Best Climbing Sticks Review in 2023 – New edition

If you ever been out in the wild and wanted to climb a tree to get to a better vantage point, you know the struggles of climbing a tree barehanded. Climbing small to medium trees might seem easy, but the tall ones are the most difficult.

Now, if you ever have climbed a tall tree, you know that they are both dangerous and intractable. So, to eliminate both of those factors, we are here to suggest you the good climbing sticks for the money.

best climbing sticks 2023

With a little knowledge and luck, you can surely get yourself a climbing stick that is worth the price that you spend on it. We are here to give you the knowledge, and after that, it all boils down to your luck.

Best Climbing stick comparison

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Benefits of Using Climbing Sticks

Climbing sticks have now become essential gear for hunting. They are the icing on the cake for most hunters because of all the benefits that they offer. The highlighted benefits that you can obtain in case of using a climbing stick are safety, portability, and swiftness.

benefits of using climbing sticks


“Safety is the number one priority”, you both heard and probably said this over millions of times. And safety is the primary concern for everyone and is considered the same when climbing a high spot. Climbing sticks offer supplementary aid when you are climbing a relatively high point.


Being flexible when moving from one spot to the other is another advantage that climbing sticks have to offer. With them, you can navigate with breeze throughout tough terrains as they are lightweight and easily manurable.

In addition to that, they are swift and easy to install and remove from trees when compared to other bulky ladders.


Climbing sticks offer incomparable hassle-free experience in case of packing and unpacking. They are portable, lightweight, and can be packed in small carrying bags on the go. With them, you don’t have to waste hours on mantling and dismantling. Instead, you can be swift and agile.

Top 10 Climbing Sticks Review

climbing stick reviews

As mentioned above, climbing sticks are the best thing after sliced bread for hunters. It is an essential piece of equipment. However, if you are asking yourself what the top climbing sticks are or if you are pondering about the best cheap climbing stick, we got you covered.

So, here is the list of best budget climbing sticks that we have huddled for your convenience:

#1 Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Stick

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When venturing in the woods alone, it is quite intractable to get on a tree to get a vantage point. A piece of equipment such as climbing sticks is required to eliminate the trouble.

Hence, the name Lone Wolf was assigned for this climbing stick. This specific product is adroitly designed to go along with their Alpha Hang-on tree stand and the Assault tree stand. So, you can easily nest them together if you own any of them.

The highlighting feature of this stick is that the steps are reversible. With the one-tube design and reversible steps, it offers the convenience of stress-free attachment. You don’t even have to worry about the orientation of the stick, and you can modify the steps according to the way you prefer.

It also offers the versatility of pivoting V-brackets adjust. This bracket ensures to go along with the natural contour of trees. Which eventually results in the convenience of attaching it to any tree.

With the availability of first-party strap extension, it fits most of the trees that are in the diameter range of 4″-12″ by default. The distance between each step is 15,” which ensures more coverage.

Individual climbing stick lengths at 32″. With nesting 4 or 5 of them together, you can easily cover most of the tall trees that are found in the woods. Each of the climbing stick weighs 2.5 pounds, which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry. You can bring four sticks at just the weight of 10 pounds.


  • Reversible steps
  • Rated to carry up to 350 pounds
  • Pivoting V-brackets
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up


  • The included strap might be too short for some instances
  • A little noisy when nesting together

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#2 Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-On Tree Stand

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand

Standing on a step of a climbing stick for too long can be quite taxing sometimes. A spot where you can hang on to for a longer amount of time without getting your feet sore is a blessing that every hunter wishes to have. And the Assault II Hang-on tree stand is the blessing that every hunter seeks.

The slender and lightweight construction of the tree stand gives it an unmatching ergonomics. It is the skinniest of all the hang-on tree stand Lone Wolf has to offer.

Weighing in just about 11 pounds, it empowers a hunter to stay mobile. With the complete setup being so lightweight and compact, you can easily squeeze this in tight spaces when traveling. You can easily carry it around the woods due to the ultra-thin profile. It comes with backpack straps too.

Now, you might be asking yourself how you would set the platform and the seat upon a tree that is a little offset. Worry not my friend; this hangs on comes featured with the self-leveling system. Both the platform and the seat automatically level themselves after they are attached to a tree.

It works in myriad angles, and no additional tool is required. Along with the self-leveling system of the platform and the seat, it also has a patented offset bracket. This bracket helps with the increased left to right stand leveling at most stiff angles.

And the platform is large enough and provides plenty of space to maneuver. It also comes with an in-cast bow holder that can accommodate most of the parallel limb designed bows that are currently available.


  • Thin and light profile
  • Bow holder
  • Automatic self-leveling adjustment system
  • Offset bracket
  • Rated to carry up to 350 pounds


  • The seat is a little uncomfortable for all-day seating
  • Non-padded backpack straps

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#3 Big Dog Hunting ADTS-400

Big Dog Hunting ADTS-400 Advanced Take-Down Treestands Timber Step, 31', 4 Steps

Carrying around a ladder in the woods to climb trees is not the way you want to stay mobile while hunting. It both disrupts your mobility and stealth.

If you are looking for a replacement for a ladder and want something that offers the same functionality as a ladder, but with the benefits of being portable and versatile, then you might be looking for something like what Big Dog Hunting is offering. The ADTS-400 can most definitely be a substitute for ladders.

It comes in four individual sections that are sufficient enough to climb most tall trees. But in most cases, you don’t even need to attach more than three of the parts.

Each of the sections is 31 inches. They have metal construction, which makes them relatively lightweight. Individual sections weigh at 4 lbs, the total weight factors in just 16 pounds.

The steps are angled and are on both sides. It is comparatively easy to climb a tree that is attached to this climber. Even the braces of any tree can be climbed with ease. So, you don’t have to worry about climbing as long as the tree that you are climbing is straight and tall.

A single strap is attached to each of the sections. This strap is wide enough for most of the timbers. The attaching process is somewhat easy. However, two straps at both the end would have made this much secure and balanced.

And each of the sections is rated to carry weights up to 300 lbs. So, you can stand in the sticks without worrying too much about falling off. The whole unit also meets the American Society for Testing and Materials standard.


  • Two-sided steps
  • Easy to climb
  • 31” long sections
  • Sturdy
  • Can carry up to 300lbs


  • The steps are sharp and are a little painful to grab onto barehanded
  • Can be more lightweight with aluminum construction

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#4 Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-on II Treestand

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand

Ever felt the necessity of additional space? The thought of utilizing more space on a tree stand without having to carry heavyweight has been revolving around your mind all the time? The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-on II treestand got your back buddy.

This tree stand offers a generous amount of space for the platform. You can set up an all-day-long sitting station with this on a tree. It is claimed as the benchmark by which all the other tree stand hang-ons are compared with. Now, that’s a big claim.

They have significantly improved the seat cushion with this rendition. It is large and padded with contour foam. And they are also comfortable enough for sitting long hours.

The whole unit is comparatively light and very easy to carry. It weighs at just 14 lbs. In addition to that, it is quiet enough to maintain a stealthy profile when venturing throughout the woods. You can get in and out of the wild without alarming any of the prey.

And you can easily set the stand up on any tree. Usually, trees that are in the diameter range of 4 to 22 inches will fit comfortably with the default. However, for more giant trees, you have to buy the optional strap.

Moreover, the most highlighted feature that it offers is an automatic self-leveling. Both the seat and the platform levels automatically at a plethora of angles. This gives you the convenience of setting it up on trees that are a little offset.

E-Z hooks are also compatible with this unit. It offers the optionality from the offset brackets that come included. This model also features a cast-in bow holder that can hold most of the modern parallel limb bows.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Deadly quiet
  • A self-leveling system with offset brackets
  • Easy to set up
  • Significantly large platform


  • The paint finish on the body could be a little better
  • Quality of the straps can be further improved

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#5 Guide Gear 20′ Climbing Sticks

Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks

Pondering whether regular climbing sticks are long enough for the soaring trees that you want to climb? You are probably a little relieved after reading the title of this climbing stick, and you should be. This climbing stick can get you as high as 20 feet. The whole setup comes in five different sections.

Each of these lengths at 4 feet, and when all of them are assembled together, it will give you the freedom to climb any tall trees under 20 feet at ease.

You will be able to carry all of the sections effortlessly as they are reasonably lightweight. They are constructed using steel, and all of them together weigh at 23.13 lbs. They are rated to hold up to 300 lbs. So, you don’t even worry about falling off when you are standing on the steps.

The steps are angled, which gives it good separation from the tree itself. You will easily be able to step on them with a generous amount of clearance left for your shoes. The angled steps also play a significant role in instability.

It features quick-connect safety pins along with the straps. You can join these straps along the tree at a breeze. They offer additional safety and stability throughout each of the sections for your convenience.

However, with all the features that this climbing stick has to offer, there are few downsides as well. As the units are made of steel, it can get corroded easily. You might see rust spots developing within a few days if you leave it out on the open.

Some units are reported to behave shipped with missing parts as well, so you should check whether you got everything or not after getting the package.


  • As tall as 20 feet
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Good stability
  • Rated to hold up to 300 pounds


  • Build quality can be further enhanced
  • Quality control is below average

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#6 Muddy Pro Sticks

Muddy Outdoors Pro Aluminum Climbing Sticks Designed for Use on Crooked or Straight Trees - 4-Pack -...

Are you looking for a climbing stick that can be attached on both straight and offset trees at ease? Often face adversities while trying to climb a crooked tree with regular climbing sticks? Look no further; the muddy pro sticks are the perfect climbing stick that will fulfill your requirement.

With premium aluminum construction, each of the stick weighs at 2.5 lbs. A total of four sticks comes bundled with purchase. The whole package only weighs 10 pounds in total. You can carry it easily throughout the woods as they are very lightweight.

And the sections are 20″ tall. You can use each of them individually, and when you combine them maintaining 18″ between each section, you can climb as high as 12.5′.

The highlighted feature of the climbing sticks is that it can be attached to both straight and slanted trees. And the brackets are designed to hold still with the timber of the tree, so awkward angles are not a problem for this climber.

You can conveniently climb the tree after attaching it as the steps are on both sides. The steps also feature built-in teeth that will give you extra grip. They also provide additional safety during climbing.

Moreover, the climbing sticks offer a Rope Cam system, which will allow you to attach them to any tree easily. Disassembly can be done at a breeze too. You can both be swift and stealthy when you are installing them in the woods.

It is also compatible with several other muddy fixed position tree stands model. So, if you own any of them, you can easily combine them.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Built-in teeth on each of the steps
  • Can be mounted on slanted trees
  • Sturdy


  • The quality control should be improved
  • Noisy

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#7 Hawk Helium 1PL Climbing Stick

Hawk Helium 30' Lightweight Aluminum Treestand Climbing Stick with Fold Up Steps and Boot Grabbing...

Hawk Hunting is offering a phenomenal build quality climbing stick with their helium 1PL model. You will have a tough time looking for something else that is built as good as this within budget. Along with the build quality, it has simultaneously retained all the other functionalities that competitors have to offer.

The climbing stick is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that is both lightweight and durable. You will be able to venture through the woods at ease, carrying this on your back. They are highly portable.

Each of the stick weighs at 2.9 lbs. You can transport many of them at ease. They are also rated to hold weight up to 300 lbs. So, you can hang on to them without worrying about falling off.

You can be well assured about the stability as the climbing stick offers dual-sided steps with reliable traction. And you can easily climb a tree with these, and your boots will be well gripped with the raised ends of the steps. Even if you are venturing through wet and muddy terrain, you don’t worry about having a good grip.

Setting up the climber is quite easy too. The patented Tree-Digger teeth bracket of the stick will dig right through the contour of the trees. It will provide superior stability and will ensure your safety.

Moreover, your stealth in the woods will not be hampered while you are setting this stickup. It features over-molded attachment holds that will ensure silent and easy installation. You can be in and out of the wild without letting any prey know your presence.


  • Superior build quality
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great stability
  • Dual-sided steps which are easy to grab onto
  • Excellent traction


  • The washers wear off comparatively fast
  • Leg headroom is comparatively small

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#8 Lone Wolf 3 – Pc. Climbing Stick

Lone Wolf Treestands Climbing Sticks

If you are out in the market looking for a climbing stick that lightweight, has a decently built body, portable, offers excellent functionality, and is compatible with a wide array of other products, then Lone Wolf’s climbing sticks are what you are looking for.

Just like we have stated above that the sticks offered by Lone Wolf are compatible with other products that are provided by them; this, in particular, is compatible with two of the most prominent gang-ons that they offer. The Alpha Hang-on tree stand and the Assault tree stand, both are compatible with this climbing stick.

So, if you own any of them, you can just use these sticks with them. The Lone Wolf 3-piece climbing sticks feature a single tube design. Each of the stick weighs at 2.5 pounds, and as three sticks come bundled with the purchase, the whole package just weighs at 7.5 pounds. You can easily carry them around the woods with a breeze.

And you can easily climb onto the steps as they are reversible. Along with that, it offers a stress-free installation experience as you don’t worry about alignments. You can orient the steps after attaching them according to the way you installed them.

In case you are worried about attaching them on different contours of the tree, you can be well assured because these climbing sticks offer to pivot V-brackets. This bracket is ensured to tag along with the silhouette of any tree.

With the included strap, you can wrap the stick around any tree that is in the diameter range of 4″-12″. There is even an option for first-party straps, which will give you the freedom of attaching them on wider trees.


  • Reversible steps
  • Rated to carry up to 350 pounds
  • Optional strap extensions
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact and easy to set up


  • A little noisy when nesting together
  • The included strap is smaller for some instances

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#9 Millennium Treestands M210

Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber, Black, 20-Feet

Another treestand that will allow you to reach the soaring trees comfortably is this climb stick offered by Millennium TreeStands. You can easily get a grasp of the sweet 20 feet tall vantage point that you always wanted to get to with this.

Just offering to get you higher is not enough, you have to consider safety as well. That is why this tree stand should come into consideration. It has a solid build, constructed with durable steel and has a powdered coating as body finish.

And it can cover 20 feet in total. The whole setup weighs at about 17 lbs. It is also rated to have a capacity of 300 lbs. So, you don’t have to worry about falling off when you are standing on the steps.

Speaking of the steps, it comes featured with anti-slip steps. It will allow you to climb tall trees without having to worry about getting a good grasp. There is even an extra dual step on the top to ensure additional security for you.

The dual top step will let you climb the trees in harsh weather conditions. Whether it be rainy or snowy, you can be well assured that you will get a good grip as the steps offer excellent traction.

To add a cherry on top, the tree stand comes with an extra-long cam buckle strap. It is 7 feet in length, and you will be able to strap it on extra-wide trees without any restrictions.

However, the unit exhibits weird noises during wind blows. The sounds are even more noticeable when you are climbing them. It will significantly hamper your stealth profile.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great step traction
  • Long cam buckle strap
  • Somewhat weatherproof with powdered coating on the body
  • Dual top step for additional security


  • Produces weird noises during movement
  • Strap quality can be improved

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#10 Guide Gear Quick , three-pack

Guide Gear Quick Tree Climbing Sticks 8’Aider Ladder Steps for Treestands Deer Hunting Gear and...

Supposing that you don’t need to get any further up top than 10′, as in you never felt the necessity to go beyond that height, then you don’t have to look for any other climbers other than Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks.

If you are looking for something that will only get you up to that particular height from the ground and something lightweight at the same time, then we would strongly suggest you check this specific climbing stick out.

It includes three individual sections that can function on their own. Each of them is 32 inches in length, and after nesting three of them, you can quickly get up 10 feet at ease.

Also, each stick weighs at around 6lbs, the whole pack weighs at about 12lbs, which makes it very portable. You can venture from one point of the woods to another at breeze with these on your back. Each of them has a weighing capacity of 300lbs.

The sticks are constructed of steel, which makes them very durable. They feature welded tubular design and is very compact. You can pack them as they offer a hassle-free packing experience.

Moreover, you can easily climb them over as they feature dual-sided steps. The steps offer excellent traction and are anti-slip. You don’t have to worry about your shoes that got covered in mud when you were venturing through moist terrains.

They feature a quick strap on tree attachment in each of the sections. And they get attached very securely and also have V-brackets. You can easily wrap it around trees without having to worry too much.


  • Durable and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Two-sided anti-slip steps
  • Quick and easy strap-on
  • Good build quality


  • The paint comes off easily
  • Steps produce squeaky sound if not set up properly

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What are the lightest climbing sticks?

If you are in the market for the lightest climbing sticks, then you will find many. There are times, the lighter sticks are made of poor quality material for which you would face difficulties, maybe even accidents when you are climbing.

The lightest one you could get for yourself would be a helium climbing stick. And the material is very durable, it should be able to take your weight. Along with that, it weighs only 2.9 lbs. Not only will they perform well, but you won’t feel burned by its weight.

Are climbing sticks safe?

First of all, the outdoor isn’t the most reliable place, to begin with. But thankfully, climbing sticks are perfectly safe to use.

However, bear in mind that not all climbing sticks are going to be safe for you to use, rather you have to investigate and find out which ones are the best and safest. Choose one that has a weight rate above yours. This way, you will not have to worry about any mishaps that might occur.

Try to go for a stick the has steps close together. This will help you take smaller steps. Therefore you are at less risk of falling.

How do you climb a tree with climbing sticks?

There are a few things you must keep in mind when you are using a climbing stick. First of all, you need to have the climbing belt on when you are working with the climbing stick; otherwise, you might lose stability and fall. And you obviously want to avoid a situation like that.

If you have already assembled everything, then you should not really have much to worry about other than climbing the steps. Now, in order to do that, you have to step up on to the stick, keep going up until you come to the eye level of the tree brace.

This is when you have to secure the stabilization strap at the bottom of the tree. Be as firm as possible here. Once you have secured everything to place, you just have to repeat the same things over and over again. And with that, you should be done.

How can I make my climbing stick quieter?

If you have ever used a clubbing stick before, you must be familiar with the clanking noise. This can, at times, be very annoying as well as distracting. So it is very obvious you would want to silence it. And there is a way for you to do so.
The first thing you could try out is to put rubber on the buckles. This will mute the clanking to come extent. Another way would be the rubber on the rope mod. Any of these should help get rid of the noise problem.

How do you carry climbing sticks up a tree?

The best way for you to carry the sticks up the tree would be by buying a tree-climbing caddy. You can keep all your equipment on it, and it will carry the burden for you. However, most of the time, it is very difficult to get your hands on them as they are often sold out.

You could make a caddy at home by yourself. Another option would be to carry the sticks one at a time. This will take you a lot more time than usual, but it will get the job done. You would try carrying two at a time. This will save you a few trips.

What to Look for in a Climbing Stick

what to look for in a climbing stick

If you are out in the market looking for climbing sticks in the budget, you will stumble upon a plethora of them. Each of them will advertise a feature that the other one might not have and vice-versa.

However, without getting yourself overwhelmed with all the state-of-the-art features that are offered, you should keep a few crucial factors in mind when you are looking for the right climbing sticks for the money.


As you are going to have to move from one vantage point to others, you have to factor in portability. If transportation of a climbing stick is too much of a hassle, trust me, you are better off without it.

You cannot just expect to set the climbers up to one designated spot and hope to get a decent hunt every time from that location. You have to stay mobile.

So, when you are choosing a climbing stick, you have to factor in portability first. Choose the one that can be easily carried and requires less amount of space when packed. Most of the climbing sticks are foldable. They offer you the convenience of just throwing them into your backpack.


When you are carrying multiple numbers of climbing sticks on your back, you have to consider the weight too. You cannot just carry around something that will slow you down deep in the woods. You have to keep your safety under consideration also.

Scrutinize through a plethora of climbing sticks and choose the one that offers most of the features and is lightweight at the same time.

As you are going to need to carry multiple sticks, you are going to find it much easier to carry more of lightweight sticks than taking a few of the heavy ones and limiting the maximum height you can reach to.

Since you are going to have to change your vantage point frequently, that is the indifferent height from one to other, factor in the maximum weight that you are comfortable carrying, and choose the ones that are lightweight and compact.


Not all the climbing sticks can get you to a soaring height. A birds-eye view is a blessing for every hunter. Through getting to a higher vantage point, you can discretely observe your environment and mark your prey.

For that reason, always consider the ones that can get you as high as possible according to the environment that you are working with.

We have thoroughly stated ten different climbers that can get you up at different height from the ground. Consider the one that you are comfortable with.

Build Quality

You don’t want to invest money multiple times getting different climbers because the last one that you broke could not hold up. For that reason, we highly suggest to invest your valuable money wisely and go for a climber that is sturdy and build strong.

Straps and Brackets

Most of the climbers come with a good quality strap or a rope. But few will give you off the shelf materials. You have to be extra careful on straps when you are looking for a new climber.

Straps are the ones that will hold you and the stick together. So, go for the one that offers good quality straps. Also, factor in a decent quality bracket too as only the straps are not good enough to stick you with the tree securely.


Steps are the only thing you are going to grab onto and set your foot on when climbing a tree. The better traction the steps offer, the more secure you will be when climbing.

So, opt-in for the climbers that feature reasonable quality steps and offer a generous amount of space to get a grasp onto.

Type of Climbing Sticks

When climbing on to a tree is the outcome you want, you can use anything that can be called a “climbing stick”. However, we are not just going to let your curious mind be denied like that with that sarcastic answer.
There are mainly three types of climbing sticks that can generally be classified. These are:


These are the ladder that offers somewhat functionality of getting itself stuck on a tree. It can be used to climb steep trees. However, you are going to be the luckiest person alive to utilize them in the woods for hunting properly.

They are highly inconvenient, not nearly as portable as climbing sticks, and most of you are going to have a tough time being stealthy when you are using them.


This is the one we have covered thoroughly in this article. You already know the unmatchable benefits they bring on the table. By comparison, this is the best option that can get you to a vantage point safely and quickly.

Tree Steps

These are a single z-shaped step that can be attached with a tree with straps. They come in a single unit, and you have to utilize multiple of them to get high up from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive sticks better in comparison?

Definitely not. Through this whole segment, we have suggested ten different climbing sticks that are offering functionalities that are also being offered at a higher price point.

So, you can most definitely get the best budget climbing sticks that are comparable to high-end ones.

How high can I climb with climbing sticks?

There is no limit, to be honest. Climbing sticks can be easily nested together. You can buy multiple numbers of climbing sticks and nest them together to get up to your desired height. However, keep this in
your mind that the higher you go, the less stable you are.

Will my climbing stick last?

It depends. Different climbing sticks are made of different materials. Many are long-lasting while few are brittle. If you want your climbing stick to last, get the ones that are built well and are sturdy.

Can my climbing stick fit thick trees?

It all boils to the strap that your climbing stick came with. The different climbing stick comes with different length of straps that can be wrapped around a diverse range of diameter.

However, many straps offer the convenience of attaching different strap or rope, with that you can wrap your stick around your preferred wider tree.

But what about warranties?

Different manufacturers offer a different type of return and warranty policy. It is all up to you to justify the warranty and return policy.

Final Words

It goes without saying that the good climbing sticks will offer you incomparable safety, portability, and functionalities.

We hope that after going through the whole article, you are now a little more assured about choosing the climbing stick that you think is the best for you.