CZ Shadow 2 Review in 2023 – New Edition

Over the years, pistols are commonly used not just for security and self-defense but also for competitions. For whatever purpose it may serve you, for sure all you ever want is to have one in your hands.

One of the most popular weapons for gun enthusiasts is the CZ Shadow 2 pistol.  This is an upgraded version of CZ 75 designed specifically to be a competition pistol. It provides better accuracy when shooting. If you want to get one, you don’t have to look further because this CZ Shadow 2 guide is all that you need. 

This article will give you insights about this ultimate pistol. Take a look at its features to know why it stands out among others and why it’s a worthwhile investment.



CZ Shadow 2

The Czech Firearm Manufacturer, one of the biggest companies in the gun industry, introduced a new product in their CZ pistols lineup. The CZ Shadow 2 which is designed mainly for competition purposes, gained a lot of popularity the moment it went out of the market.

CZUB engineers initially made their first version of CZ pistol; the CZ 75 SP-01 “Shadow Target” in 1975. It has good features but was mostly adopted by practical shooters. They then started from scratch again, took the best features of the original one, and improved them for competition use.

There’s no wonder why after more than two years of making, many gun enthusiasts sought to have this. It offers great reliability and efficiency, leveling up your shooting skills in games by enhancing your accuracy. In fact, it is mainly used by top-level competitors in the USPSA Production Division.

CZ Shadow 2 is indeed a well-made pistol adapted for competitions and the 21st century. There are a lot of things you will surely like about this, so let’s get started.


Shadow 2 offers a swappable mag release that can be adjusted. It has an oversized pad with an extended button of three settings where you can choose and set depending on where you are most comfortable with.

It also offers a new trigger mechanism that makes both double-action and single-action trigger pull so easy to do. The trigger reset time is also minimized, making it short and consistent. With that, you can make accurate consecutive shots quicker.

The pistol can supply you with three-17 magazines and a bag of polymer recoil spring buffers. Because of this, you can put a high volume of rounds which is desirable in competitions.  

Adding to its performance is the undercut higher beavertail at the back of trigger guard and magazine well beveled on the pistol. This enables you to get your hand as close as possible to the pistol’s bore axis, thereby allowing you to do your reloads smoothly and instantly.

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When it comes to durability, you can count on this product. It is made from high-quality materials that make it strong enough to withstand tear and wear that occurs with use. Longer life service is also possible since it can endure mechanical damage.

CZ Shadow 2 is originally designed and built during the Cold War in the Czech Republic. It is made from full size, heavy piece of steel known for its great tensile strength. Using this ensures that your pistol comes with a much stronger build.

A Nitride finish covers the whole structure that adds a Polycoat treatment to the pistol. This makes it resistant to corrosion and free from scratches. At the same time, it provides better endurance from weather effects.

As for its handgrip, it is made from Duralumin, which is known to be strong yet lightweight and very durable. This aluminum alloy is heat-treatable and even used in aircraft applications. With these materials, you are sure that it gives stability for a firm and consistent grasp.


CZ gun safety

Safety is very essential when handling guns. A slight mistake can be very costly; that’s why it is very important to make sure that your pistol is integrated with appropriate safety features.

Unlike the CZ 75, which was designed with a traditional thumb safety, this CZ Shadow 2 comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety made from durable steel. Whether you’re a right or lefty person, it is very safe and easy to use.

It includes a standard lever that is interchangeable and assembled at 90 degrees or 60 degrees. So any sort of natural movement by your thumb, the lever will change and this safety feature will be immediately turned on.

Adding to its safety is the oversized thumb shelf where you can rest your thumb safely when shooting.  This safety control ensures fast and reliable release.  

With this safety details, you don’t have to worry about any malfunctions that might occur when handling this pistol.

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Regardless of having a strong build, this 9mm pistol is reasonably lightweight, so you can easily carry it around. With its compact size, you can freely move when using this, especially in target shooting tournaments.

The handgrip is made durable too so it won’t slip out of your hands. And as a bonus, it comes in a black or blue finish that gives it a good look and makes your hand comfortable when using it.  


One of its features that stand out about this competition pistol is its ergonomics. Many think there is just a slight improvement in its ergonomic detail, but actually, there is a lot.

Engineers of Czech Firearm made sure that they keep all the good features of the original Shadow Target and enhance those areas that need improvement.

The barrel is made longer to 12mm. It undergoes a cold-forging process to direct the flow of fibers flawlessly. This process gives a long service life to the pistol. By the extended barrel length, your shooting accuracy is increased and more precise compared to that of the basic model.

A deep, higher grip cut is designed on the grip frame to have better control. This pistol comes with a magazine well that is assembled in the frame and made it easy to release. Equipped in this pistol are also a straighter trigger and sleek that are tuned effectively for competition purposes.

Its front sight is made with an optic fiber that collects light from the environment and focuses it on its cross-section. Because of that, it lights brightly in the surrounding objects, making it easier to aim. This rear sight can also be adjusted by just clicking it.

In addition to its ergonomics is the sharp protrusion on the grip, which makes the firearm stable and prevents it from slipping in your hand when changing lateral directions. Also, the longer bases of the rear and front sights, which are in conjunction with their adjustments, are secured to increase precision.


  • Has a very durable build
  • The nitride coating made it resistant to corrosion and weather effects
  • Increases shooting accuracy
  • Equipped with ambidextrous safety
  • Cannot easily slip in your hand
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly more expensive than the previous model

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an expert shooter to use this?

This pistol works just like any other pistols in the market. Though it is mainly designed to be used in competitions, it still has a simple construction and can is very easy to use. You don’t have to worry if you’re new to guns.

Is this safe to use?

CZ Shadow 2 is very safe to use. The ambidextrous thumb safety is installed in this pistol. So whether you are a right or lefty person, you can use it very well. It also features an oversized safety if you want a thumb shelf. With its simplicity, there is a very small room for error when using it.

How good is this pistol?

It took more than two years to develop this product. Those engineers who studied this made sure it is a well-made factory pistol. It proved great accuracy and 100% reliability in the tactical world. The trigger has good quality and pull characteristics making them perfect in shooting and target competitions.

Can I also use this for self-defense?

Even if CZ Shadow 2 is probably for competition use, this gun can be used for self-defense and even for home defense if you choose to. It still works as any other pistols do. As long as you know how to use it, it can protect you from danger.

What should I buy, a CZ 75 or CZ Shadow 2?

These two CZ pistols have their advantages and disadvantages. They were both designed with good features that improve your accuracy in shooting. This actually depends on your preferences and if you have enough money since CZ Shadow 2 is slightly more expensive than CZ 75.

Final Verdict

The CZ Shadow 2 article has shown this 9mm competition pistol’s new features. Introduced with many improved factors, it indeed has a better performance than the previous model. It would be perfect for you to enhance your shooting skills and do great in target competitions and tournaments.