Dead Air Sandman TI Review in 2023 – New Edition

To every adventurous soul with an eye for shooting, whether it be as a casual hobby or a passionate profession, getting the appropriate firearm is an indispensable part of the whole deal.

Hand in hand with this, being able to pair it with the perfect accessory assures better performance and ultimate triumph.

If you are looking for a suppressor that will boost your precision rifle’s value and reap great results, this Dead Air Sandman TI buying guide is exactly what you need.

No more aimless scrolling in countless websites, no more driving to the middle of nowhere without any certainty of finding what you are looking for.

This quick to read and easy-to-follow write-up is all you need to convince yourself that this is the answer to your prayers. Anyway, let’s get right on to discussing the best features this product has to offer.



A gem, yet again introduced by the Sandman series, this 30-caliber direct thread rifle suppressor comes at an affordable price and with fantastic specifications for every shooter worth his/her salt.

Coming in at just 1.5 inches in diameter, it is easy to see why some amateurs might overlook this firearm equipment. Its subtle design and finish, after all, does not inspire a closer inspection, but once you give it a closer look, you will be dumbfounded by the features that it boasts.

The suppressor sprawls at 8.2 inches in length and weighs just a little bit above 16 ounces, but the power and strength that it affords to precision rifles are way beyond its size and built.

While sound suppressors are all built to complement the firearm, they are attached to and must suit the shooter on a case to case basis. Herein, we are confident that if you are looking for a durable yet effective product, this is the one!

Why? Read more to erase all doubts against getting your hands on this versatile and one of a kind accessory.

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Grade #9 Titanium

Grade #9 Titanium in sandman TI

To ensure strength and durability, the most important feature to watch out for when shopping for firearm equipment is the material composition of the product. It is all in the materials, experts say.

There is no substitute for good quality and carefully-selected material to make up a suppressor worth every dime you spend on it. You do not have to worry about this when purchasing the Sandman TI because, like every other piece in the series, all are made from 100% Stellite.

However, unlike its cousins, this unique piece has tubes not made from high performing precipitation toughened stainless steel but Grade #9 Titanium.

Now, why do you think the manufacturers of this particular masterpiece do not settle with materials that their competitors use? Simple. Their suppressors for precision rifles are made especially for applications in law enforcement.

While they also target hobbyists and casual shooters, the standard for their products always lies with professional shooters whose performance spells the difference between life and death. And that is why they do not and will never settle for less than the best of materials.

Built and Composition

It simply cannot be stated enough how this is the only model that can give your precision rifle the ultimate silence and peace you have been yearning for. Not only is it the perfect fit for a said precision rifle, but it can also even be used for pattern rifles, no problem.

The question now would be how and why this product is possibly the one thing missing from your arsenal. Well, besides the fact that its core is made of Stellite, it also has a detachable front cap.

And this has become the signature feature that takes the Sandman series apart from the others in the market. Further, as to built and composition, this model made no mistake in choosing a black exterior finish made from Cerakote. What does this mean, you ask?

In layman’s term, such a finish equals nothing but ultimate longevity and durability. It can withstand every condition you can think of and still perform magnificently.

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Design and Aesthetics

While one does not purchase suppressors just because they look pretty, it is not a fault on the part of the manufacturers if they pay attention to detail. It is a feat in the engineering process when a product is both effective in its functionality as well as aesthetically pleasing.

That is exactly what sets apart this merchandise from the other junk in the market. It is always the same story with competing manufacturers. Effective but bulky, sleek, but with poor aim, it is always one without the other.

Now, that is none of your concern because the TI sound suppressor has got you covered from performance to design and aesthetics. Many suppressors out there claim that their manufacturer’s main concern is not only performance but other features as well.

But none can back up such a claim with actual concrete results. Only the Sandman series stay true to their words especially manifested by this particular model.

No sugar-coating nor haphazard composition, just pure quality. The only thing that matters to the founders of this awesome beast of equipment is how it sounds, and this sounds amazing!

Brand Value

While it is important to take note of a product’s make and model to assess whether or not it is the thing you are looking for, equally important is how you can trust the product. How do you do that?

Well, to determine the credibility of the equipment is to believe that it is capable of performing the way it claims it could. There is no better way of establishing credibility and trust than getting to know the manufacturers and the process of manufacturing the product.

With the Sandman TI, such a feat is not impossible and is quite easy to do. For more than thirty years, manufacturing excellence can be noted in all the products released by the founding company, and none has yet failed the consumers in the course of history.

Highly trained professionals take part in making sure that they produce the best sound suppressors in the market. “Good is not good enough,” as their motto goes, and they strive hard to let this adage shine through the quality of the equipment they produce.


  • Grade #9 Titanium tubes
  • 100% Stellite baffle core
  • Affordable
  • High-quality
  • Ensures durability
  • Detachable cap for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Optimum design and aesthetics
  • From a reputable brand


  • Comes with NFA Required Restriction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to procure NFA clearance to purchase this product?

Yes, this product does require a Federal-Firearm License and the payment of a Special Occupational Tax Stamp, which is the sole responsibility of the consumer. If you purchase this product online, a fee will be added for this particular order as payment for processing.

How long is the product?

The product is exactly 8.2 inches long

How much does this product weigh?

This accessory is 16.8 ounces

Is this full-auto rated?

Yes, absolutely.

Is there a warranty for this product?

Yes, but for more details, you may contact your seller directly.

Final Verdict

That wraps up the Dead Air Sandman TI guide that I know you could not wait to get your hands on. If you are ready to get nothing but satisfaction and zero regrets, purchase the perfect match for your precision rifle and be amazed by its prowess and design.