5 Best Suppressor Sights Review in 2023 – New Edition

Reliability and accuracy are the required qualities to hit your aim. But, they are not possible all the time, especially if you merely rely on your weapon. And there are inevitable situations like low light conditions that affect these qualities even if you’re already skilled with guns.

Perhaps, one of the best things to do is to upgrade it with the suppressor sight. With this, you will be sure that you can have a clearer view even at nighttime. You need a night sight that can also provide you with optimum flexibility, durability, and longevity, just to name a few. Let’s delve deeper!

Suppressor Sights Comparison in 2023

Best PickTrijicon - 1911 Tritium Sights 1911 TRITIUM SIGHTS
  • Sight Color: Green
  • Style: 3-Dot, Night Sight, Wide Tenon
Truglo - Tritium Fiber Optic Sight For Glock TRITIUM FIBER OPTIC (TFO)
  • Sight Color: Green/Green
  • Style: 3-Dot, Fiber Optic, Night Sight
Trijicon - Suppressor Tritium Night Sights For Glock TRIJICON – SUPPRESSOR TRITIUM NIGHT SIGHTS
  • Sight Color: Green
  • Style: Night Sight, Suppressor, Tritium
Ameriglo - Suppressor Sight Set For Glock AMERIGLO – SUPPRESSOR SIGHT
  • Sight Color: Black
  • Style: Suppressor, Tactical
Night Fision - Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights For Glock NIGHT FISION – PERFECT DO
  • Sight Color: Orange/Black
  • Style: Night Sights

Best Suppressor Sights Review

Suppressor Sights Review

In this guide, you will eventually find out the most ideal sight for your gun. Yes, there are many selections to choose from. They may look similar, but each of them has its own unique features. Let’s find out more!

Trijicon – 1911 Tritium Sights

Trijicon - 1911 Tritium Sights

If you’re looking for a lowlight sight for your handgun that doesn’t require any batteries, this product from Trijicon may be a good idea! Being equipped with the glowing dots, it is proved to be ideal not just in low light settings, but also at nighttime. Using this will allow you to see more clearly and easily than using typical black sights.

Since it is made with 3-Dot tritium lamps, you should expect that it will give you a heavy-duty and longer energy source. With this, you are sure of its durability and longevity. You won’t have to waste equipment that can’t bear frequent use.

Much more, the cylinders are made of metal, and they are silicone-sealed, thereby adding to its sturdiness. This is very crucial in giving optimum protection from leakage or breakage, especially because it is where the lamps are situated.

Being polished with sapphire, its crystal windows ensure that you can use this with maximum crispness, brightness, and roundness to hit your aim even at low light. And since white rings surround each sapphire, it acts like standard white dots during the day. With all of these features, you will surely have the best deal for your money!


  • Does not require batteries
  • Ideal for low light and nighttime shooting
  • Ensures accurate and easy shooting
  • Heavy-duty sight
  • Provides crisp, bright, and round aim


  • Requires special Trijicon installation tools

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Truglo – Tritium Fiber Optic Sight For Glock

Truglo - Tritium Fiber Optic Sight For Glock

Being equipped with the newest technology, this sight will surely bring you an excellent shot!
With the combination of tritium and fiber optics, you can obtain self-illuminating abilities and light-gathering properties that are beneficial both day and night, whatever light conditions you would encounter.

Much more, it is made with steel construction to ensure its durability. Plus, its body is precision-machined, so you are guaranteed optimum strength to withstand the rigors of competition or combat.

Also, its low-profile design ensures that it won’t lead the holster to snag. This makes it a good option, especially if you want something that is just handy and doesn’t add much weight to your load.

This can also suit all factory dovetails and includes a setscrew to make sure that it is extremely secured on your weapon. Without a doubt, this reliable and inexpensive sight is worth having!


  • Combines tritium and fiber optics
  • Ideal for day and night use
  • Steel construction and precision-machined thereby ensuring durability
  • Handy
  • Includes setscrew for maximum security


  • It is only ideal for all factory dovetails

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Trijicon – Suppressor Tritium Night Sights For Glock

Dubbed as the toughest and brightest night sight, this product from Trijicon is a good idea for your Glock handguns. This self-luminous device is the best way to maximize your performance in night-fire shooting. It ensures that you will have an improved accuracy that’s 5 times more than the typical sights.

Much more, you won’t be needing batteries because this is made with tritium, heavy-duty energy that makes sure it can stand a lifetime. This makes it also ideal for various extreme conditions, just perfect for your shooting activities.

With this, the same speed as point-shooting can be obtained. This means that you can rely on this when you want an accurate and quick shot at your aim. And because of its steel construction, you are sure of its durability.

Also, it is sealed with silicone rubber to give maximum protection to the tritium elements. With its snag-free design, it can suit all standard holsters for your Glock handgun.


  • Self-luminous device
  • Ensures high accuracy
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Suits standard holsters


  • Only for Glock handguns
  • Quite expensive

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Ameriglo – Suppressor Sight Set For Glock

Ameriglo - Suppressor Sight Set For Glock

This suppressor sight from Ameriglo can be obtained either with or without tritium, depending on your needs and preferences. Unlike typical sights, this product has tritium and dots that allow a clearer picture of the target if you opt for the former.

Since it is a height sight, you are sure that it can give a crisper picture of your target, especially when you use an RMR equipped slide or fire a suppressed Glock. With this, you can reliably hit your target with ease.

The inclusion of tritium inserts means that you won’t be needing batteries, but you can certainly use this for a longer period. With its precision-machined steel construction, this is durable enough to withstand various conditions. And this is also made for flexibility of use.

Being equipped with a 3-dot sight picture, both front and rear parts are painted with illuminating green, thereby guaranteeing you of a more accurate and brighter aim.

On the other hand, if you opt for the standard set, you can still have a clear picture, but it doesn’t feature tritium and dots. The anti-glare front sight reduces reflection to improve your efficiency in getting the job done. This set should be selected if iron sights are employed as backups. Considering these qualities, you can rest assured that it’s worth the cost!


  • Comes with or without tritium
  • Provides a clearer picture
  • With tritium, no batteries are required
  • Anti-glare front sight with the standard set
  • Precision-machined and steel construction


  • Doesn’t include additional tools

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Night Fision – Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights For Glock

Night Fision - Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights For Glock

If you want a bright or robust device that can be used in any light condition, then this night sight from Night Fision is a good idea. It is equipped with a revolutionary design to ensure you of a more vivid, brighter, and aiming dots.

This has perfect dots that employ tritium that self-illuminates to provide you an effective glow. It makes sure that you can obtain optimum brightness so you can hit your target effectively.

Since there is no painted-on ring that surrounds the sight, it allows you to have maximum visibility during the day. This is because it utilizes a fluorescing material, which is ideal for daylight. Without a doubt, it gives off a perfect dot.

Much more, this is also ideal for nighttime. Due to its visibility, you can easily and quickly locate your target, especially when the pressure is on. You can also have various options when it comes to the rear notch configurations and front dot colors.

This is constructed with steel, thereby ensuring sturdiness. Plus, it is precision-machined for added durability. Adding to this is its matte black nitride finish that doesn’t only contribute to its aesthetics, but also makes it resistant to corrosion and wear.

Undeniably, this product is a must-have if you give utmost significance to what perfect dots can offer.


  • Ideal for any light condition
  • Provides brighter, aiming, and vivid dots
  • Made of tritium
  • Maximum visibility both day and night
  • Various rear notch configurations and front dot colors


  • Quite expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying

You just can’t choose one because it dubs itself as the best. Instead, you have to take caution in doing so. There are many options to choose from, but make sure the sights you chose has the following features:

Front Sight Profile

Look for a sight that is large enough to ensure accuracy and small enough to minimize holster snagging. You have the option to choose between a sight with a smooth and flat surface or one that is serrated.

Both of them have their major drawbacks. If you choose the former, you will expect more glare. While if you opt for the latter, tritium inserts won’t be possible in its front blade. Anyway, most of the sights in the list use tritium, so it is preferable having a sight featuring a plain and smooth profile.

Black Sights

Black sights are usually employed for night sights. And they are typically equipped with illuminated colors to give you a clearer and brighter picture of your target regardless of the background.


As you have observed, all of the sights in this list include tritium. Anyway, this is already the standard when it comes to night sights. With this, you are sure that it can provide you with a lifetime of service without needing batteries. You can use the sight both day and night with tritium.

Moreover, fiber optic is also a good material irrespective of the color. This means that whatever is the color of the background, you can see clearly. And it is equally important in bright days.


All the sights listed above are made of steel construction that is machined with precision. This ensures that these sights can withstand various extreme conditions as well as wear of frequent use. If you have a durable device, you won’t have to make replacements all the time. This saves you cost in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do night sights work?

Using night sights, you are sure that you can see your target. This is made possible by the tritium gas that decays and releases electrons that strike phosphorous, thereby creating a fluorescent light.

How long does this last?

Usually, it has a half-life of 12 years. After this, your sights will most likely dim.

Are night sights necessary?

It depends. Having a good light source is better. But it is inevitable to have one in all settings. That is when night sights become a necessity. Using this will allow you to have a brighter sight of your aim.

Are night sights made of tritium dangerous?

No. It doesn’t have the power to modify DNA unless it is consumed, inhaled, or ingested in large amounts. Besides, tritium is a weak form of ionizing radiation.

Can tritium be recharged?

No. It’s not possible to recharge them. But you can always replace the lamps of your sights with a cost.

Final Words

If you want to improve your accuracy and reliability when shooting, you need to upgrade your weapon with one of the good suppressor sights on the market. Indeed, it’s challenging to choose among the tons of choices. But hopefully, after considering all the products introduced in the list, you’re already enlightened!