Omega 300 Suppressor 2023 Review – New Edition

If you are a gun enthusiast, you will understand the benefits that come with using a suppressor, both in terms of personal safety and upgrading your hunting and shooting experience.

Suppressors can help reduce recoil and gun noise. And neglecting these two factors may lead to ear damage or becoming deaf. That is why if you want to keep shooting without the fear of ear damage in the future, you should make the right decision.

There are tons of suppressor types you can choose from, including rimfire, pistol, rifle, multi-use, and shotgun, just to name a few. If you have not shot with a suppressor yet, and you are thinking of doing so, this Omega 300 guide may be helpful to decide the ideal suppressor for you! Here’s why.




This multi-caliber suppressor is designed to suit multiple calibers, and you can quickly detach it. Contrary to most suppressors, it is lightweight and non-bulky. This is made with a small size to give you ease when you are going to use it for shooting.

So, whether you’ve been a gun pro for years or just starting to develop your rifle game, this suppressor will be a good choice. Here are other features that you’ll find useful:

Reduced Recoil

The suppressor is pre-equipped with an anchor brake to further reduce recoil without a muzzle jump. This will lessen body strain that you usually feel after a long day of hunting because of the recoil – preventing the gun from pushing against your face and shoulders.

Having the anchor brake can eventually give you more accuracy and control of your rifle, increasing the probability of hitting that bull’s eye every single time. You also have an option to remove the anchor brake, depending on your preferences.

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Lightweight and Compact

It is easier to shoot without the suppressor weighing your gun down due to additional, unnecessary weight. The small size also makes it easier to carry around wherever you go.

For those who do not like the added length to their rifles when using suppressors, this product may be the ideal choice as it offers a very minimal increase to overall rifle length compared to other suppressors.

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Significant Noise Reduction

Significant Noise Reduction

Shooting a silent gun is easier. If you are not satisfied with my words, you should give it a try. Also, it gives you more safety because it can protect your ears from damage.

You won’t be able to notice the effect of ear damage from one shooting activity, but as the years pass, cumulative ear damage due to gun noise can prove to be pretty detrimental.

So, keep going with your game without having to worry about using suppressors. Happier neighbors are also a bonus when using this. Less noise means fewer complaints.

Enhanced Accuracy

Due to its recoil reduction and pre-equipped anchor brake, this suppressor can significantly enhance your accuracy when it comes to shooting. The noise reduction feature can make sure that you do not lose focus in any shot, so you can aim and fire more accurately.

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Being a multi-caliber suppressor, it can be fired on a variety of different calibers. It is compatible with a range of calibers from 5.7 mm to 0. 300 Win Mag. – making it very versatile and flexible.

Convenience and User Adaptability

While the anchor brake can be easily removed, it also has interchangeable end caps. With a feature like this, you can simply change the front end of the suppressor in case the baffle strikes.

It is also equipped with a 5/8 by 24 direct mounted thread, an easy to assemble Active Spring Retention mount that is finished with a muzzle. This makes it easier and simpler to mount with the gun.


Made with a blend of stainless steel, titanium, and stellite, this suppressor ensures that you have one of the most durable suppressors in any category. So, you can be sure to go shooting all day without having to worry about wearing or damaging your equipment.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Reduced recoil
  • Significant noise suppression
  • Versatile and can be used in a wide range of calibers
  • Has a removable anchor brake so it can be adjusted to user preference


  • More expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this product include?

The Omega 300 is equipped with a 5/8 by 24 directly mounted thread, an active spring retention mount, an anchor brake, and a Specwar™ ASR muzzle brake. Not to mention, it has pretty good packaging – minimalistic, simple, as well as comes with ample space for all the equipment.

Is it ideal for beginners like me?

Yes. The Omega 300 can suit all gun enthusiasts regardless if you’ve been in the shooting game for years or if you’re just looking to try things outside of the box. With the numbers of features and benefits, it will help improve and step-up everyone’s shooting game.

It is a bit expensive, is it really worth it?

Indeed, price matters to most buyers. But if the benefits outweigh the price deviation as compared to other suppressors in the market, then the Omega 300 is totally worth your money.

It also has a lot of useful equipment inclusions, so you’re just not paying for the suppressor alone. Quality is always worth it when buying things.

Does it offer significant noise reduction?

Yes. Most users can attest to how this suppressor does not hurt the ears compared to other products in the market. So, even if you’re a neophyte and you need an instructor to teach you, you can clearly hear the instruction during the training using the Omega 300.

Final Verdict

It is very important to stay safe while leveling up your shooting skills. Suppressors can do just that. It can improve accuracy, and that is pretty helpful whether for hunting purposes or just a usual leisure shooting session.

The Omega 300 review will make you realize that this product gives you all that you need in a suppressor, from safety to accuracy. It is also pretty easy to use and the top-notch suppressor in the market available.