Why Are Gas Dryers More Expensive?

A dryer is a main household laundry appliance, and when we talk about the gas dryer which uses a gas burner that is fueled by natural gas to generate the heat. Gas dryers wash more clothes in very less time and last almost 13 years, depends on the use and maintenance. Why Are Gas Dryers More Expensive?

When we talk about the gas dryer as compared to the electric dryer, then it comes to know that the gas dryer has more cost than an electric dryer and also needs a gas hookup with electrical power. It uses a 110/115-volt standard outlet to power the fan, light, drum, and controls. But for operating, it uses propane or natural gas.

The gas dryer has the approximate cost is $350 – $1600 as compared to an electric dryer, which has $250 – $1500 approximate cost. So, the gas dryer needs $50 – $100 approximately cost more to purchase than an electric dryer. It is all because the gas dryer components are more expensive from an electric dryer.

But if we think that Why Are Gas Dryers More Expensive? Then here are some reasons for gas dryer high-cost.

  • The most basic or main reason for the gas-dryer high cost is that its components are very expensive. This dryer needs electric power as well as a gas hookup, which is very costly.

  • Gas dryer is very cost-effective.

  • It runs hotter than an electric dryer that means it washes more clothes in very less time. And by this, it safe your clothes from erosion and also reduce the utility bills of your house.

  • Gas dryer also saves your energy costs.

  • A gas dryer with temperature sensing control saves 10% energy costs, and a gas dryer with moisture sensing control saves 15% of energy costs.

  • But the total operating cost of a gas dryer is lower than an electric dryer, and no doubt, it also has a low cost for gas than electricity.