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Best EOTech Holographic Sight

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If you want to successfully hit your target with accuracy, then you need a holographic sight to help you out with your plan. Even if you have lots of guns, there’s no use if you can’t locate your target, especially from a long distance. 

Having a holographic sight attached to your gun is a good choice. You can carry it every time you go hunting to the woods or fighting on the battlefield to make sure of accurate shots. With this, your prey won’t even notice that you’re attempting to hit him.

This Eotech holographic sight review can help you make an easy evaluation of the best products available in the market. Take a look at their features and eventually choose the best one for you. Keep on reading!

Best EOTech Holographic Sight Comparison

  • Battery Life: 600 hours at setting 12
  • Brightness Settings: 20
EOTech XPS3 reviewEOTECH – XPS3
  • Battery Life: 600 hours at setting 12
  • Brightness Settings: 30
Best-ValueEOTech 512EOTECH – 512
  • Battery Life: 1000 hours (lithium); 600 hours (alkaline) at setting 12
  • Brightness Settings: 20 settings

EOTech Holographic Sight Review in 2021

EOTech Holographic Sight Review

Choosing the best sight is tough, especially since there are several available products on sale. If you don’t have an idea of what to buy yet, just read on, and you’ll eventually find out what suits you best!



The first one on the list is this holographic weapon sight from EOTech designed with a 123 lithium battery configuration. It provides a clearer view to see your prey from afar — no wonder why this is one of the chosen devices of most gun enthusiasts. Surely, you can aim your prey without even noticing you.

With this high powered weapon, you can have a rail space, rear iron sight, magnifiers, and night vision mount. This makes it possible for you to use it both day and night. Just choose a spot where you can position yourself, then you can look through the glass optical window to see your target.

Weather conditions, as well as wet situations, are usual problems when shooting. But with this, they’re not a big deal as this product is waterproof. You can still be able to monitor and locate your prey for up to 10 feet or around 3 yards.

It has been shortened and reduced its weight without affecting the ability of its objective lens.

With its handle, even a beginner can render to carry and use it with ease. Also, it’s not like other weapons that use double-A batteries. This uses lithium that is much more expensive. But when it comes to its durability and longevity, you are sure that this can be a good choice.


  • Easy to handle
  • Has magnifiers and night vision mount
  • Equipped with lithium configuration
  • Reduced weight and shortened length
  • Waterproof


  • The optic is not adjustable
  • Quite expensive

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Perhaps, your main goal is to hit your target, and this is especially crucial when you’re in a battle. With this sight, it is sure to meet your standard, and it can make rapid shots before the other party counters you back.

It is designed with the shortest and lightest night vision compatible sight that takes a little space on the rail of your gun. The optic lens is made of the highest quality with tons of high-end features to support you in action. With its wide range of adjustable brightness, it provides both daylight and night vision.

Much more, it is waterproof, so it’s perfect for various situations. This can also cover up to 33 feet or around 11 yards, making it a great attachment for your weapon. Unlike other products, it is capable of withstanding aggressive recoil and meet your demands, thereby ensuring versatility.

With this, you are sure of its reliability, which makes it the best option for you!


  • Provide higher-end optic performance
  • Lightweight and takes little space on the mounting rail
  • Wide range of brightness adjustments
  • Can be used for both day and night
  • Provides clear open sight


  • Without lens tinting
  • Batteries quickly used-up
  • Expensive

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EOTech 512

EOTech 512

EOTech 512 is a very popular holographic weapon sight in the market, when it comes to providing you with fast target acquisition. This is very simple and can be easily mounted to your weapon. With this, you are sure of its durability and reliability when used on your shooting and hunting activities.

Unlike with other products, this accepts 2 AA rechargeable batteries. It is much cheaper and easy to find than 123 lithium batteries that can cost you more. Also, it won’t give you a hard time finding one. So, if your weapon sight runs out of power, you can immediately replace it with a new one.

Further, it performs flawlessly without a single issue and can still be used even in wet conditions. This provides you up to 30 yards field of view with the capacity of reflecting a laser that allows you to see sights efficiently. However, lacking a night vision is a downside for this product.

Anyway, its overall performance is excellent. It is perfect for close-range shots. With these features offered, this makes it a good option for you to consider!


  • Durable and reliable product
  • Simple and easy to mount
  • Waterproof
  • Accepts AA batteries
  • Field of view up to 30 yards


  • Expensive product
  • No night vision feature

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How to Choose the Best One?

A holographic vision supports hunters and military officers to provide a clear sight during fights or shooting the target with accuracy. Knowing the best among the many options is not that easy. But determining what to consider can help you evaluate the one that suits your needs.

We’ve prepared some of the factors that you can take into consideration before you purchase a holographic weapon sight. Take note of these important factors, and don’t let your money get wasted. Let’s delve on them further.

Recoil Resistant

You need to consider the body construction of the sight. Make sure that it is recoil resistant. Of course, many use the site repeatedly and constantly for several rounds. You can lose your balance, or you can feel the opposite force if your weapon sight has no recoil resistant feature. Please take note of this!


The battery is very important for the holographic weapon sight to function well. With good battery life, it can help you to continue your hunting activities for a long period and can provide you the right brightness to find your target. Choose the product that has an adjustable brightness to save energy.

Night Visions Capability

Night Visions Capability

Not all holographic sights have this feature. Without this, the overall performance of your device will not that be affected. But, if you are fond of hunting at night, look for a product that has a night vision feature. It provides you the clearest vision to hit your target during night time.

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Holographic sight can be very expensive compared with other ordinary sights. In choosing the best, look for the sight that has fog and waterproof features. And that can allow you to sight the object or your target from a far distance even during wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Holographic Sights?

Holographic sights allow you to look at the optical lens and be able to see the holographic reticle image in a field of view even in a far distance. It allows you to have a better view or clear sight towards your target.

Are holographic sights expensive? Why?

Yes. It is much expensive compared to iron sight or red dot sight. Popularly used by the gun enthusiast that requires the gun to mount on it.

This is much bigger than the other ordinary sights with the capacity to give you the clearest sight at a more distant view. Its impressive features make it more expensive.

Why the holographic sight more accurate to use?

The holographic sight is designed to provide you the clear views compared to regular scopes. You can have more focus on your target. It does not use a LED light but creates an illuminated pattern, a laser that helps you perceive your target.

How far can you shoot using the holographic sight?

You can shoot from 7 yards (close range) to 500 yards (long-range). In this list, all of them are close range sights.

Anyway, each holographic sight has a range capacity on how far it can provide a view to you. You need to check the specification of the product if you have a particular range standard before you purpose.

Where do EOTech holographic sights are made? Who uses these devices?

It is designed by American manufacturers, and most of them are used by law enforcers during their special operations to ensure public safety. Others use it for their hunting activities.

Final Words

In this EOTech holographic sight review, you already know some of the excellent items that you can choose from. Whatever you will opt for, you can surely obtain the best shooting experience at a high-quality performance. Hopefully, this helps you a lot!

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