3 Tips on How to Change a Mountain Bike Tire? 2023 – Review

Changing the tire should be the very first thing to learn after you learn to ride any vehicle. Whether it is a car or a bike. You should always keep a spare tire and basic tools with you and you should always be ready to change the tire whenever you are driving. It happens a lot! and especially if you are an adventurous person who loves to go on long bike rides at adventurous places, then this short article is for you because we are going to discuss how to change a mountain bike tire.

1. Deflate the Tire

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Changing a tire can be a difficult task but with the right technique and knowledge, you can do it yourself easily to save yourself from further trouble. So now, we’ll be discussing the way to change the tire without any tool. First of all, Deflate the tire by losing the bead. You’ll be needing to deflate the already flat, punctured tire. Get out all the max air you can with hand power without any pressure gauge. Now press the sides of the tire to lose the grip and separate it from the rim. Now for the next step, pull the side of the tire off, squeeze it, push it up and down, move randomly to get the tire wall out of the rim.

2. Remove the Tube

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After that, you have to remove the tube from it. As you already have enough portion of tire wall out, you can easily remove the tube. Threw the rum out by pulling it outside by pushing the valve of the tire and then pulling continuously the tube until it is completely out. Till this step, you have done almost half of the task successfully.

3. Put the new Tube

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Now the next step is to put the new tube. If you have a new tube then you’ll fix it, otherwise, prepare the old damaged one to insert in. Fix the whole tube very carefully into the tire. Keep in mind not to twist or flat the tube during the process of fixing it. Push the stem of the tire valve, if the tire is causing difficulty while setting on the tube then try lifting it over to place it. When the tube will be placed properly on the tire, you will be needing to adjust the whole stem with the valve. Fix it in a way that it should be straight.

To make sure it is straight, take the help of the rim spokes on the tire. Hold them in the hand and check side by side, one by one on to the next one. The tire yet is not inflated with air yet, so it will not be hard to adjust it to the place. Now get on to the fixing point of your tire and put the tire wall that you pulled out earlier, back inside the rim. Keep adjusting it side by side in the circle until it is completely over the tube. The Tire wall is back inside the rim and Ta-Da! You are done!

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