Top 10 Best Iems Under $100 2023 – Buying Guide

Over the years I’ve sold dozens of earbuds to study and frequently spent $one hundred or extra. While the sound can definitely be pretty first-rate on a cheap pair of earbuds or headphones, I still sense something is missing from their sound quality. It should be richer, clearer, and extra dynamic with deeper bass. Those features are usually only observed on more highly-priced models.

While costs are losing on some less expensive options, typically I’d still anticipate paying between $60 and $one hundred to get a respectable pair of earbuds with clean sound quality. So what are they? Here are the best items under 100 that we’ve determined in 2023.

Top 10 best Iems under $100


1. 1MORE Triple Drive-In Headphones with Microphone

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  • Dynamic high-quality sound.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Great value for the quality.


  • Plastic buttons feel rather cheap.
  • Cords tend to get tangled easily.

The 1MORE Triple Drive-In Headphones are lightweight earphones that comprise Triple Driver audio technology. This offers it a powerful audio overall performance and can deliver an extended frequency range of 40,000 Hz. It can preserve up with excessive-end stereo and deliver a crisp and clear sound in an effort to be surprisingly favored by means of audiophiles. These are some of the best earbuds for musicians.

The headphone comes with a 3-button layout that permits users to easily manage the device for both adjusting the music extent to answering calls without the need to take your telephone out of your pocket.

As for the integrated microphone, it has accurate ambient noise canceling and isolating competencies for clearer conversations. You can use this to make phone calls and maintain a conversation even in public areas with excessive noise traffic.
As for the price, while it would seem a chunk steep for an earphone if you are searching out a high-quality headphone for your listening pleasure then this gives a top-notch balance between high-quality and price.

I could even go as far as claiming that 1 MORE Triple Drive-In headphones provide similar audio first-rate to $200+ excessive-give-up models. This is why we can say these are some of the best in-ear headphones under 100.

Customer review’s

These headphones work well and provide us with a very good experience.

2. Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

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  • Impressive bass quality.
  • High-quality and durable cable.
  • Wide-ranging sound stage.


  • Treble quality leaves something to be desired.

Shure has already constructed a quite stable recognition amongst audiophiles due to their top-notch pleasant headphones.

The Shure SE215-K version includes the SE210 design but improves it with a fully detachable cable and a more cushy earpiece design.

The Shure SE215-K comes in versions, of crystal-clear plastic, and glossy black. The clear plastic versions display the internal workings of the earphones. Not my style but I know people who love this sort of casing for his or her gadgets. Earphones are shade coordinated with a pink dot for the proper aspect and a blue dot for the left.

The Kevlar-strengthened cables characteristic a slight texture finish that could help prevent tangles. The SE215-K comes with 6 sets of rubber foam tips and is of good exceptional, as anticipated from a Shure product. Shure earphones are also well-known in terms of noise isolation and the SE215-K continues that trend. This is why they are shure noise-canceling earbuds. You can wear this in a busy and noisy public area and absolutely shut off the ambient noise traffic.

The Shure SE215-K utilizes unmarried dynamic drivers which are acknowledged for delivering low-quit yet bass-heavy tunes. This headphone can surely deliver solid high-give-up audio factors without any sibilance. However, if you select music genres that are shiny sounding, the SE215-K won’t be able to accommodate your preference.

The SE215-K is one of Shure’s lowest-cease models. Don’t suppose Shure skimped on the fine and creation though. The Shure SE215-K can still manipulate to impress way to its bass-rich and full mids sound production. It can be called one of the best-wired earbuds for phone calls.

His is a fairly priced Shure headphone that also manages to stack up against some of their higher-quit models. These can be said as some of the best earphones under 100. These are said to be the best shure headphones.

Customer review’s

These headphones are top of the line in their work and design.

3. The Bose SoundTrue sports earbuds 

Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones, Black

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  • Secure and comfortable design.
  • Full bass performance.
  • Comes with a sturdy carrying case.


  • Noise cancellation leaves much to be desired.
  • Not sweat or moisture resistant.

The BOSE SoundTrue headphones are one of the maxima enormously recommended sports activities headphones today thanks frequently to its StayHear era layout. This generation makes use of a wing-like smooth silicon layout that also comes in 3 one-of-a-kind sizes to house all styles of ear sizes.

In terms of consolation, I do sense that that is certainly one of the maximum snug headphones on the market to be had nowadays. The open layout enables improve comfort and there are even times whilst even I forgot I was carrying the headphone. These can be said as the best dual-driver earbuds.

One element that I do discover lacking here is its noise cancellation capability. I wore these headphones in a hectic park whilst running and I had to boom volume to almost most just to drown out the chatter and ambient noise of my surroundings.

SoundTrue headphones are corded and include a 115 cm cable. I determined this to be simply the right duration whilst desk-bound and whilst moving around as it helps avoid tangles and prevent you from by accident pulling it out of your cellphone or any other listening device.

When it involves audio nice, you may assume BOSE to deliver a nice solid performance with their speakers. BOSE is known for turning in impeccable balance when it comes to sound and that they managed to produce equal consequences here even as also turning in a pretty accurate bass overall performance. If you are looking for sports earbuds and prefer the quality and sound that Bose delivers, you may want to also consider the Bose SoundSport (see our detailed review), even though these will set you again at about $50 extra than the SoundTrue model.

Treble is rather disappointing though because the compressed excellent sounded a chunk harsh to the ears. That being said, everybody else except audiophiles will discover the sound first-rate of the BOSE SoundTrue up to snuff. These can be said as most comfortable in-ear headphones.

I also located the max volume of the SoundTrue to be at least a 10% decrease than your trendy headphone. I do believe that is greater of a safety precaution so that users will no longer inadvertently damage their ears. However, if you already have present hearing issues then SoundTrue might not provide the loudness you are looking for.

Customer review’s

These are good but get 4 out of 5.

4. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear (iOS version) - Black Red

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  • Powerful bass.
  • Clear audio.
  • Great mid-range tone.
  • You can choose between the iPhone and Android versions.


  • Recessed Mids.

Sennheiser Momentum headphones are probably one of the extra beautiful in terms of design. However, this earphone isn’t just sizzle, it has a few meaty steaks below as well. It functions bottom-quit and sub-bass that deliver top-notch performance in phrases of audio exceptional.

I determined this headphone the perfect shape if you love being attentive to a wide style of track. And gives a good quantity of bass for this rate range. It also has solid great in terms of its capability to provide treble.

The Sennheiser Momentum functions a metallic red finish instead of the standard bright-colored palette not unusual in earphones that are centered for the sporty consumer.

It comes in 2 versions: the I version is compatible with iPhones whilst the G edition is designed for Android smartphones. It comes with the usual 3-button configuration that controls the volume in addition to answering telephone calls.

This headphone provides brilliant bass that your widespread earphones without a doubt can’t compete with. The top-quality bass and treble presence make the music produced through the Sennheiser feel greater energetic.

While it does produce awesome bass levels, it nonetheless manages to prevent bleed in while you push it to higher frequencies. These are some of the audiophile earbuds under 100. These can be said to have earbuds with the best microphone

Customer review’s

These headphones are rated 4.5 as they work in the top class.

5. Klisch R6 Neckband

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  • 18-hour battery life with one charge.
  • Vibrating alert for incoming calls.
  • IPX4 resistance.


  • Complaints about the earbuds not offering a good fit for some customers.

This model (with the leather neckband) is more difficult to discover for under $100 now in 2023. If you’re searching out something from the same logo at a greater affordable, test out the new edition Klipsch R6i II with an easy behind-the-neck brief cable however no neckband.

It appears that comfort is considered one of this headband’s strong factors thanks in component to the angled earbuds that fit snugly within the ear. The neckband itself consists of a metal wire frame to help save you discomfort and decrease the already lightweight of this headphone.

Pairing the headphones along with your smartphone may be accomplished in a jiffy. Sound excellent additionally transfers quite well. The headphone is rechargeable and can last up to 18 hours of continuous playback use. These are some of the best earbuds with detachable cable.

The low-end capability of R6 is surprisingly smooth with no reports of bleed-in at some point of the most bass-heavy parts of the song.

That being said, the R6 does have its shortcomings, especially with regards to its sound stage excellent. Its sound definition feels underwhelming, particularly for audiophiles who are quite nit-picky in this category. It’s a stable headphone but doesn’t pretty reach the peak performance an audiophile would like.

Customer review’s

These can be called one of the good earbuds under 100.

6. Marshall Mode EQ

Marshall Mode EQ in-Ear Headphones, Black/Brass (4090940)

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  • It can deliver crisp and powerful sounds on both the upper and mid to lower mid registers.
  • Special EQ feature.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Cool design.


  • Construction could have been better with some titanium and aluminum.
  • EQ mode is pretty basic. It does the job but doesn’t expect it to be in-depth.

If you’re even remotely acquainted with musical units then there is a danger you have already heard of Marshall. The producer has been a leader within the music industry for many years now and is famous for its speakers and amplifiers and particular aesthetics.

The Marshall Mode EQ Headphones hold this way of life with its difficult rock-themed design and a nifty EQ function to boot.

The Marshall Mode EQ headphones characteristic using gel-like plastic buds which are quite clean to grab. The lightweight appearance is good and all however having a robust aluminum material into the general design would have been welcomed.

You additionally get an effortlessly available and simple to use manipulation scheme. The headphone control comes with the standard play and pause button, call function, quantity manipulate, and a unique transfer that acts because of the equalizer. Headphones are exactly recognized for incorporating EQs into their capabilities so that is a splendid addition for audiophiles to tinker around with.

One thing of the Marshall Mode EQ I observed unexpected is the comfort. It might be because of the cylindrical earbuds because the Marshall Mode EQ suits in snugly within the ear without any threat of it falling off or causing any discomfort.

On the audio performance side, the Mode EQ is exceptionally rich and wide-ranging. It delivers a deep presence in the sub frequency and thickness to the sound on the low to mid-variety level. As for the higher mids, the EQ mode nonetheless manages to supply a crisp definition. Obviously, the EQ capability has its shortcomings together with bass being too deep to my liking however the reality that we get this feature can help enhance your trendy listening pleasure significantly. They can be said as best Bluetooth earbuds. Also, they are to be known as the best cheap studio headphones.

Customer review’s

These headbands have great work performance.

7. Langsdom True Wireless X7

True Wireless Earbuds Langsdom X7 Mini Bluetooth 4.2 Headphones in-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones with Mic Smart Touch Control and Portable Charging Box for Samsung and More

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  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Easy control configurations with the smart touch feature.
  • Good sound quality for the price.


  • While it offers a nice and secure fit, it tends to slip once or twice during intense workouts.
  • Short Battery Life

The Langsdom True Wireless X7 Earphone is one of the maximum affordable satisfactory earphones you could locate today. It functions smart touch manipulate which makes running the device quite simple. These can be said as best monitor under 100$.

For example, you may activate the X7 via urgent and conserve both proper and left earpieces for three seconds. Answering incoming calls and playing/pausing music may be completed with an unmarried tap. You can skip to the following song with the aid of double-tapping one of the earpieces.

Design-wise, the X7 does an amazing task of noise cancellation as it suits perfectly in the ear. It takes into consideration the ear geometry which allows it to suit without difficulty on your ears. It additionally comes with three distinctive units of gentle ear cups. The earpiece is likewise sweatproof and is highly lightweight. It’s a great choice for outdoor fans who love to concentrate on their tunes at the same time as averting the trouble of wires.

As for Bluetooth connectivity, this earphone makes use of Bluetooth 4.2 with TWS tech which lets in for brief pairing and maintaining a strong connection with the smartphone. It has quite a number up to 10 meters (no obstruction).

I also loved one function of the X7 that is the Smart stereo/mono mode. This feature permits you to use simply one earpiece whilst retaining a complete stereo sound. I regularly use that when at work and whilst driving where I need to honestly be aware of my surroundings. It’s additionally a nifty characteristic if I want to share being attentive to music with a person else. Although I should tell you that handiest the master earphone will work in the course of calls.

As for battery lifestyles, the X7 only has a 2-hour battery life on an unmarried full charge. Not much however decent enough for a wi-fi headphone on the go. The sound fine is as expected with this sort of earphone, it makes use of a large-size driving force and a suitable sound chamber which allows for good great sound even at max volume. This is one of the best-sounding earbuds under 100.

Customer review’s

Its working and design give for a very satisfiable entertainment time.

8. Treblab X2

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  • Impressively long battery life at 10.5-hours max.
  • Incredibly detailed sound quality.
  • Well-made and durable.


  • Bass leaves much to be desired.

One of the first matters I noticed with the Treblab X2 is its presentation. A glossy and wireless earphone, the Treblab X2 gets cookie points for being stylish however that doesn’t help if overall performance is lackluster. In that regard, I locate the X2 to satisfy and exceed expectations. We get into similar elements about its technology in a piece.

The overall layout of the X2 is simple on the eyes. It also comes with ear hooks that help preserve it in the vicinity even doing bodily activities. The set comes with a charging field that you may bring on the road. You additionally get five specific ear tip sizes and three units of ear hooks.

Now for the beef of this review. Treblab X2 incorporates using beryllium which extensively complements audio quality. While the bass become good, it wasn’t something to rejoice over. However, if you decide on mid to high range frequency tune and choice for accuracy as opposed to power, the Treblab X2 supplies in spades.

Battery life is one of the Treblab X2’s biggest selling points. While it takes a bit longer for the tool to get completely charged (3 hours), it can function non-prevent for most of 10. five hours at 50% to 75% volume. That’s pretty spectacular for a wi-fi earphone. These can be said to best bass in-ear headphones.

The production feels solid and no longer reasonably-priced even supposing its main fabric is plastic. It feels lightweight but not fragile which is something one would want in a wireless earphone. I would even go far as to say that it can easily survive more than one drop to the ground, of course, it is exceptional to keep away from that.

Customer review’s

Its overall rating is on the high side with 4.5 out of 5.

9. Sennheiser CX 5.00

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  • Wide-range sound quality.
  • Clear and precise tone.
  • More comfortable compared to older Sennheiser CX series models.


  • Cables are non-detachable.
  • Bass is not that impressive.

Sennheiser is already a famous call with regards to audio systems and headphones and they really added their signature logo of nice with the CX 5.00 headset. In phrases of layout, the Sennheiser CX 5.00 is truly a flashier and extra stylish entry from the manufacturer.

The CX 5.00 is going for a more angular layout this time around rather than the traditional earphone look. This easy layout choice lets in for the earpiece worn without the tips digging into your ear canals as is the problem with maximum earphones. In this regard, it is truly a snug shift for Sennheiser earphones.

The cable is non-removable and feels quite sturdy. It uses the same old y-fashion that includes a right-perspective jack at the end. It also comes with the usual 3-button control that allows you to adjust extent levels, play/pause the music, and solve incoming calls.

As for sound isolation capabilities, the CX 5.00 is decent-sufficient however nothing without a doubt impressive. You may note a tiny port placed atop each earpiece. This port helps to improve the bass response at the price of lower noise isolation. It still manages to dam out approximately 80% of ambient noise that is good sufficient on common public noise traffic.

Sound nice is virtually quite similar to the Shure Momentum In-Ear Headset. That is not surprising considering that they each utilize equal technology and are quite a lot priced similar to well. The CX 5.00 produces a barely hotter sound even though and focuses more on the treble than delivering a powerful bass response.

The Sennheiser CX 5.00 pursuits to deliver a greater fun listening experience in place of that specialized inaccuracy. Because of this, the CX 5.00 is a solid desire for music enthusiasts who are not too nitpicky with their audio precision.

Customer review’s

This is a good product to be had and enjoy its workings.

10. JayBird X3

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  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Affordable.
  • Stereo and mono mode.


  • Some complaints that battery life only lasts for 1.5 hours even with 50% volume.

The first model, Jaybird X is a general Bluetooth set for sports, they sound appropriate, stay as much as the battery, and fit securely of their ear. Today’s version of the JayBird X collection offers mild enhancements in sound and design and prices have for the reason that comes down.
JayBird X3 is a great Bluetooth in-ear headphone for sports that currently Jaybird has been seen for under $100. It does sound proper with a natural-sounding signature.

The X3 is designed to be healthy securely within the ear, its wingtips are pretty comfortable. These can be good wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a mic.

Aside from the sweat-resistant feature that Jaybird has implemented the four-pin clip charging to improve water-resistant capacity, the partner app allows you to customize the sound in your preference.

The X3 are noise-keeping apart earbuds, and they should be in shape nicely so as to great listening experience.

Customer review’s

We rate it at 4 for its working.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are plenty of things to consider while buying but here are some important ones to consider



This frequency reaction measured inside the range of 10-200Hz describes very low tones. The longitude of the curve represents how forceful the bass is. Musical contraptions produce plenty of basses like a drum, bass guitar, trombone, and more, and you may locate this sound in loads of track genres, including R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance, Pop.

When the bass of a headphone is clear and crisp, you could listen to the bass from decreased sound frequencies. You can really hear the difference while you placed on any metal music. Headphones with clean bass will now not even gradually down on the quickest drum impacts. Headphones that respond slower to bass impact, due to the fact they want to “Shake your head” with bass, can’t sign up these sounds correctly. If the bass isn’t managed correctly, then it would bleed into the midrange and make the midrange recessed.


The Mid-range could have been your favorite part of the sound if you want to pop and rock, or tune packed with a lot of vocals and guitars. Smooth and candy mid-range make you hear the singer’s voices clearer. The Mid-range can be recessed, whilst the treble and bass are dominant; this is referred to as a V-fashioned sound signature. The Mid-range also can be forward when the vocals and guitars emerge as aggressive.



The treble describes the highest frequencies you could pay attention to. This range is also related to the sound degree. The treble is good handiest when they’re pushed lightly with mid-variety. Sometimes, it could be muffled, making the listeners experience the sounds that aren’t similarly tuned.

Sound Stage

The sound degree defines the gap of sound they can create. Like in the theater, you concentrate on the sound from an orchestra created via the measurement of the theater. The headphones can create such space, however, how excellent the sound stage is, depends on how nicely they are able to create the “live” sounding enjoyment to users.

Instrument Separation


Every song you pay attention to through in-ear headphones is blended with a whole lot of sounds from many devices. They constitute a wide range of frequencies, from low-give up to highs. The device separation is the capability of in-ear headphones, that could separate sound from layer to layer of units, according to their frequencies, so that you can realize the tool is sincerely there.

Here’s the correlation between the sound first-class score and a few specs, like frequency reaction, impedance, and sensitivity of these best $one hundred in-ear headphones (We will put up the data).

Sound Signature

Common sound signatures are bass-centric, mid-centric, treble-centric, V-Shaped, and Balanced. It depends on the track you like to choose the earphones with a regular sound signature.



These headphones are referred to once they put emphasis on bass and treble, and the mid-range is recessed.


It is a protracted story to tell which in-ear headphones are the best. However, maximum reviewers remember accessories, build-quality, fitting, comfort, design, and rich sound quality. As one of the reviewers, I experienced a ton of headphones. Each not most effective represents a sure frequency range but the sound stage. So some earbuds may also sound tremendous for lows, however with another tune, whilst the recorders applied highs to be outstanding in their tune, those earbuds fail to supply this tone.

Other extra features, like noise-canceling, wireless connection, mic, and in-line control, also are considered. This article gives us a review of the best budget earbuds.

It has information for best-wired headphones with a mic. There are also the best high-end headphones present.

You don’t want to spend much greater than $100 for first-rate in-ear headphones. There is some triple drivers in-ear monitor. If you are not an audiophile, spending more than $100 for in-ear headphones appears inappropriate. There are android earphones with a mic and volume control. This list can’t be entire with outsourcing expert critiques from CNET, The Verge, The Wire Cutter, Head-Fi, Inner fidelity for instance. The information is mostly about the best earbuds under 100. We also discussed the best price wireless headphones. There are some of the best wireless headphones.

While you may discover earbuds for all-around use you may actually need a separate pair if your like cycling, working, running, or traveling; to sound great for the music you like–if you are dance song lovers, think about in-ear headphones with first-rate bass. Does that make feel for your favorite music? Here are the other units you would don’t forget. Are you an audiophile on a budget? These in-ear headphones (also known as IEM in-ear monitors) offer extraordinary sound for the money. Some of these are the best earbuds for audiobooks.

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