MOA vs Mrad – Which One Is Better?

MOA and Mrad are known ways of measuring the distance to the target for shooting. They are used in the military or while hunting. Although each use either yards or meters as a way of measurement, there are many other things that sets apart these two shooting range measurements.

While it can be a tricky thing to make sense of at first, our MOA vs mrad article is going to explain the features and ways in which they are different. Both have their own pros and cons. So it is entirely up to you to choose which one’s better.

MOA vs Mrad Comparison in 2023

MOA Riflescope

MOA Riflescope

Every hunter or shooter requires a good riflescope for a precise target. This one from the Crossfire II series is one such product. It is said to offer the highest levels of reliability and performance.

The lenses have been fully multi-coated, so you won’t be facing any issue with reflections, halos around lights, glares, etc. With its fast-focus eyepiece, it lets you focus on your target without any delay for a perfect shot.

Along with that, the MOA has resettable turrets, further giving you the ability to adjust to the target. Thus, you will be getting a precise aim at your target. Its Dead-Hold BDC reticle is especially good for shooting or hunting at different ranges.

Besides, the riflescope, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, is of the highest quality possible. Additionally, because of its construction, you will get a shockproof performance and durability. The entire scope tube is a single solid piece.

Moreover, the lenses have O-ring seals with a nitrogen purge, making it completely waterproof. It won’t be affected by fog either. So in any bad weather, you can expect this riflescope to be a reliable tool.

During hunting, you may want to camouflage yourself from your target for a successful shoot. With that in mind, a Vortex Optics camo hat is included with the riflescope in the package!

Furthermore, you don’t need to figure out or guess holdover and windage corrections. It comes with a hashmark mark design fully customized to get rid of such problems for good. Thus, this is suitable for shooting at any range.


  • Comes with resettable turrets
  • Made of highest quality aircraft grade aluminum
  • Durable and shockproof
  • Has multi-coated lenses for a clear view
  • Fog proof and waterproof


  • Might have optical clarity issues
  • May show problem setting at zero

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Mrad Riflescope

Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25x56 L/P DT P4Fine FFP MRAD CCW

Built initially for USSOCOM, this Mrad riflescope, or the Schmidt & Bender PM II LP 5-25×56 CCW DT/ST, has quite a few distinguishable features. First off, it comes with a Double Turn or DT elevated turret adjustment.

Because of this, the range increases more than normal. So, you are getting a wider adjustment range. It offers quicker focus., which makes it a better tool for shooting at different ranges and extreme distances.

Besides, the elevations come with adjustable zero as windage. Furthermore, you can lock it in place for less hassle with adjustment. You can adjust its parallax from 10 meters to infinity.

Its high-quality lenses transmit up to 90% of light, causing almost no reflections or glares. So, you will be experiencing only the clearest view of the area. Never miss a target again!

Speaking of lenses, it is 56 mm in dimensions, and has a field of view up to 100 meters wide between 5.3 meters and 1.5 meters. The turrets are ultra-slim and functional. It has a lightweight along body made of solid aluminum.

Moreover, the turret, equipped with their unique MTC or More Tactile Clicks function, makes it possible to count the number of clicks necessary when you are adjusting the reticle.

Along with all of that, its lens can do an unusual and unique 5-25x range zoom. This does wonders because of the DT turret alleviations. It has an eye relief distance of about 90 mm; and it also comes with dustcovers and a battery.


  • Provides the clearest of view with 90% fewer reflections
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has a 100-meter-wide field of view
  • Possible to easily count the number of clicks necessary while adjusting the reticle
  • Great for shooting at extreme distances


  • Not very affordable for general people

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MOA or Mrad?

After reviewing both the products, we have discovered some major differences between the two.

Measuring Distance

One of the most significant factors to consider when it comes to MOA and Mrad is the distance they cover while shooting. Mrad covers or ranges from 10 yards to 1000 yards. This wide range of shooting make them quite flexible, and consequently, popular.

MOA, on the other hand, covers up to a circumference of one inch at 100 yards approximately. Its base-60 format set up also helps with providing a more accurate distance measurement than the other.

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Reticles and Turrets

Reticles are what you use to adjust the distance along with the turret to hit the target. Turrets are the knobs on top of the scope. These can be found in both Mrad & MOA. When you adjust them precisely, the Mrad works better in terms of accurate long-distance shooting.

Moreover, if you calibrate the scope at ¼th MOA per click, you have to adjust the turret’s down-position by four clicks. Whereas with Mrad, you need to calibrate the scope at 1/10th Mrad per click by using the hashmarks as measurement.

Hunting and Shooting

Mrad’s measurement is considerably better when it comes to shooting at long distances. This makes it a popular choice, especially among hunters. However, MOA’s measuring is a bit easier to calibrate.Therefore, it is good for shooting at medium range distances.

On the other hand, mrad requires less adjustment. This makes it quicker to shoot the target, especially a moving one. But, you can get more precision in shooting with MOA, although it requires more adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Mrad and mil?

No, the scientific unit of Mrad is mil, which is 1000th of a radian. But the military uses a simpler way of dividing the circle into decimal fractions as a measure.

Which is easier for range estimation?

It mostly depends on your preference. If, for you, inches or yards are easier, than go with MOA; and if meters or centimeters are easier for you to calculate, then Mrad or mil is your best bet.

Which is better between the two?

While there are some significant differences between the two, both are great in their own way. It depends mainly on preference.

Which is better for hunting?

MOA is the go-to choice for hunters because of its accuracy in shooting. However, Mrad is also great if you need long-range shooting accuracy.

What do military snipers use?

The most common and popular among military snipers is Mrad or mil, because of its extreme range shooting ability and accuracy.


In this MOA vs mrad showdown, you can tell that both have their own unique features. Both are great for shooting or hunting. So, in the end, it is up to you to decide which one is better for you.