Best Compound Bows of All Time

Looking to pick up a new hobby that is archery?

Or, maybe just decided to get some good practice at target shooting before the next hunting game?

Best Compound Bow For Target Shooting

Either way, if you are here, you probably are looking to find a nice, durable and best compound bows for hunting and target shooting.

Let’s get straight to the list of the best compound bows and bow kits that you can consider to get.

Best Compound Bows For Target Shooting Comparison

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Best Compound Bows Ever Review in 2023

Target Shooting bows

#1 Genesis Original Bow

A simple and straight bow in this list, intended for novice bow-enthusiasts or target shooting beginners, is the Genesis Original bow.

Genesis Original bow is the official bow of NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program), and, well, we can say, for a good lot of reasons.

Pretty much straightforward, no-nonsense bow, you can take for your archery competitions or even for some small hunting games.

Our Top Pick

Genesis Archery Lightweight Left Handed Compound Bow with Adjustable Aluminum Riser and High...
  • Universal Draw Length: Designed for...
  • Built for All Ages: Equipped with universal...
  • Easy to Use: Single cam design means no...

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The bow is designed to be a fit for children and teenagers and adults alike when it comes to target shooting.

Genesis original is a single cam compound bow is amazingly simple and easy to use.

The bow is available in right and left-hand versions, it comes completely assembled.

Axle to axle length of this Genesis bow is 35 ½ inches, which would be ideal in the context of target shooting and archery practice.

The bow is available in 12 colors, offering a great range of color choices to all types of users. This is one of the best compound bow under 200.

Key features and specifications:

Here are some important features and brief specs of Genesis Original bow:

  • Sturdy make: The Genesis original bow comes with a sturdy riser and body machined and made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and other high-quality material. This bow is designed and manufactured in the US. Given that the company goes way out to meet high-quality standards, users can, of course, expect the bow to go on and on for years. The product, designed in the US, has clearly followed the highest of standards. Thus, it is a pretty good match for the short-tempered beginners who might be more of using it the ‘rough and tough way!
  • Draw weight: The default draw-weight set to this compound is 20 lbs. Anyway, users can easily adjust the draw weight as per their convenience. It is one of the factors making the bow comfortable to use for a wide range of users.
  • Ideal shoot design: Genesis original is a bow well designed for use by beginners and advanced users alike. Its design enables the shooter achieve accuracy. With its no-nonsense single-cam technology, shooters can deliver a smooth, low-noise and shot.
  • Affordable: For a bow of this make and quality, the Genesis original bow is available in a pretty affordable range. So even those who just want to try out target shooting bows can simply go for it as there isn’t too much of an investment involved.
  • Fit for a wide range of users: The Genesis Original is absolutely versatile and meeting the needs if a wide range of users. The draw length range of the product is 15 to 20 inches. This implies that beginners, as well as advanced users, can use the bow comfortably without adjusting. Its ideal 35-inch A2A length and universal draw length and adjustability make the bow pretty much of a good fit for anyone.
  • Zebra string: The strings of this Mathews bow is designed with the ‘strength’ factor in particular consideration, thereby allowing users to shoot arrows over longer distances with a lot of accuracies.
  • Performance: With all its features, Genesis Original bow is suitable for users of all age and size. The bow’s design help make an accurate, less tiring shoot and there is less tuning and noise involved while doing so. Genesis original bow is the right choice for those looking for a smooth and comfortable bow for great practice sessions.

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#2 Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The bow, manufactured by Bowtech, of course, comes with the quality and durability that should come from a recognized brand.

The draw weight is adjustable and allows the users to increase the power of the bow as comfortable.

The range is perfectly suited if you start as a novice and grow as intermediate.

Budget Pick

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand
  • Wide draw length range between 13 and 31...
  • Accelerates arrows to up to 310 ft/sec
  • Redesigned cam system for a flawlessly smooth...

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The draw length of Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro varies from 13 to 31 inches making it even more versatile.

With a range like that, users of any height get to adjust the height to their desired range.

The diamond infinite edge pro can shoot out arrows at a maximum speed of 310 feet per second.

The presence of a solid back wall should be a good thing for rookie users who are in trouble with anchor points.

It is light in weight and provides a let off of 80 percent giving more accuracy to every shot.

Combined, these features of the bow are large of appeal to beginners and somewhat advanced target shooters or bowhunters.

It can be a good choice of a compound bow to start with even for the Recurve shooters who are planning to shoot with compounds. You can buy this best compound bow under 400.

Simply, it is one of the best compound bow for Target shooting. Read more about best bow press reviews and buying guides.

Key features and specifications:

Here are some of the key features and specifications of Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro:

  • Draw weight: The draw weight of Infinite Edge Pro is easy to adjust and starts at a mere 5 pounds. This is a ‘yay’ part for those of you who are absolute beginners. The range goes up to as much as 70 Lbs. which would suffice for most of the small and average hunting games or even advanced target shooting. This is the best compound target bow in 2023 you can buy it now. This range of adjustable draw weight is considered pretty ideal for beginners as it can help them start slow and low and eventually build up the strength. On the other hand, it can perfectly fit more advanced users too who are more comfortable with the greater draw weight.
  • Speed: Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro promises a max speed of 310 feet per second, which is a respectable speed for an average game.
  • Draw length: Talking about the draw length, it’s an absolutely incredible range- from as low 13 inches to as much as 31 inches. The range makes the bow fit of people of all heights- from a 4 feet kid to 6 feet 5 inches ‘tall ones’.
  • Dual Cams: The bow is modernized with elliptical dual cams which help to get an even, no-bump draw. A smooth draw cycle is clearly going to be helpful, right?
  • Lightweight: Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro weighs as low as 3.2 Lbs, which should be considerably easy to carry and use for kids and adults alike. Isn’t it the best!
  • Versatile bow: from everything we have discussed so far, you can easily see that Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is a flexible and versatile bow, fitting a wide range of users.

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#3 Leader accessories compound bow 30-55lbs

If you are a beginner and have just stepped your foot in the game of archery, this bow set is fairly a great to start with.

Because it’s a best beginner compound bow for target shooting.

As a trainee, you may not wish to spend a lot on your first bow and may want to grow your skills before purchasing a costlier one.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs 19" - 29" Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 296fps,...
  • Hand Orientation: Right. Draw Weight: 30 - 55...
  • Max Speed: 296 FPS . Let Off: 70%. Axle to...
  • Aluminum Riser. Arrow Tip Weight: 100 grains....

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The leader accessories compound bows provides great features at a very affordable price.

The bow is specially designed for training as well as for hunting. It can shoot accurately to a range of 50 yards.

The durability of the kit is quite high and because most of the parts are made up of fiber material.

It also comes with a lot of accessories that help you to start from level zero and mature your skills.

The accessories include a durable safety vest harness, a tree stand, doghouse blinds, camo ground hunting hub blinds, a chair blind, a shooting stick, a heavy-duty game cart, and hoist and gambrel system.

This is a cheap and best compound bow under 150 dollars.

Key features and specifications:

Here are some important features and brief specs of this bow

  • Draw length: The draw length of the bow ranges from 19 inches to 29 inches. You can decide your draw length by dividing your arm span (measured in inches) by a factor of 2.5. Usually, adults can draw from 19 to 29 inches and teenagers can draw from 14 to 24 inches. Hence, the range is suitable for everyone. Adjusting the draw length is a work of seconds. You just need to use an Allen key to loosen the screw in the cam, fit it in the desired slot of your choice and tighten it. Just be careful to place both the screws in the same numbered cam hole.
  • Draw weight: With a range of 30 lbs to 55 lbs, this bow can draw a fair variety of weight. As the bow is mostly for training purposes, the draw weight is not on a very high side. It is as easy to adjust the draw weight as easy it was to adjust the draw length. With the help of an Allen key, you just need to turn the limb bolts to reduce or increase the draw weight. Move the bolts in the clockwise direction for the increment and in the counterclockwise direction for the decrement in the draw weight. It must be taken care of that both the bolts are adjusted equally.
  • Axle to Axle length: High axle to axle length enables us to shoot at greater distances with ease. The axle to axle length of this bow is moderate and equal to 28 inches. Hence, you can shoot at fair distances with accuracy.
  • Bow Weight: Compared to most of the bows, the leader accessories bow is very light in weight and is easy to carry. It weighs around 3.3 lbs which makes it easy for a novice to stabilize and aim more accurately.
  • Let off: The let-off given by this bow is nearly 70 percent. This implies that 70 percent of the original weight reduces while drawing and you only need to hold 30 percent of the given weight. Many other bows provide a let off as high as 80 to 85 percent but they are much costlier.
  • Speed: With the axle to axle length of 28 inches and a brace height of 7 inches, this bow can provide a maximum speed of 296 fps.

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#4 Raptor hunting compound bow kit

Raptor hunting compound bow kit has gained tremendous popularity among archers in recent years because of its wide range of features.

The versatility and quality it provides in such a less amount are outstanding and are absolutely worth the money.

If you are a man of hunting and fishing, this is the perfect bow set for you.

SWA Raptor (Black, Right Hand)
  • PERFECT PLATFORM – Hunting bow, bow...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – With an axle length of...
  • HIGH QUALITY MACHINING – Both the cams and...

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Its incredible speed and accuracy have been a major point of attraction for the novices as well as intermediates.

The Raptor hunting compound bow kit also comes with a lot of accessories with it including a 5 pin sight, a biscuit style rest, a stabilizer, a 4 arrow quiver, and a string stop.

The quality of the material used and the accessories provided are good and reliable.

Unlike other bows of this range which provide cams of plastic, cams of the Raptor are fully machined aluminum and limbs are made up of fiberglass.

It is a great bow under this price and it’s the best compound bow for hunting and target shooting practice.

Key features and specifications:

Here are some important features and brief specs of Raptor hunting bow. You can check out the best hunting bow of all time reviews.

  • Bow weight: One of the huge advantages of the bow set is its less weight. It weighs only 3.6 lbs which makes it easy to carry and handle.
  • Draw weight: The minimum draw weight for the raptor bow is 30 lbs. However, it can be set to a maximum of 70 lbs. The adjustable draw length makes it fit to use for almost everyone. If you are a beginner it is recommended to adjust the draw weight to slightly less value. You can increase it gradually with more practice and training.
  • Handedness: Like most of the bows available in the market, this bow set is also available in the right-hand version. Well, you don’t really have to be right-handed to be able to use right-handed bows. Basically, if your right eye is dominant, you can use the right-handed bow as well.
  • Draw length: The versatility of the bow continues in its draw length as well as it provides a wide draw length range of 24.5″ to 31″. Therefore, the height of the user is not a big concern anymore. You just need to adjust some screws and you are ready to shoot.
  • Axle to Axle length: The axle to axle length of this champ is 30″. Long axle to axle bows increases the accuracy of a bow significantly. Longer the bow, easier it is to shoot at a large distance. The long 30 inches length of this provide higher accuracy and deep penetration to the shots which makes it apt for hunting.
  • Let-off: The Raptor bow provides a high let-off of 75%. This means you only need to hold 25% of the original weight. Therefore, if you are pulling 100 lbs, you only need to hold 25 lbs.
  • Maximum speed: It beats most of the bows in the market of this price range in speed as well. The Raptor provides a maximum speed of 315 fps with a 350-grain arrow.

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#5 Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70lbs

A leader accessories compound bow is one of the best bows for hunting available in the market if you want to use it for the purpose of target shooting.

If you are new in the game of hunting then this is the bow for you.

The bow comes set at the 29-inch draw which can be adjusted very easily by just opening the screws. Because of the non-stretchable string,

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs with Max Speed 310fps, Black
  • Hand Orientation: Right. Draw Weight: 50 - 70...
  • Max Speed: 310 FPS. Let Off: 75% - 80%. Axle...
  • Aluminum Riser. Adjust the draw weight and...

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the bow can generate high speeds of 310 fps quite easily.

Although the set requires assembling initially but the process is quite easy and once assembled it is ready for the go.

The accessories of the bow include 4 pins to achieve greater accuracy if you want to shoot at greater distances.

Clearly, it is one of the good compound bows for target shooting.

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Key features and specifications:

Here are some important features and brief specs of the Leader accessories compound bow:

  • Bow weight: The bow weighs 4.4 lbs. The addition of some accessories may also increase the weight of the bow making it quite difficult to aim for a very long time. Therefore, keep a check at it before you order.
  • Draw weight: The draw weight is adjustable between 50 to 70 lbs. and can be adjusted accordingly. This wide range enables archers to adjust the bow according to their own strengths. But if you are a beginner, it is advised to start from a low draw weight. Adjusting draw weight is easy in leader accessories compound bow. You just need to adjust the limb bolts on both sides. The only thing to be taken care of is that you turn both bolts in equal amounts.
  • Draw length: The versatility of the bow continues in its draw length as well. It is adjustable from 25 inches to 31 inches. Therefore, a person as tall as 6’3″ and as short as 5’4″ can easily use the bow. The bow comes set 29 inches and can be adjusted quite easily. You just need to loosen the screw and fit it in the length to which you want to adjust it.
  • Axle to Axle length: The high axle to axle length of 31.5 inches makes it suitable for hunting as it provides more energy to the arrow and makes a deep penetration. The longer axle to axle length makes it easier to shoot at greater distances.
  • Brace height: The brace height is 7.5 inches and is made up of an aluminum riser. The riser has a modern look and its design is such that it reduces its weight.
  • Let off: It provides a high let-off from 75 to 80 percent. This means that you only need to hold 25 to 20 % of the total weight which makes it a lot easier to aim and shoot, especially for beginners.
  • Max speed: The maximum speed of the leader accessories compound bow can be achieved by using a 350-grain arrow and is equal to 310 feet per second. The speed is similar to most of the bow sets available in the market at this price range.
  • Durability and performance: The bow is sturdy and is not easy to break because it is made up of composite material. Also, the stability provided by the bow is high making it perfect for hunting. It’s very smooth draw and the high percent of let off provides great accuracy in every shot. The structure of the bow is made such that it is insensitive to water and temperature. Although the bow weight is a bit on a high side and you must consider it according to your strength before buying it.

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#6 Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Bear G2 is ready to hunt bow with a powerful and versatile use for all ages. Target precision in hunting increases enjoyment. Don’t worry if you’re an amateur; if you give it the time, it’ll grow with you.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package for Adults and Youth, Left Hand, Muddy
  • VERSATILE: Maximum-versatility bow is...
  • READY TO HUNT: Ready to hunt bow comes...
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable from 12" to 30" draw...

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The bow is very adjustable, and it accommodates a wide range of users.  The draw length ranges from 12”-30” and users will get plenty of weight adjustments from 5lbs to 70lbs depending on the ability. With aluminum construction, this bow is strong and light and will last for years to come.

One distinguishing feature of this bow is the MV double cam system. Thanks to this cam design, the draw is quite smooth and easy. The max pre-load limbs give a vibration-free release, and the grip design removes any hand torque to enhance accuracy.

The arrow speed is measured at 310 fps, so this isn’t the fastest bow, but as an intermediate compound bow, this works great. It’s a quiet bow and weighs only 3.6lbs but can take down medium games at 60+lbs weight.


  • Flexibility
  • Adjustability
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Strong


  • Not the fastest bow

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#7 Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage

If you’re looking for the best target compound bow under $200, then you might take a look at the Southland SAS Outrage bow. Albeit a bit lower on the quality side, it has the necessary features and attachments to provide an amateur archer what he needs.

Southland Archery Supply Outrage 70 Lbs 31'' ATA Hunting Compound Bow - Autumn Camo
261 Reviews
Southland Archery Supply Outrage 70 Lbs 31'' ATA Hunting Compound Bow - Autumn Camo
  • ✅Do you want to give your shooters the best...
  • ✅ SPECIFICS: Speed: IBO 275fps;...
  • ✅MATERIAL: Aluminum Riser; CNC Machined...

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The best thing about this bow is the grip. You can’t fault the molded plastic on the Outrage bow, it wraps around the riser, which provides better handling and gets a bonus point in cold weather. Designers put a dual eccentric cam system in place for adjustability. Although it has its problems, when it works correctly, it increases performance.

You can adjust the draw length from 26”-30” and the draw weight from 55lbs-70lbs. The range is shorter, so only older and conditioned archers will be able to use it. This is a notable limitation. Other limitations are the slower bow speed at only 270fps and only right-handed use.

The body itself is made from aluminum, and the limb is fiberglass. So there should be no worry about its durability and longevity. Even with the limitations, at this affordable price, you won’t regret it.


  • Aluminum body
  • Affordable
  • Strong grip
  • Forgiving axle to axle
  • Lightweight


  • Slow speed
  • Short draw weight range
  • Right-handed use only

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#8 Diamond Archery Prism Right Compound Bow

For budget-oriented archers, the best compound bow for target shooting would be the Prism compound bow from Diamond archery. They hit the mark when designing this bow, engineered towards target shooting; this bow should accommodate archers of all sizes, ages, and conditioning levels.

DIAMOND ARCHERY Prism Fully Equipped Adjustable Durable Compound Bow, 5-55 lbs, Black, Right Hand
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND POWERFUL - Enjoy a precise...
  • VERSATILE BOW - Diamond Archery Prism...
  • ADJUSTABLE - Extreme adjustability limb...

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The thing to keep a note about this bow is the large adjustability options you have regarding draw weight and length. You can adjust the weight from a mere 5lbs to 55lbs, and the draw length has a range from 18”-30”. People with shorter frames won’t find it troubling to perform with this bow.

You’ll find the grip on the bow to be fairly basic with a comfortable hold. At this price, it’s a nice surprise. A strong back-wall would’ve been better, to be honest. But the 3.2lbs weight of the bow does give a good reasoning for it.

It falls short in the speed category at 295 fps, it isn’t a fast bow in any sense, but it’s quite sufficient for most target shooting practices. With above-average durability, you should be quite alright if you choose to buy it.


  • Lightweight
  • Good adjustability
  • Affordable
  • For all users
  • Comfortable grip


  • Bumpy draw
  • Speed is slower

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#9 Diamond Archery Carbon Knockout Archery Bows

The Carbon Knockout bow from Diamond Archery has been known as the best target shooting a compound bow for women. Its design is influenced by a woman keeping women archers in mind. It made beginner women archers’ life much easier, though the price tag does take a toll on the money.

DIAMOND ARCHERY Carbon Knockout Compound Bow - 3.2 LBS, 30" ATA, 22.5" - 27" Draw Length, 302 FPS,...
  • EXTREMELY ADJUSTABLE - No new cam or module...
  • SYNCHRONIZED BINARY CAMS - Our patented...

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This bow is ideal for any new or seasoned female archers. But shorter male archers might benefit from this bow too. It has an incredibly low weight at just 3.2lbs, and the 300+ fps speed takes the win for women. Furthermore, it has a binary cam known for high accuracy.

The draw weight range is adjustable from 40lbs-60lbs, and the draw length is adjustable from 22.5”-27”. It’s nothing out of the ordinary; it just works enough. The visual aspect of this bow is something catered to women archers. 

Who shouldn’t buy it? In general, male archers will find it hard to use the shorter draw length and frame. And also, seasoned archers, male or female, might find the power of this bow to be not enough.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Cool visual aspect
  • Adjustable
  • Quiet


  • Expensive
  • Not for larger archers

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#10 Bear Archery AV04A11007R Paradox RTH Realtree Edge RH70

Who makes the best compound bow? That is difficult to answer but for experienced archers, this Paradox RH70 compound bow might be the answer. While the price isn’t too high, it has the perfect combination of speed, durability, and adjustability.

Bear Archery AV04A11007R Paradox RTH Realtree Edge RH70
  • Built for high performance
  • The pinnacle of fit and finish
  • User friendly design

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The most notable feature about this bow is the speed. At 330fps, this produces one of the fastest arrows in the industry. With the shockwaves limb damper device, you shouldn’t worry about vibration or shock. 

This design has a let-off of about 80%. Another impressive feature is the lockdown pocket system that delivers the best riser-pocket-limb alignment. It makes a big difference in professional target shooting.

Regarding adjustability, it isn’t something shocking with a weight draw range from 55lbs-70lbs, which means it only accommodates experienced shooters. The draw length is respectable from 23”-30”. At this price, you shouldn’t expect it to be a beginner-friendly bow.

Much can be said about the handling with a fairly higher weight level at 5.8lbs and a right-hand oriented configuration. So keep these in mind before you choose to buy it. It shouldn’t be an issue for most people. 


  • Strong
  • Good adjustability
  • High bow speed
  • No vibration or shock
  • Best riser-pocket-limb alignment


  • Not for beginners
  • Bit heavy in weight

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What is the best compound bow for 2023?

Compound bows are now being made much stronger, precise as well as being more accessible. They are a very powerful hunting tool, and amidst the wide selection of good bows, it can be hard to pick one that is the absolute best.

Many hunters recommend Bear Archery’s Cruzer G2, a mainstay in their line-up, and an incredible bow in its own right. The Cruzer G2 combines speed, power, and versatility into one package that also weighs only three pounds making it easy to use and carry around, especially for beginners.

And the Cruzer G2 has an adjustable draw length from 12 to 30 inches. This makes it useful for beginners who, at first, might lack the strength and finesse to pull the drawstring all the way. The adjustability of the Cruzer G2 allows a beginner to make marked progress without changing bows at every step.

You can adjust the Cruzer G2 via an Allen Wrench. Even an expert archer will benefit from the Cruzer G2 due to Bear Archery also coming up with various accessories and add-ons for the bow. This includes a stabilizer, quiver as well as a sight.

Are bear compound bows good?

If the praise about the Cruzer G2 hasn’t given you any idea, then yes, Bear Archery compound bows are good, especially their recent line-up. Their new bows are very well made and quite cheap for the performance they offer. It is hard to go wrong with them.

And it should be noted that regardless of what bow you buy. Make sure it fits, and you’re able to make proper use out of it. If the bow is too big for you, go for a smaller bow. As long as you’re careful about choosing a bow, you’ll be fine.

How far can a compound bow shoot?

The world record for the farthest distance an arrow shot by a compound bow has traveled is 930.4 feet or 283 meters. Pretty far, right? While it is an amazing show of strength, there’s a lot more to the range an arrow travels.

Being able to shoot an arrow very far away might be a good idea on paper but is very situational at best. This is because, in a practical case, your chances of hitting go down with the distance.

It’s much harder to snipe a target much further away from you since, at high distances, it is hard to distinguish them as they appear so small. That’s also without taking wind resistance and flow into account.

As such, hunters are usually concerned with the effective range of a compound bow, which is much lower than the maximum possible distance their shots can travel. The effective range is called this because it is the range in which most hunters can make accurate shots.

Most hunters prefer the 60 to 80 feet range for their compound bows. Extremely skilled archers can often make effective shots up to 120 feet away. The key to firing an arrow further lies in maximizing the speed of your shot. Maximizing the speed will maximize the distance your arrow travels, provided you fire it straight.

While many bows have speed ratings given on them, the actual speed of the shot is much lower (about 50 to 60 feet per second lower). So it is important to consider this when calculating the range that your arrow will travel

How much does a good compound bow cost?

Compound archery is not cheap. Prices for compound bows often start at 400 dollars, and the best ones can go up to 500 dollars or more. This is all excluding any additional accessories you might invest in to improve your experience.

There are some cheaper alternatives in the 350 dollar line, such as the 13 Diamond Infinite Edge that is very good for beginners and is an incredibly powerful bow in its own right. The bow is powerful enough to do regular hunts with.

How do you make a compound bow easier to pull back?

Archery requires a lot of muscle strength alongside proper stance and form. Even before you begin firing arrows, you need to be sure you are fitted with the right bow. If you’re having trouble just getting the drawstring even halfway to its intended length, then you have probably bought the wrong bow.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with lightweight bows, or you might risk injury. A good estimate for the draw length of your bow is to measure your arm span with the help of someone and divide the length by two. Always try out a compound bow before making a purchase.

Once you have chosen the right bow, you can move towards perfecting your stance. To achieve proper form, level your arms with your nose and hold out your bow and align it with the target. Keep your grip on the bow steady and start to pull the string.

Make sure your shoulder is moving to your back as you pull the drawstring. You’ll feel your hand reach your jawline.

If your bow is properly fitted, this is the point where your bow string has been drawn to its maximum length. You can then fire. It all depends on how well fitted the bow is and how proper your form is.

Target shooting bows (FAQs)

If your question was what is the most accurate target compound bow I think you got the answer above. You can check some frequently asked questions below to understand better.

Those questions and answers will help you to understand about target shooting compound bow.

What people asked when they decide to buy a bow for target shooting and hunting. Let’s check it out below.

top Target bows (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to target shooting bows.

Which of these bows will be best for target shooting beginners?

From the bows listed here, we’d suggest Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow as the best bow for target shooting beginners. The wide range of draw weight and draw length and other features are ideal for beginners.

Can you hunt with Target shooting bow?

It depends on the bow you are referring to. In general yes, a target shooting bow with good speed, draw weight and length and make can possibly work as a bow for small hunting games.


You just finished target compound bow reviews and guide to make your decision. So, in this article, we have reviews 5 of the top bows target shooting as well as small hunting games. The final choice of the bow should be yours, depending on the purpose for which you are getting the bow, your experience, budget etc.