Best Adjustable Gas Block Review in 2023 – New Edition

One of the most underappreciated components of a gun is the gas block. But there are actually some important aspects—like recoil and carbon build-up—which you can control or adjust by its presence.

And this can be an incredible and effective upgrade for your firearm without even breaking the bank. Surely, it will integrate a lot of benefits, so all you need to do is to find the one that suits you best.

Let this review article be your guide in choosing the right adjustable gas block with tons of options that you can find on the market today.

Adjustable Gas Block Comparison in 2023

Top PickSuperlative Arms LLC - AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block SUPERLATIVE ARMS LLC – AR-15
  • Inside Diameter: .875
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Seekins Precision - AR-15M16 Adjustable Gas Block SEEKINS PRECISION – AR-15/M16
  • Inside Diameter: .750
  • Material: Steel
Best ValueSLR Rifleworks - AR-15 Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Set Screw SLR RIFLEWORKS – AR-15 SENTRY
  • Inside Diameter: .625
  • Material: Steel
Double Star - AR-15M16 Picatinny Rail Adjustable Gas Block DOUBLE STAR – AR-15/M16 PICATINNY
  • Inside Diameter: .750
  • Material: Aluminum
SLR Rifleworks - AR-15 Sentry Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Clamp On SLR RIFLEWORKS – AR-15 SENTRY
  • Inside Diameter: .625
  • Material: Steel
JP Enterprises - AR-15M16 Adjustable Gas Blocks J P ENTERPRISES – AR-15/M16
  • Inside Diameter: .750
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Why Do You Need an Adjustable Gas Block?

Well, it is a piece of equipment that is capable of determining the amount of hot gas driven into the receiver. This is usually pinned in the barrel in front of your handguard.

So, why do you need one? There are three major essential contributions that this can give to your gun.
First, it helps to ensure that you only receive a minimum recoil so you can quickly make follow-up shots. With this, you can hit your object with ease, especially because it lessens movement that can lead to off-targets.

Much more, this can reduce the wear of your gun, so you will less likely get stressed with its operating parts. Plus, it is easy to find in the market, so you are provided not only with longevity, durability, and usability but also with convenience.

Lastly, it can lead to a reduced carbon build-up on your firearm as it cuts off some gas that goes into the bolt carrier group. With this, you will have a clean gun, thereby ensuring that you can have a reliable shooting experience.

Given all of these advantages, there is no doubt that it plays a huge impact on the performance of your gun, so never miss the opportunity to have one!

6 Best Adjustable Gas Block Review

Best Adjustable Gas Block

This device is often overlooked by many gun users, but there are still many options to choose from. Due to this, purchasing one can be a daunting task, especially that they come with various features. Anyway, we want to make it easier for you, so we compiled some of the best products in the market.
So, let’s delve on them further!

Superlative Arms LLC – AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block

Superlative Arms LLC - AR-15 Adjustable Gas Block

The first one on the list is this product from Superlative Arms. If you want an adjustable gas block for your suppressor, then this may be perfect for you!
Well, this integrates the unique and patented “Bleed Off” feature.

Most gas blocks today work by restricting the gas flow that enters the tube. However, this one functions by bleeding the gas out of the block instead. Then, what is left will be utilized to cycle the action.

Perhaps, this is better, especially that it causes very least erosion. And it can be explained by the minimum build-up of the carbon in your firearm. Much more, it is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, so you are sure of its durability.

Even if it is removable, it comes with a safety mechanism, so you are prevented from removing the screw out without restricting the gas flow. It has 30 locked positions and a Melonite finish for rust resistance.

Packed with all of these features, no wonder why this product is one for the books!


  • Precise control because of the bleed-off valve
  • Low-profile design
  • Perfect for suppressors
  • Equipped with a safety mechanism
  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel and Melonite finish


  • Tuning is difficult at first

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Seekins Precision – AR-15/M16 Adjustable Gas Block

Seekins Precision - AR-15M16 Adjustable Gas Block

Next up is one of the best products from Seekins Precisions. This device is not only high-quality, but it also comes at an affordable price.
It will let you fine-tune the gas system of your rifle for smoother operation and utilization by regulating the amount of gas used for cycling the action.

To reduce the recoil, it uses low mass bolt carriers as well as buffers and springs. With these, you are sure that it can gain advantages in many ways– easy target acquisition, quicker follow-up shots, and increased reliability.

Much more, it is easy to operate this. It is equipped with a regulating screw that you can use to control the amount of gas (screw in to lessen and out to add more). Also, it has a brass screw that can be used to lock the setting in place.

This is also coated with a Melonite finish to increase its durability by being rust and corrosion-resistant. So, offering a high level of adjustability and great machining, it is undeniably a great option!


  • Very affordable with high quality
  • Made to be low-profile
  • Outstanding adjustability and machining
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant thus durable


  • Requires special tool (Allen wrench) to use the adjustment screws

SLR Rifleworks – AR-15 Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Set Screw

SLR Rifleworks - AR-15 Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Set Screw

You can now achieve the optimum operation of your firearm through this adjustable gas block from SLR Rifleworks. Being packed with great features, having this will not let you ask for more.

It is built with a simple metering system, and it doesn’t even use any springs and balls compared to the typical compositions of this type of devices. This is adjustable, and the good thing is that you can do so by using the tool that is included in the package.

Furthermore, it is very durable for it is machined from 4140 steel and finished with a QPQ Melonite coating. Available in different diameter sizes (0.625, 0.750, 0.875, and 0.936 inches), you have a lot of options to choose from, and you’re sure that it can fit your weapon.

Only SLR has been able to deliver the metering screw and screw bore design that enhances shot reliability and repeatability. This functions well with all SLR handguards and many others. With this, you will never fail to make use of your gun’s maximum performance, so it is a must-have!


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your firearm
  • Uses a single tool click to adjust the gas metering
  • Comes in different diameter sizes


  • Slightly expensive

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Double Star – AR-15/M16 Picatinny Rail Adjustable Gas Block

Double Star - AR-15M16 Picatinny Rail Adjustable Gas Block

This one from Double Star has earned its spot on our list. It has amazing features and specifications, justifying why it deserves to be here. So, let’s get down with it!

Surely, it is extreme when it comes to its sturdiness since it is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum that has a diameter of 0.750 inches. Also, it is finished with a black hard coat anodizing for added aesthetics and durability.

With the use of a brass-tipped set screw, you will be able to hold the adjustment screw in place. Both the screws are made of stainless steel. Much more, the tip of the screw is made of brass to avoid any damage that it can do to the thread of the adjustment screw.

Additionally, it has a pleasing angular profile to make sure that the gas is perfectly sealed and is properly fitted to the barrel. This is ideal for target shooters as well as for those who are utilizing suppressors.


  • Made with the finest quality of materials
  • Built with an angular profile
  • Perfect for target shooters
  • Fair pricing


  • Adjustment screw seems to be smaller than the hole of the block

SLR Rifleworks – AR-15 Sentry Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Clamp On

SLR Rifleworks - AR-15 Sentry Adjustable Gas Blocks Steel Clamp On

If you want to buy one that does not add unnecessary weight to your firearm, then this is a good option for you since it weighs only about 1.2 ounces.

You will be ensured that the adjustment for this is very precise and definitive because of its metering screw set-up and the heavy-duty spring steel that it uses.

Also, it can be adjusted to 15 positions with a port opening from 0 up to 0.125 inches. The metering screw and screw bore design gives your rifle the reliability it needs during shooting.

As for its durability, it is 4140 precision-machined with a Melonite finish. The same finish is applied to the metering screw but is made from 4140 Nexturn Swiss. All this ensures higher resistance to wear.

Furthermore, it utilizes a standard tube and comes with all the tools, mounting screws, and roll pins needed so you won’t need to make a separate purchase. More excitingly, it is compatible with all AR15 and AR10 handguards, making it versatile enough. Filled with noteworthy features, you can never go wrong with choosing this!


  • Lightweight thus it won’t add to the load
  • Reliable and precise
  • Durable construction
  • Includes necessary tools


  • Quite costly

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JP Enterprises – AR-15/M16 Adjustable Gas Blocks

JP Enterprises - AR-15M16 Adjustable Gas Blocks

Last but not least, we have an excellent unit on our hand, which is manufactured by JP Enterprises. This product lets you tune the system for gas, which helps to achieve smoother operation and cycling.

Well, this is very crucial on the match and varmint rifles when using either custom-loaded or factory ammo for shooting. It is equipped with a simple set screw that allows you to control the gas flow naturally.

With this, you can adjust the setting for each load. Also, it has hex head set screws that securely clamp the block to the barrel.
This product is available in lightweight aluminum or stainless steel for additional weight on the muzzle, so you have the flexibility of discretion. Much more, it has an inside diameter of about 0.750 inches.

Since the A2-style is constructed with rugged stainless steel, it is sure to prevent any gas erosion. This can also help maintain the weight distribution of the rifle. And because it is also finished with an abrasion-resistant black oxide, this ensures added durability.

Even though it is very expensive compared to others, you will surely have a great product in your hands!


  • Can adjust pressure to ensure optimum performance
  • Installation instructions are included
  • Durable construction
  • Smoother operation and cycling


  • Can rust quickly over time
  • Expensive

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What to Look for Before Buying?

Choosing one is even harder, especially since there is a huge number of choices available. For you to be able to find the right gas block, you will need to consider different factors such as the following:

Size of the Component

This is the first factor that you need to be aware of before you make a purchase. Since they come in different sizes that have a range from 0.750 inches up to 0.936 inches, you need to know your barrel profile. You wouldn’t want your money to go to waste, right?

If you are not sure of the size, the manufacturer of your rifle or barrel can be a good source. Most importantly, don’t just make approximations.

Gas Block Type

Gas Block Type

There are three types you can choose from– low-profile, fixed sight, and railed.
The low-profile types are made to fit a free-float handguard, which is an incredible upgrade for your firearm.

While the fixed sight types are the standard A2 style military specification versions. This is the same as what you can find on an M-16.

Finally, the railed types are integrated with a Picatinny rail section above them. These are designed to be attached at the end of the rail. Well, you can use whatever type you want.

Adjustability Level

Some products only come with simple settings, like a suppressed or normal setting. But others offer a much finer control that lets you adjust according to your preference.

Both have their pros and cons, so you just need to pick the right one suited for the type of shooting that you’ll be doing. The more adjustable it is, the higher the price becomes.

Quality of Machining

You should not overlook this factor because you need to find a great manufacturer that has a high-quality machining standard. For sure, you don’t want to end up with a product that has sloppy parts.

Fixed vs Adjustable Gas Blocks

A fixed or standard gas block allows a constant amount of gas to travel through the tube and, in most cases, more gas than what is normally needed. The claim is that the hot gas carries a lot of carbon with it, which, as a result, gunks up the interior of the system.

Furthermore, over gassing allows the system to continue working even if it gets dirty. It can also rocket the bolt back with too much force. This makes the system have increased wear. Nevertheless, it is still an effective tool, and its simplicity is widely used by shooters.

On the other hand, adjustable ones allow the user to control or tune the amount of gas entering the tube, making the bolt receive the perfect amount of force. The user can also control the amount of carbon entering the system so that cleaning the gun can go with ease.

The possible drawback is that it requires more time and maintenance to operate. However, the user will get less recoil, which allows a quick set up for the next shot.

In conclusion, the fixed type is for ease of use while the adjustable ones are for smoother system operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know the size of the gas block I need?

The size that you will need depends merely on the outside diameter of your barrel. And the most common size is 0.75 inches, which is a military standard. If you are not sure, you can look up the specification of your rifle online or contact its manufacturer.

Are all gas blocks adjustable?

No. They can either be fixed or adjustable.

What are the benefits of using this product?

There are a lot of benefits these can give you, but these three are the most important: reduced recoil, less stress on the parts, and minimum carbon build-up.

Which is better: fixed or adjustable gas block?

Both have their benefits in their way. Some choose fixed ones because of their simplicity and ease of use, while others opt for the adjustable type since they can provide you with smoother cycling and operation.

Are adjustable gas blocks really necessary to make the gun work?

No. They are not so necessary that when you don’t have one, your rifle will not work. But one thing is for sure, and it will give you a much better shooting experience because of its benefits.

Final Words

An adjustable gas block is an excellent upgrade that can surely enhance your gun’s performance. This is a must-have if you want a worthy upgrade. But you can’t just buy anything. Be cautious, make sure to choose the top-rated adjustable gas block by using the guidelines we have provided.