Taurus 608 Revolver Review in 2023 – New Edition

For both experienced and amateur shooters, the most important consideration in purchasing an addition to their arsenal, or maybe even their first ever firearm, is shooting accuracy. However, one also needs to consider the cost if finances are a bit of a concern.

It is difficult to reconcile these two considerations, but this Taurus 608 Revolver guide might just do it for you.


Overview of Taurus 608 Revolver

Here, I will be ticking off one-by-one the excellent features of this firearm, which originates from one of the best and oldest in the industry of weaponry design.

Not only will this help you in making an important choice in your career or hobby, but it will also spell out the difference between the ability to effectively defend your home and yourself, and the inability to do so.
Without further ado, let’s get right on to the review.

Manufacturing and Design of Taurus 608 Revolver

Long ago, from the time when the Forjas Taurus was just a metal and plastic manufacturer, it was difficult to foresee it as the giant that it is today.

From the rumored faulty weapons in their early years, they have slowly but surely risen from the lowest step of the ladder to the roof of firearms manufacturing and design.

What really allows their products to stand out from all of the rest in the market. How they are able to set their prices at such an affordable rate owing mainly to the fact of low labor cost.

However, what you purchase at a relatively meager cost is a total monster of a weapon that never compromises accuracy for lower costs. The 608 revolvers may look like one of the many available in the market. But rest assured, a lot of genuinely awesome features hide beneath the surface.

For one, even the most experienced shooters would be impressed by this full-body revolver. Because of its stainless frame and a very durable composition that would most definitely ensure longevity and better performance.

This model is not one to disappoint, seeing as how comfortable the design is from the hand-fitted rubber grip to the barrel that is 4” long, this is a masterpiece from point to end.

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Security System of Taurus 608 Revolver

Security System of taurus 608

It not only boasts a beautiful design, but this product is also equipping with a Security System. That would surely carry the Taurus legacy further to the top in the world of arms manufacturing.

Of course, every person owning a weapon must have a sensible place to keep the same for the safety of himself and his family. It cannot be overemphasizing that this revolver, like any other weaponry, must be handled with care.

With the 608, however, there is an added guarantee to safety, and that is its amazing security system. When engaged, this security system prevents the manual safety from being disengaged and makes sure that the gun cannot be cocked nor fired.

It is also an interesting fact to note that since the security system forms part of the revolver itself, it can never be lost or misplaced. Cool, huh?

Furthermore, the revolver is also made with a transfer bar safety, which can be manually set up. This can stop the hammer from striking the firing pin until and unless you are ready to shoot and the trigger is fully engaged. That ensures safety and accuracy with just one genius design.

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Small but Powerful

While slim and compact with only 1.76” in width and 6” in height, this revolver is equipping to a chamber up to 8 rounds and should not be considered a weak weapon. Since it only weighs 44 ounces, it feels great in strong hands and definitely leads to better performance.

There are a number of things that make this firearm perform wonderfully. One would be the sight system, which, despite being standard, is still pretty effective.
Second, the ordinary rubber grips on the handle are ergonomic and very sturdy, although not as great as other rubber grips on other Taurus revolvers.

Finally, the single action or double action trigger is smoother than ever. This piece is no joke of equipment and, in the right hands, would do wonders.

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Comfortable Shooting and Minimal Recoil

There is also a factory-tuned porting incorporated by the manufacturers in the revolver, which does the trick in minimizing recoil. They also limited the muzzle flips on the gun, which leads to comfortable shooting.

Finally, since the revolver itself is relatively heavy, it absorbs most of the recoil but is still light enough so as not to cause fatigue even with one-handed shooting.


To ensure accuracy, the manufacturers gave it a twist rate of 1:16.5” on the hammer-forged barrel. I assure you that this is one of those firearms that has a pretty good accuracy rate with wonderful handling, as well.

Everyone wants to shoot well, but not everyone has the right gun for it. You can never go wrong with this model because Taurus is true to their word when they manufacture. It to be a standard, accurate, and reliable revolver.

And such a product is for people from all walks of life. Whether it be for personal safety, casual shooting, or professional career. As for ammunition, we recommend a .38 Special to get used to the revolver and eventually move further up to .357 loads once you get the hang of it.


  • Made by renowned and trustworthy manufacturers
  • Safe as ensured by its unique incorporated security system
  • Comfortable shooting
  • Very minimal recoil
  • Compact but powerful range
  • Accurate


  • Could have made the rubber grip nicer like other Taurus revolvers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Taurus revolvers any good?

Yes. Nowadays, this kind of revolver is loved by many users. That is why it is prominent when it comes to any action whether single or double.

Are Taurus revolvers any good

Is this a reliable gun?

Yes. Well, Taurus guns are simply made to be reliable. In fact, all weapons created by Taurus come with a lifetime warranty and that means that the 608 is included therein.

This gun is cheaper, why will I opt for this?

This Brazilian handgun might be a cheap but worthy alternative to other revolvers in the market, which performs just as well but are so much more costly than the former.

Is there an 8 shot revolver?

Of course, one of the well-known revolvers of this kind is the Taurus 608 by Smith & Wesson.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable, but affordable revolver, this model definitely fits your style. With its slim and compact design, powerful shooting range assuring comfortable shooting and minimal recoil, this revolver is so much more than what it costs.

Hopefully, this Taurus 608 guide helped you make the right choice!