Remington V3 Review in 2023 – New Edition

The V3 was first revealed to the world way back in February 2016, and without any doubt, the gun is a masterpiece! You must be wondering why? Well, our Remington V3 guide shall tell you exactly why we are considering this gun in such high regard.

Also, we shall be telling all the tidbits you need to know about the gun, which includes how it operates, the pros and cons it has to offer, and much more.

Plus, it comes with a sleek and badass black outlook that will look just perfect in anyone’s hand, and if you have a gem in your arsenal, you can surely boast about it to your friends!

Remington V3 Review in 2023

V3 shotgun buying guide

As we have already suggested earlier, the gun is a beauty! Its light black color is going to be a fantastic addition to your gun collection. However, there are several other things that this masterpiece has to offer.

One of them is that it is semi-automatic, which gives you the freedom of using the gun anyway and for whatever period of time you want.
And it is quite a lightweight for a shotgun. Thus, allowing even the weakest man or woman to shoot the gun with relative ease.

Furthermore, the recoil from the gun is not that heavy compared to several other shotguns. So, the force you will feel while using this shotgun is quite weak.
Plus, the gun costs from 740-760 dollars, which might seem expensive, but we assure you that you will find several shotguns that don’t give you half of the perks that this one has to offer at a much higher price.

Besides, the gun has a max round capacity of three-plus, which is something that most shotguns are incapable of providing its users. In addition to all these, the gun comes with various other goodies. So, sit tight as we explain each and every one of them, including the ones we have already stated.

How It Operates

The V3 is a field sport automatic shotgun, meaning, that this gun is an ideal shotgun that can be used in several types of tournaments or sporting events. And the gun assures you excellent operation. It uses the VersaPortTM gas operation, for superior and easier operation.

And it exerts gas from the chambers in order to operate the action. You see, when manufacturers were designing the gun, they made sure to give it simple operation where the gun uses the shotgun shell to determine the amount of gas required to fire it out.

Hence, you unmistakably comprehend the mechanics of rifle and hence, should be able to draw out more reliable and superior results.

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Well, the areas where you can use this device is vast. The name of the gun is “Field Sport” in its name, which indicates that you can use this gun is games and sports. It is a marvelous choice of skeet shooting events, trap men events, long-range shootings, etc.

By the way, the gun might be used for other purposes as well! You can use it for turkey or waterfowl hunting as well. Therefore, with this one, you can use it for several types of events without any issue.

Bullets or Shells

It uses a state-of-the-art mechanism that gives you a very wide range of shooting options. While using the piece, you can get from light 2-3/4 inches shells to up to heavy-duty 3 inches magnum shells without making any adjustments to the rifle itself.

Moreover, the thing is an exceptional choice if you want to exercise some long-range shooting or for a tournament or sporting event, or you could just learn how to use a firearm.

And because of its easy operation, it gives you the liberty to do all those things without much effort. If you are a novice-level shooter, you get to learn new things!


The range of a gun heavily depends on its gauge, especially for a shotgun. And we are happy to inform you that this one grants you a sizeable gauge number.
You see, the firearm is 12-gauge, which means it is compatible with an average diameter of 0.73-inch or 18.5 mm that can range from a minimum of 18.5mm to a staggering maximum of 20mm or 0.79 inches.

As it is compatible with a pretty sizeable range of shells that you can load inside the weapon, the speed that you can attain can reach up to 15 m/s.
Such a huge velocity gives it a minimum travel range of 50 yards.

Nevertheless, if this beast lands in the hand of shooting master, then the range could even skyrocket to up to 100-plus yards. So, the firearm is an astonishing choice for all types of forces.

And the power it packs is quite too much for your prey. Ergo, it is just the absolute choice if you want a one-shot kill thing during a hunt!

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Barrel Length

v3 Barrel Length

Barrel lengths might seem just a thing that allows superior aiming, however they a much more than that. They decide the balance, weight distribution as well as the range! And this one’s 28-inch barrel gives you the edge you need!

Due to the 28-inch long barrel, you get superior weight distribution, which makes the gun significantly lighter and enables you to move it with relative ease. Also, as it has a shorter barrel than several other shotguns, you get an enhanced balance that grants you better precision and aiming.

Besides, you might have a misconception that a shorter barrel might reduce the range. Well, the truth is that it does not at all! Instead, it improves the range quite significantly!

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A shotgun that doesn’t have a sturdy build might have a big backlash as the weapon might break or go through damage, which might hinder the whole device useless. Yet, that is not the case with this one! It has a heavy-duty and sturdy construction, which enables you to effortless shoot without worry.

Mobility and Storage

Unlike most shotguns that are quite heavy, the V3 weighs only about 7.2 pounds. As it is so light-weighted, moving the whole contraption is going to be a breeze. Besides, due to its feather-like weight, you get excellent control and tolerable recoil.

Furthermore, the weapon is quite compact. And because of its compact dimensions, you can easily store it anywhere in your home.


It is a hunting or sporting shotgun, and their average shells that a shotgun can fire ranges from 3 to 5 shells. Nevertheless, this one comes with a rather impressive shooting capacity of 4 rounds. Hence, you get at least four shots on your target before you need to start reloading the firearm.

By the way, the reloading mechanism of the device is quite smooth and effortless, which provides you a quick reload and gets you ready to shoot almost instantly!


When it comes to this department, the gun might have a little con! It is quite expensive, but if you desire the best for yourself, then money shouldn’t be a very big factor. Plus, all the excellent and first-class functionality and perks that it has to provide, the price is outclassed by all of them.

And if you want a top-notch gun, your wallet might have to take a hit!


  • Has easy to understand functionality, which allows you a complete and uncomplicated understanding of the gun
  • Offers a sizeable gauge and a manageable barrel
  • Has a fantastic range
  • Provides users with a round capacity of 3 to 4
  • Semi-automatic
  • Lightweight and compact dimensions allow easy transport and storage
  • Superior precision and control


  • Only for right-handed people
  • Quite expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Remington V3:

What is the average price range of a gun?

Shotguns are expensive in general! They output a staggering power and have a large range. That is why the price of a shotgun varies from 300 to 800 dollars.

Which is a better choice, 28-inch or 30-inch barrel?

Well, that depends entirely on the user’s preference! The longer barrel offers swifter swings, and the shorter barrel offers superior control and less recoil. And the range of both guns is quite similar. So, it depends if you choose mobility or control!

Is it difficult to load a shotgun?

No, not at all! All you have to do is pull on the level, and the gap should appear, then load the shells and let go of the lever. After that, you are good to go!

Does the V3 require frequent maintenance?

It actually doesn’t; it was made in such a fantastic way, that it does not require you to clean the firearm often.


To get a big prey or win in a prize a shooting event, having the best gun in your arsenal puts you in an advantageous situation. It comes with excellent range, balance, and many other extraordinary perks. So, buy the V3 and let it give you a shotgun experience like you never had.