How to Use a Torque Wrench on a Mountain Bike?

Are you looking for the best torque wrench for bikes? Do you have an idea as to how you will utilize this tool?

We know that you might want to keep the running of your bike smooth. Plus, you don’t want to risk having any loose bolts. Buying a torque wrench and knowing how to use it is the right way to go about it.

Why do You Need to Use a Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a type of wrench. It has a reading gauge in its design so that the user can read and measure the amount of torque applied.

Depending on the type of torque wrench you will be notified when you reach the desired torque. Majority of the time the torque wrench makes a click sound on reaching the accurate torque.

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Thou all torque wrenches are designed with a square drive for you to fit the socket in but they don’t all come with a socket set. So, you might have to buy your own socket.

You can use the torque wrench on your mountain bike in order to apply a specific quantity of tightness to tighten the nuts or bolts. The question arises as to why would you be using a torques wrench on your mountain bike?

Just like another transportation vehicle a bike also needs to tightened on and off so that its parts don’t come loose. If the component on which you are applying torque gets overtightened it might get damaged so measuring the amount of force applied is also important.

On utilizing a torque wrench, you will be able to measure how tight the bolts are on torque-sensitive regions of the bike.

Which are the Torque Sensitive Regions of your Bike?

Like always we have a list that will break down all the sensitive areas:

1. Stem and Handlebars

The majority of mountain bikes are constructed with super-lightweight materials such as carbon and titanium. Thus, using a torque wrench is now mandatory so that one doesn’t damage the lightweight parts. Once you incorporate a torque wrench in your toolbox you would be using it on almost everything on the bike.

The cockpit is a major torque-sensitive area on a mountain bike. In case it has carbon handlebars then you have to be very careful while tightening the clamp bolts that will be holding the bars in its place. In case you over-tighten the carbon handlebars they might break or crack.

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Remember that the range of torque will vary according to the handlebar and the manufacturers you opt for.

2. Suspension Linkage

Suspension mountain bike comes with suspension linkage hardware. This hardware is present on the frame and is very sensitive.

It’s vital that you apply proper torque on the linkage axle and bolts. The proper amount of torque will ensure that the suspension system isn’t causing any kind of bearing wear.

In case, linkage hardware gets over tightened the bushing or bearing may get preloaded. Thou, the suspension system might be running smoothly but you might end up killing the bearings.

On using a torque wrench, you wouldn’t have this problem.

3. Derailleur

With some bolts and threads, you will have to be more careful as compared to others. The spot where the derailleur mounts onto the derailleur hanger is one of the spots where you will have to be super careful.

Some torque wrench has a torque spec. This spec is present outside the bolt head and will give you an idea as to how much force needs to be applied.

4. Crankset

The next component which is torque-sensitive is the crankset. Both crank arms and bottom threaded brackets recommend applying greater torque as compared to all the other components of the bike.

Take for example Sram’s DUB crankset, the recommended torque setting for this bike crank is 54Nm. It’s times like this that have a torque wrench by Park Tool will pay up.

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Even if you don’t use the wrench often it will still be a valuable addition to your toolbox as it is a super hand tool, especially for mountain bikes.

Tips on Utilizing your Torque Wrench

  • Let us assure you that using a torque wrench is quite easy. In case you encounter a clicker torque ranch it will have a socket drive of 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/8”. With these measurements, you can sue any attachment that is available. Any special or standardized tool can be attached to the torque wrench.
  • After getting your hands on the correct attachment next you require the ideal torque settings. After you have got the torque settings adjusted on the torque wrenches handle its time to get working. In case you are using a torque wrench that you have no prior experience with then you should start off with a torque setting 20 % below the recommended settings. On observing how the torque wrench works on this setting you can way your way up until you reach the final settings of torque.
  • When working with multiple fasteners simultaneously, like the dual crown pinch bolts and stem faceplate its essential that you apply the same amount of torque on these bolts. While tightening the stem bolts which keep the handlebar secure, we would recommend that you apply lower torque and also place the faceplate in the center before increasing the torque settings to the recommended one. Make sure that you don’t tighten one bolt all the way as you might make the part bind and it might get loose while you’re riding the mountain bike.
  • When you are done make sure to adjust the torque setting right back to zero before placing the tool away. This will assist in keeping the torque wrench more accurate and ready to use next time.

With all these tips and tricks at your disposal, you are now ready to use the tool. Don’t forget to buy your very own torque wrench out of these Top Shortlisted Items. Or you can check other Reviews Out.