Holosun 507C Review in 2023 – New edition

Every gun user has had challenges in hitting the bull’s eye whether it be in competitions or hunting activities. This requires a good amount of accuracy that comes with practice, and it can also be affected by the weapons and accessories you use.

One way to improve accuracy is by installing a dot sight on your rifle. These are great for shooting close to medium ranges. And they’re incredibly easy to use compared to optics although they don’t enhance your accuracy.

This Holosun 507C review is the place to be if you want to make sure you get the best dot sight on the market. If you’re looking for a way to easily improve your accuracy you should get your hands on one of these.

Holosun 507C Review

Holosun 507C Review

Well, this dot sight has been getting great reviews from several users, and it’s grown to be a great competitor in the market.  It has several features that help it outperform others in its class.

Since dot sights are technically 1x optics, they don’t offer any magnification, and this is why it’s only suitable for close to medium ranges. But you have the choice of using it with an optic if you prefer.

Although it may not improve your range, it can give you a significant boost in the area of accuracy without any trouble with parallax. You can choose between a green or red Holosun 507C dot sight.

Both the red and green sight offers the same accuracy. The green sight has the advantage of less power consumption while the red sight is best for fast targets.

All its other features are also impressive, like its battery life, durability, and accuracy. And this article is here to give you a comprehensive look at each one of these features.

Great Durability

The entire frame of this dot sight is made of 7075 T6 Aluminum. This aluminum alloy is one of the most famous and most used in the industry because of its superior tensile and shear strength. You won’t have to worry about it getting easily damaged because it will be able to last the wear and tear of frequent use.

Its outer surface is covered with an anodized finish to make it resistant to corrosion. Using it during rainy days won’t be a problem. Adjustments for the sight goes at 1 MOA per click.

Longer Battery Life

One of the main issues users have with dot sights is its battery life. With this sight, you won’t be having that kind of problem with that.

This uses a CR2032 battery, and unlike other sights in the market, it has a back-up power source in the form of solar energy, which you can use when you use the auto-mode. It’s designed to run longer without having any trouble. On dot-mode it is said to be able to run for an astonishing 10 years.

There is also a shake awake feature that turns the device off when not in use and turns it on when it is moved, this will help it save more energy.

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Flexible Settings

To suit your needs, it has several settings you can utilize. There are 10 daylight settings and 2 night vision settings you can choose from. The intensity, on the other hand, has 2 settings, namely Auto and Manual. For the Auto Setting, the dot adjusts to the ambient light while the Manual Setting relies on user adjustments.

Adjusting between Auto and Manual is very easy; it only requires pushing the button for three seconds.

Easy Mounting

Any pistol that is optic ready can be used for mounting this dot sight. To mount it, you’ll only need to screw it in place.

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Zeroing into your target is made easier with its sight adjustments. You will be sure to hit your target regardless of the ambient light present. It’s especially great for shooting competitions that are speed-based because all you will need to do is aim the dot on the target, and you’re sure to make an accurate shot.

There is also a parallax feature that removes any possibility for a parallax error, which can greatly affect your shot’s accuracy.


This sight is very simple to use and is suitable for activities that require fast sighting like hunting. They’re also very compact and lightweight, you can effortlessly carry them around, and they won’t weigh down your rifle.

Using sights can be very straining for your eyes but not with this one. It features an eye relief design so that even during long hours of shooting and hunting activities, you won’t have to experience any strain on your eyes.

Now you can freely hunt and go on shooting competitions with ease thanks to this dot sight’s optimum convenience features.

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Price is an important aspect when it comes to buying just about anything else. No one wants to spend too much on something, especially if the thing you buy won’t even be able to do its job. With this sight, you won’t have to worry about any of that because not only can it do its job, but it also comes at an affordable price.

All its features make it a great value product, and with its durability, it will prove to be a good investment because you won’t have to replace it for a long time. If you don’t want to go over your budget and still get a great sight, then this would be a great choice.


  • Has several light settings
  • Very easy to use
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Enhances shot’s accuracy
  • Has a very long battery life
  • There is also a back-up battery
  • It comes in red and green


  • No significant disadvantages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better between the green and red sight?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are both good with accuracy. Green appears a lot brighter, so it requires less power when in use, on the other hand, Red is easier to use when you have fast-moving targets.

Why do I need a dot sight?

Dot sights are easier to use compared to scopes. There are no complex controls and they offer great accuracy. You only need to aim the dot on your target and shoot.

Do dot sights lengthen my range?

Since sights are 1x optics, they don’t give additional magnification, and they don’t affect your range. All these do is enhance your accuracy. You can also use it with a riflescope for a longer range.

How far can dot sights see?

This depends on the model of the device, but generally, red dots can reach up to 100 yards, whereas green
dots have a lesser range by a few meters.

What pistol is this dot sight compatible with?

You can use this dot sight with any pistol that is with the RMR and is optic-ready.

Final Words

Dot sights offer more when it comes to convenience and accuracy, compared to scopes. This would make a great addition to your hunting gear with all its great features. Choosing the best one in the market is hard, but this Holosun 507C review is here to make sure you make the right choice.