Brownells BRN-10 Review 2022 – New Edition

BRN-10 retro rifle

If you are into firearms and rifles so much, you will know that this Brownells BRN-10 comes with a little bit of history. During the mid-950s, a firearm called AR-10 exists and loved by many shooters. Then it disappeared for some reason, and collectors sought after the original rifle for their keepsake. But now, you … Read more

Daniel Defense vs. BCM – What’s the Difference?

Daniel Defense vs. BCM

If you’ve been part of the firearm community, you’ve probably encountered people arguing about what’s better, Daniel Defense or BCM. Both are fantastic rifle manufacturers with an outstanding track record of producing premium firearms. However, to the uninitiated, the two can seem very similar. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to compare the two … Read more

9 Best 45 Suppressor 2022 Review – New edition

45 suppressor guide

If there’s anything Hollywood action movies have taught us, it’s what to expect when we see a suppressor. The silencer being delicately screwed onto the tip of a firearm is the shorthand for “somebody’s about to get murdered.” Suppressors, just to clear it up, have a better reputation than they’ve been portrayed. Their purpose is … Read more