Taurus Model 85 Review in 2023 – New Edition

If you want to have a handgun that’s simple but reliable, go for a revolver. Revolvers are usually easier to fire than semi-automatic pistols. Now, if you’re interested in purchasing a revolver for home defense at a fair price, Taurus Model 85 is definitely worth considering.

This firearm is small and easy to handle. The product is capable of five rounds of .38 special ammunition. With its attractive blue finish and comfortable polymer grip material, this concealed carry firearm will be an excellent choice for personal protection.

In fact, it is widely used by security personnel and law enforcers. Read on this Taurus 85 Review for more information about the product.


Taurus Model 85 Review

A well-concealed carry firearm and ideal for personal protection use — this product is made by Taurus International – one of the largest and well-known firearm manufacturers. This small revolver weighs just 8.2 ounces and draws easily with a full spur hammer.

For those who prefer a simple but efficient handgun, this .38 caliber is a good idea. It is one of the Taurus family’s most common ultra-fast and dependable revolvers. This Taurus Model 85 is part of the company’s Ultra-Lite line and has 2” barrels.

The gun comes in a blued finish, which makes it even more attractive. It also has the following features: the Taurus security system, transfer bar safety, and fiber optic.

TAURUS  85O Overview

Reliable and Easy to Use

Its ease of use and quick action make it a common option for law enforcement and other types of shooters as well. The revolver does not demand that the gun be operated beyond working the trigger to fire. Its system is simple and easy.

A type of concealed carry gun, it’s comfortable to wear too, especially if you need to carry it daily. For novice shooters, you can learn to shoot easily with this product, compared to small semi-automatic pistols.

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Simple and Efficient

Revolvers are known for their efficiency. Its simplicity makes it even more appealing, especially to women who want to have a concealed weapon for self-defense. There are no additional buttons or levers to press. Plus, it doesn’t involve complicated things before it can function.

It’s also easy to load and unload. No wonder why revolvers are also used to introduce a new shooter to the sport.


This product is reasonably-priced. You get a quality revolver with excellent features at a cheap cost that is surely within your budget. Of course, the type of revolver depends on your intended use, so decide about it first. Then it will not be difficult to find an affordable one, and Taurus Model 85 is worth considering.

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Polymer Grip

The Taurus Model 85 allows firing up to 5 rounds and has the ideal combination of strength and comfort. Since it has a polymer grip, it is lighter and comfortable to carry.

Having this can provide a weight saving advantage. Materials made of a polymer are less rigid than steel hence, making it capable of compression.

Taurus Security System

With its Taurus Security System feature, a special key can make the weapon inoperative. This assures issues on the unauthorized use of your firearms. It is also part of the revolver. Hence it cannot be lost. This feature allows additional safety at no extra cost.

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Transfer Bar Safety

Taurus has introduced a transfer bar system on its revolvers. With this feature, the hammer can’t strike the firing pin, except, of course, when you pull the trigger entirely to the rear.

This system works to avoid any accidental discharge of the firearm, allowing it to be carried safely with the 5 chambers full.

Fiber Optic Sight

So you need a good sight that will certainly do the job for you, such as Fiber Optic. They have also been launched by several companies as an aftermarket upgrade for both handguns and long guns.

Its properties make fiber optic sights great, as well as making handgun sights and front sight shooting so much easier.


  • Good trigger pull
  • Excellent conceal carry gun
  • Simple to use
  • Ultrafast
  • With Taurus Security System
  • Transfer Bar Safety Feature
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low capacity, holds 5 rounds
  • Slower to reload
  • May require a lot more maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a revolver?

Your safety is an important thing. You need to have a revolver because it is ideal for personal defense. A revolver’s ease of use and durability makes it convenient to carry concealed.

For new shooters, it’s easy to learn and its simplicity can be comforting too. With the reliability it offers, a revolver is definitely a must-have firearm.

What is the Taurus Security System?

With the Taurus Security System, a special key can be set to make the firearm inoperable. This can give assurance regarding the unauthorized use of firearms.

For Taurus revolvers, it cannot be lost as it is part of the firearm. The Taurus Security System is always supported at no extra cost.

What is the Taurus Security System

Is the .38 special good for self-defense?

Yes. The .38 special is effective for self-defense. No wonder why it’s highly recommended by police officers and civilians as well. It has features that are ideal for self-protection purposes.

Not only are they reliable but easy to conceal. It is also affordable if you need to practice regularly.

Is there a difference between a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver?

Yes. A revolver is simple and easy to shoot, which makes it appealing for women and neophyte shooters. Being a concealed carry handgun, it is widely used for self-defense. However, revolvers are slower to reload (especially single-action) than semi-automatic pistols.

On the other hand, a semi-automatic pistol is high-capacity, normally having 10 to 21 round capacities. It is also capable of rapid firing. And it can be very reliable, with proper maintenance and good ammunition. Nevertheless, it’s more complicated to use.

What’s the difference between polymer grip and steel grip?

Steel grip firearms allow better recoil. These firearms are heavier. On the other hand, polymer grip materials can be great if you want a lightweight carry firearm.

Hence, the latter is much recommended for concealed carry. The choice is yours as it depends on your personal preference.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re new to firearms and searching for your first weapon or a seasoned shooter who wants to add a revolver to your personal collection, Taurus Model 85 is a great buy! This self-protection firearm is commonly used by law enforcement and security personnel and liked by civilians as well.

With its ease of use and lightweight characteristic, it’s a good choice for women too. You can easily learn how this firearm functions. Its appealing simplicity is a plus. With the aforementioned information on Taurus 85 revolver, you better get this affordable but dependable revolver now.