How to Mount a Red Dot Sight On an AR-15?

Red dot sights perfectly designed to simplify all the aspects of shooting. It makes itself easier and quicker for you to get and hit the target, and so on. As we know that it works amazing, but when we arrange it on an AR15, then this rifle also gives an astonishing result of the shooting. Mounting the red dot sight on an AR15 is very popular and common in use. It works great in shooting and perfectly point and hit the target and also increases the AR15 accuracy level. You have to mount it on AR15 to get the best result of this.

But if you ever think that what about all the previous work of shooting? Or how to mount it on? The mounting process may seem difficult, but it is not. If you put these following steps in your mind, you will easily mount the red dot optic.

Step: 1 Use The Thread Locker.

The first step of mount the red dot sight on an AR15 is to use the thread locker on your mount’s screws. Because you know about to attach the red dot sight on an AR15 rifle, the mount uses the screws. So, you just need to do is that adding the blue lock tights’ drop into your threads.

When you tighten the threads down, this will keep your threads snug and nice, and you will not need to worry about the working of an optic.

Step: 2 Place The Red Dot Sight.

In this step, you need to place a red dot sight on an AR15 rifle. You place it on the top end of your rifle at the forward end.

There are two reasons for choosing a red dot sight forward mount.

  • The first reason is that if you want to increase your shooting range. Then by mounting forward, you have more place behind the red dot area, and you can also install things like magnifiers or backup iron sight.

  • The second reason is the red dot sight’s visual acuity. By doing this, you will be well aware that what’s going around yourself and will be more aware of the surrounding situation.

Step: 3 Push The Red Dot Sight Forward.

The last step of mounting the red dot sight is pushing the optic forward. You must understand that the mount is not always fit perfectly into your rifle because there might some twist can occur that before you tighten it down.

So when you tighten it down, push the red dot sight at the forward end, and then you will see how strong the red dot sight mounted on your rifle. In last, you must have to do is zero the red dot sight required for shooting accuracy.

After following these steps, you will easily mount the red dot sight on your AR15, and these steps will guide you to mount the red dot optic perfectly within minutes.