Browning A Bolt vs. X Bolt Mount – Which One Is Better?

Purchasing a scope is a huge consideration because it will be part of your rifle, and most of the time, you will put one and keep it that way. If you have a Browning rifle, you will hear two common recommendations for the mount to use.

So, we will have a Browning A Bolt and X Bolt mount comparison to see which one is the most ideal for you and your setup. There may be little difference between the two, but you will find that even with such nuances, they will still feel and function differently.

Difference Between Browning A Bolt and X Bolt Mount

Buying mounting rings is not a walk in the park. There are things you need to seriously consider because these are not particularly expensive, and you will need them to be versatile enough to accommodate more size scopes.


Both are lightweight mounting rings, but for this, the two-piece design is more preferable because it further reduces weight by removing the base. This is pretty simple and may seem like a small thing, if you mount this on a pistol, that weight can still come into play.


The X Bolt mount is the better choice because you can move the location of one of the rings so that you can accommodate longer scopes and can put them on some oversized rifles and other guns.


The A Bolt is made from alloy, and the X Bolt mounting rings are made from aluminum. When choosing between the two, make sure that you inspect the mounting rings, especially for the X Bolt, as there are two pieces. Both have to be a pair of flawless rings to function well.


The A Bolt is easier to install since you only need to fasten one piece of the mounting ring as opposed to the X Bolt.

Browning A Bolt vs. X Bolt Mount Comparison in 2023

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Browning A Bolt

Game Reaper Browning-A Bolt-Long Action-Medium Mount

This one-piece bolt is machined from a block of solid 6061T6 aluminum. It is the reason why it is sturdy and lightweight. And it can support most scopes and will lock them into place easily.

Taking note of being lightweight, it is significantly lighter than the majority of one-piece mounts in the market today. It also has four times the threads and socket caps for added security for your scope.

The custom design is made to fit each type of rifle and will align perfectly to your receiver. What’s best about this mount is that there are no moving parts to worry about. So you will get a solid foundation that will help increase the precision of your aim.

All in all, this is a solid piece of mount that can withstand weather conditions like it’s nothing. It is a good buy if you’re looking for a stable and long-term mount for your scopes.


  • Lightweight
  • One-piece build adds stability
  • Weatherproof
  • Secure socket caps


  • Not as versatile since it’s just one piece

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X Bolt Mount

Talley 30mm Browning X-Bolt Medium Light Scope Mount Rings Black 740735

These lightweight alloy scope mounts are manufactured with a unitized design, which helps keep out of alignment problems at bay. This is an issue frequently seen on two-piece designs. But with the manufacturing process, they have eliminated this problem on these mounting rings.

Having two rings means you have more stability and durability for your scope as well as reduced overall weight. These are CNC machined from aluminum for precision and to make them flawless.

Contrary to popular understanding, removing the base makes the rings more sturdy if tightened properly. Each ring has four screws to accommodate large scopes and to keep them from shifting or slipping.

Investing in the right mounting rings will give peace of mind that your scope will be protected and will be kept in place no matter the situation. These have 30mm sizes so they can accommodate most standard-sized scopes.


  • 2-piece design for more stability
  • Can fit most mounts
  • Lightweight
  • Precision CNC machined


  • Prone to losing a pair of mounting rings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the general rule when mounting scope on rings?

Make sure that the rings are as far apart as possible to make sure the proper grip on the scope to keep it from slipping or falling.

How tight should the rings be?

If you’re using a scope with carbon tubing, you must be careful not to overtighten it because it may crack under pressure. Most of the time, you will find this information included in the packaging.

Can I use regular tools when mounting my scope?

This can be a risky job if not done with the proper tools. Get a torque wrench that’s designed specifically for mounting scopes on guns so that you don’t run the risk of breaking anything. And this is a good investment, especially if you’re collecting guns.

Do I need to lubricate the mounting rings?

You don’t necessarily need to lubricate them since they are not moving all the time.

How do I maintain the mounting rings?

There isn’t much to clean on mounting rings, a wipe down after use will suffice.


As to which one is better in a Browning A Bolt or X Bolt mount bout, you should go for the X Bolt mount. This is primarily because it can offer more versatility since you can mount them as far apart from one another, which adds a lot to the stability of the scope.