bows with a V split limb.

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Highmoor 1pc Compound Bow Press and Quad Limb L Brackets Package Bundle Tuning Hunting Shooting...

There are several pieces people have to purchase whenever they think about getting a bow press. Obviously, aside from the press itself, we need to make sure we get the right brackets to be able to set the bow before making any adjustments or repairs.

Highmoor has been on the market for a while now and their commitment to providing high-end tools that will ensure a long-lasting experience is always above and beyond expectations.

The best compound bow press and the Quad Limb L brackets that come with it make an essential bundle for any passion.

Also, the fact that they are portable to make the products even more essential as they can be easily used pretty much anywhere.

The best budget bow press is suitable for replacing the string or cables, adjusting the draw length, replacing the cams/wheels, limbs, and even the handle.

It also features a metal construction that will make it even a more durable product compared to other portable presses. At the same time, it is compact and light-weight to make it easier to carry.

The package is compatible with solid or split limb compound bows, and the L brackets easily alow the split limbs to be grabbed.

Key Features

  • Portable bundle perfect for anyone that requires a quick fix.
  • Durable press that ensures a long-lasting experience.
  • Perfect for most bow changes.

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Ratchet-Loc Portable Bow Press

The Ratchet-Loc portable bow press is another compact, fast and very easy to use compound bow press.

It ensures light-weight which makes it even more suitable for people that need such a tool with them while hunting, as it can be used pretty much anywhere.

The way it works is by sliding the press over the limbs simply ratchet the nylon tight. It’s the best hunting bow presses.

After testing a few other brands and products we thought that it might be worth giving this one a shot, and to be fair we were more than happy to see the results.

The CNC machined aluminum makes it a durable bow press but a light-weight one at the same time, so that was a stronger point compared to other brands.

Also, the fact that it works with most of the compound and crossbows on the market is even better as you won’t have to worry about changing it anytime soon.

Key Features

  • Very easy to install and use.
  • It can be carried with you easily as it is marked as a light-weight tool.
  • Durable and affordable product.

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No products found.

This Breynet portable compound bow press makes another great choice for people looking for a portable tool that will help them adjust, repair and change parts to their hunting ‘toys’. It works on all compound bows without problems so it is a must-have portable part of the arsenal.

Just as the Highmoor one, it will help you replace the cables or the strings, install any peep sights, adjust the draw length or make any other important replacements to your tool.

At the same time, it’s a compact product that can be carried anywhere needed and works like a full-size press.

Even though it is all made of metal construction, the size still makes it a light-weight bow press that fits your pocket perfectly fine.

At the same time, the quad limb brackets make it a great package bundle that will make any hunter happy.

Key Features

  • The portable tool is suitable for any kind of repairs or replacements to your compound or crossbow.
  • The all-metal construction ensures durability and long-lasting experience.
  • Features a multiple-stop cable for length adjustments.

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Apple Edge Bow Press

This Apple Edge economy bow press is suitable for anyone looking to remove limb twisting and add a conventional compression to their compound bows.

The steel construction ensures reliability while the durable powder-coated finish shows that it is a long-lasting tool that will save us some money in the future. Also, it can be easily mounted to a bench or table or used as a free-standing bow press.

The adjustable limb pockets for long and short riser bows and the way the bow press was designed to remove limb twisting makes this one a must-have product as a full-size bow press.

It is reliable, durable and suitable for any kind of changes or repairs to your compound bow. Throughout the research, we learned that it is better to mount it to a bench or a table while using it instead of using it as a free-standing bow press.

Given the fact that it is a dangerous piece of equipment, it is recommended to follow the safety guidelines. You can buy this best archery bow presses.

Key Features

  • Durable bow press.
  • It comes with adjustable limb pockets for long and short riser bows.
  • The steel construction ensures a long-lasting experience.

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Bow Medic Bow Press 9962

This Bow Medic model is a compact light-weight bow press perfect for any kind of changes or repairs to our compound and crossbows.

Even though it is not suitable for some bow types, it can help us replace cables and strings, fit peeps, adjust draw lengths and replace cams on most models.

The construction is all-metal so we can rely on it especially when we are in the middle of the action and need to work on a quick repair or change.

The biggest difference between this one and a full-size bow press is that it can be easily carried with us. If you are seeking to buy in a budget then you should go for this best inexpensive bow press.

Key Features

  • Portable bow press.
  • Strong construction ensuring a long-lasting experience.
  • Suitable for most compound bows.

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Last Chance Archery Last Chance Ez Green Press

Even though you might make a confusion between the EZ Green Press and the EZ Press, there is not a big difference aside from the fact that the Green press comes with fewer functions/features.

This model will help you press all compound bows by using a hand crank instead of a hand wheel (as we can see in the EZ Press model). At the same time, it comes with non-adjustable legs and it works only as a mounted press.

Throughout our research, we have found this one of the most durable bow press out there that will help you press any kind of compound bows.

Even though it is slightly harder to use compared to other models on the market, the functionality and the work quality that we can see is above and beyond expectations.

Key Features

  • Durable and long-lasting press.
  • Once mounted it ensures security and safety.
  • Suitable for any kind of compound bows.

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The factors behind having a bow press

People have always peaked around for challenging hobbies that will help them relax and feel that adventure experience at the same time.

Archery has not always been a hobby, but more of a way to survive back in the days.

However, we are in the 21st century so we are looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained.

The investment in this hobby can be huge but easily quantified at the same time, as these tools or devices bring with themselves loads of benefits.

Having an upgraded gear will always help you shoot more accurately and get a better understanding of how hunting works.

There are plenty of examples that we can look at when we want to upgrade our gear to a better release aid, sight, rest, stabilizer, hunting arrows and more.

Every single detail when it comes down to the accuracy is crucial, therefore a basic compound bow will never be enough for people that look for more than a practice target.

To make the perfect changes to a compound bow or even a crossbow we also need to have the proper tools if we want to understand the entire system and not pay someone to do it.

Since we make all these changes with a bow press, it is obviously very important to have the proper tool available.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

 bow presses faq


What is the difference between a portable and full-size bow press?

In the first place, we are talking about size, so obviously that is mainly the only difference.

Now, depending on the model, we might see that we get fewer features with a portable bow press, while a full-size one can allow us to make any changes or repairs to our crossbow or compound bow.

Also, even though most people don’t think the same, the safety risk while using a portable bow press is higher as the environment is not always suitable for any changes and the bow press is not bench mounted.

Aside from this, everything else is pretty much the same – with some bits and bobs missing.

Why do I need a bow press?

Well, there are definitely hundreds of reasons that will answer this question. It all starts with the need for replacing a string or cable.

If we don’t have the necessary tools to do it, doing it will be impossible. In time, once we start using a bow more often we understand that the accuracy is determined by loads of factors.

The string or cable was just an example, but there is more to come in time such as installing other peep sights, adjusting draw length, replacing wheels or cams or even limbs.

If we don’t own a bow press alongside with all the necessary equipment, a repair or change will be impossible so we have to take it to a specialist.

Why is my bow press not good of crossbows?

Depending on the model we will see that there are loads of differences that will impact the compatibility of the tools.

In the first place, we need to take a look at the size as compound bows are longer axle to axle than crossbows with around 10inches.

Especially when it comes down to a portable bow press, given the fact that they come with fewer features than full-size bow presses, it is sometimes impossible to perform a change on a crossbow as it doesn’t fix it.

There are plenty of choices available online and making the right one has to cover all the needs we look for, but also the unpredictable issues or changes we might need to make in the future.

Given the fact that they are supposed to be long-lasting tools, it is not a happy experience for users to change their gear too often.

Again, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, our review is solely based on the features that come with the tool, as well as any other specifications.

Also, the cost and the benefits we get with a certain product will always impact our experience so it is crucial to make sure that the choice we make is the best one we could’ve done.

Throughout the review, we encountered difficulties in understanding which ones are the top bow presses on the market suitable for our needs.

The market is not that big, but the fact that most of them have similar features makes it even harder to make the right choice.