7 Best Green Light For Hunting At Night For Lucid View 2023

Hunting at night is probably more challenging as compared to day because human vision gets compromised due to low light. But using a standard flashlight can trigger an alert to hogs and they could easily runway so it’s wiser to pack a green light with your usual hunting gear when hunting. There are lights with different features and colors available in the digital market such as red light, Green light, and white, etc., now which one to select? Considering hunting at night green light allows you to have a better contrast at night especially hunting dark-colored animals like feral hogs moreover green light is less noticeable to hogs due to their visual spectrum, so overall, it makes green light an ideal choice. So, here I am with a list of the best green light for hunting at night.

A Buying Guide To The Best Green Light For Hunting At Night

There are many green lights available in the market but to help you make a better choice here is some brief information about the product.

Barrel and Scope Mount

First select a part of the weapon to mount a green flashlight or LED. It could be either barrel or scope, considering the popularity you should select scope mount because there are good reasons for it.

  • Easy accessibility
  • Easy Align with your sight
  • Doesn’t compromises the grip near the barrel

But still, if you don’t want to use scope mount you like to go old school and use iron sights, barrel mount green light for night hunting can be used, frequent use of AR rifles in hunting have also increased the problem of recoil but with barrel mount green light you can add extra weight to one end of the rifle which significantly decreases recoil.

Considering the range of green light: Hunting any wild animal could be dangerous especially if you are looking to hunt an aggressive and heavier animal. So, it’s essential to maintain a safe distance from animals. There are many green light accessories that come with manufacturer defined range, so select a green light with a range that allows you to give better visuals from a safe distance.


  • Hunting at night in woods is a tough job so your gear needs to be tough too. You’re going to encounter all the bumps and brushes.
  • Make sure that your chosen green light can take the shocks and also do consider buying a green light which is waterproof.
  • Because it could be a rainy night so be prepared, take all the measures before you start hunting at night.

Battery life

  • While purchasing green light one of the important factors is to check how long it will last once it is fully charged because you don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of the hunt.
  • Most green lights come with lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable.
  • There are different green lights having different battery lives available online, we recommend you to buy a green light with maximum battery life it could be expensive but it will also keep in play for a much longer time.
  • There are also lights with multiple power sources, green lights of this kind can also run on dry cells when it runs out of rechargeable battery source.


  • It is essential to check the brightness of the light before buying it. Brightness plays a key role to get a better visual of the target.
  • Some of the green lights come with a brightness adjuster which can be operated manually.


  • If you are an occasional night hunter, you shouldn’t be looking forward to investing a lot of money in it. You must settle with a cheaper light/scope.
  • But if you are a professional hunter then you may consider spending a nice amount of money on a green light.
  • To make your decision more stress-free here are some of the most recommended green light scopes/flashlights from hunting hogs at night. You can buy them from Amazon.

Top 5 Best Green Light For Hunting At Night

1. BIZOOM LED Flashlight Kit KL45- Best Green LED Flashlight

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Key Features

  • Super bright
  • Long-range
  • Scope mounted zoomable torch
  • Dual control remote switches
  • Quick-release mount
  • pressure switch attached to a stock grip

Green hunting light is a single-mode adjustable focus ability to zoom in and out from 200 yards. Green hunting light flashlight with two mounts 1x plastic scope mount for 1inch to 30mm flashlight, scope, telescope sight.

1x Picatinny/weaver medium profile 1-inch ring can be mounted rifle rails, AR barrels, and shotguns and a dual control pressure button for an instant on and off. It comes in a reasonable size not too large, doesn’t add much weight to the weapon, portable, and easy to carry in outdoor hunting.

This hunting light is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy and can resist high impacts and the lens glass is scratchless as well with o-ring to make it Waterproof, no issues in heavy rain. It has a built-in LED CREE T6, very bright and durable. It also includes a battery and charger.

Customers’ Reviews

Buyers state that this is an astounding light for varmints at night time and it is truly brilliant that the concentration and having the option to change it is simply astonishing. You can simply see them out of my 3 x 9 x 40 AO scope. It is made very well and the weight switch is incredible. People love the 2 button pressure switch with Velcro so you can mount it on the rifle any place you need to. Customers are simply stunned by the quality coming at such a cheap price! Furthermore, the customer support was simply astounding too.

2. LUMENSHOOTER S2plus Premium-Best Green Light For Hunting At Night 

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Key Features 

  • Interchangeable green light
  • Red light LED modules
  • High-intensity zoomable light
  • Convex lens
  • Made up of aluminum alloy
  • Tough and light.
  • 5v Li-ion battery

LUMENSHOOTER is known for manufacturing the best flashlights in the world and is the best scope mount green light Lately they have introduced LUMENSHOOTER S2plus model which is one of the best flashlights available in the market, it has focusable beam which allows you to put the right amount of light at the prey so your prey doesn’t freak out and run away, it makes your hunting experience more smooth.

It comes with three different LED modules which are interchangeable, you can easily change your hunting light color depending upon what kind of animal you’re hunting. Most coyotes are non-reactive to red light so it helps you to switch between prey.

This green hog hunting light also comes with a key feature of zooming in and out, this comes in handy when your prey is moving a lot, you can easily adjust the zoom in real-time just by using a screw right next to the lens. You can easily identify deer, hogs, coyotes, and varmints.

Customers’ Reviews

This is an amazing item at such a cost. It is brilliant (don’t anticipate high clarity at 250y) and strong. It has a twisting feature to the center, which is substantially more steady than the linear sliding type, as far as recoil influencing the focus of the light. Simple connection both are sturdy: briefly append with scope mount or more lasting with pic mount. It has great night vision up to 150y, you might have the option to see reflectivity beyond that, however, clarity endures. If you need more illumination to see the audit for the Lumenshooter S8 with added IR illuminator. Ensure that you have this light joined semi-permanent to your weapon, load, and unload the battery through the front of the light, if you turn the button plate for a spotlight with pressure pad secure about, it will curve the association in the tailcap if the light off and it will stop usefulness.

3. VASTFIRE 350 LED Green Flashlight Kit- Best Predator Hunting Lights

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Key Features

  • Works as a spotlight and floodlight both
  • Single-mode CREE LED
  • Range of 350 yards
  • Can be equipped on the rail mount
  • Made up of high-quality aluminum
  • Waterproof and shockproof design
  • Long battery life

VASTFIRE 350 YARD LED flashlights to come with an adjustable focus which helps in zooming and out to get a better shot of the prey. It also comes with an additional feature of floodlight which helps in searching the prey in a radius of 100 yards, once you locate your prey you can instantly switch to a spotlight that will only focus on the prey.

VASTFIRE 350 yard LED is used mostly in long-range hunting of hogs, coyotes, and varmints. VASTFIRE is using CREE LED in their hog hunting green Flashlights because these lights are way brighter than XML LED. This green light is super handy and you would not regret buying this!

A special circuit design is used in these lights which significantly increases the battery life of light. With this feature, you, get as long as 5 hours of battery life once the light is fully charged. Not only that, VASTFIRE is not lagging behind in providing better customer service to the consumer as their product comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This can also be a great gift for your friends or family members who love to hunt. It comes with a complete kit which includes a charger, two 2600mAh batteries, two types of switches, and two types of mounts, one for rail mount on the rifle and the other for scope mount.

Customers’ Reviews

It is a compact and clean light having a tidy way to carry all of the accessories or other outdoor gear you need to keep secure. It comes with quality accessories and it is both brighter and reaches longer distances. Buyers are very impressed and they still cannot see how they can offer so much for such a small price point! So, the customers have claimed it the best green light for hunting at night.

4. POVAST PVL2 Zoomable Green Light- Night Hunting Lights For Hogs

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Key Features

  • 1200 lumens bright light
  • Rotatable zoomable light
  • 5 built-in mode low, high, strobe, and SOS
  • USB Charging support function
  • Mechanical rotary focus which is more precise
  • Easy operating switches
  • Waterproof and shockproof

PVL2 is another very nice product for hunting at night. POVAST pvl2 is vastly used by professional hunters as this Flashlight is super bright and enhances the night vision to another level. It is very useful in hog hunting at night.

PVL2 is made using o-rings to make it Waterproof. It some advanced features like a cooling slot, when used for a long time most of the green hunting flashlights start to heat up and consume more battery power but not POVAST PVL2 when starting to heat up the cooling slot feature will instantly cool down the light, this feature significantly increases the overall life of the green light because it prevents from overheating which can cause severe damage to electric components within the flashlight.

It has an adjustable zoom for wide and long-range. It is very durable and made up of sturdy material as well. On the other hand, this hog hunting flash is much cheaper in price and a clear winner of value for money.

Customers’ Reviews

Purchasers said that this is amazing light for hunting at night time and it is genuinely splendid that the fixation and having the choice to transform it, is basically astounding. Purchasers are happy and they actually can not perceive how they can offer such a huge amount for quite a little value point.

5. Fyland Tactical Flashlight- Best Green Light For Hunting At Night

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Key Features

  • Flashlight with a universal Picatinny rail mount
  • Remote pressure switches
  • Suitable for long-range hunting
  • IPX-6 make it an ideal device for all-weather use

It’s a 350 yards green hunting light. Unfiltered XP-E2 green light output produced by LED has a long range, you can target your prey with clear visibility from almost 350 yards. So, you can make your shot very precise and even farther than you expect, only if you have this best green light for hunting at night.

The aluminum body makes it very durable and long-lasting, it has a nice texture grip which adds more tactical looks to your weapon, and also grip increases the stability of the weapon while shooting. It is a portable and stable green hunting flashlight, it is Waterproof so it will not stop working during heavy rain.

Fyland Tactical Flashlight comes with a complete hunting kit which includes 1 green hunting LED light, 2 x 18650 3.7v(2000mAh) rechargeable batteries, 1 x channel charger, 1 x pressure switch, and 1 x offset mount. It can be your best pick as it has the capacity to make your hunting even easier and enjoyable.

Customers’ Reviews

The mounting is simple and all the parts and light feel very strong. The light is green and it might function admirably for chasing hogs or coyotes. Light is greater than I expected, I might want to have seen somewhat more of a concentrated light beam verse the wide-point. Overall, it appears to be very much fabricated, was bundled decent and once you use it, you will never sway from it.


As hunting at night can be pretty difficult and so you must have the best green light for hunting in night so that you can easily take down your prey. It is always very hard to see clearly at night and if you have very bright and vibrant lights, you can make your prey runoff. So, I will suggest you go and check the above mentioned green lights for hunting as they are perfect and I have enlisted them after a lot of deep research. Wish you a very happy shopping!


Why use green light for hunting hogs at night?

From research it has been proven that the visual spectrum of hogs is nonresponsive towards the green light, they barely notice green light which makes it an ultimate choice for the night hunters.

How to mount green Flashlight/scope onto a rifle or AR?

Most rifles and ARs come with a rail on the top or under the barrel, this rail is used to mount scope, sights, and Flashlights. There is no need for any other accessory to mount your green Flashlight or scope.

What is the optimal range for a hunting green light? 

Green lights come with a variety of ranges, you can select your desired range, most beginner hunters use 100 to 150 yards of range and professional hunters use 200 to 350 yards.

Is it necessary to buy a Waterproof and shockproof green light?

Yes, while you are hunting in the dark you don’t want to damage your green light just by some little jerks and bumps. The same goes for Waterproof as you may have to cross any lake or rain starts in the middle of your hunting time.

How to know when the battery of Flashlight is fully charged?

All the above-mentioned green hog hunting flashlights come with a standard notification light which will let you know when it’s fully charged. At the beginning of the charge, a red light turns on once the battery is fully charged the red light will go green. That’s the indication that the battery is fully charged now and you can unplug the charger.