Lumenok vs. Nockturnal – Comparison in 2023

Lighted nocks have become a highly popular archery tool for the last few years. They make tracing your arrows during its flight and retrieving it after a whole lot easier. The device gives you instant feedback on where your shaft or bolt is or whether you missed or successfully hit your target.

When looking in the market for the best-lighted nock, you’ll come to compare two brands: Lumenok vs Nockturnal. So, do you know which one you’ll pick? If you are still at a loss, continue reading to discover about these Lumenok vs Nockturnal two companies and find reviews of their best lighted nocks for archery.

Lumenok vs Nockturnal Comparison in 2023

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Lumenok Archery Nock

Recommended Lumenok Archery Nocks to Buy

The company, Lumenok, is the brainchild of The Burt Coyote Company’s president, Curtis price. He was trying to figure out a method to confirm a shot in a distance. As a result, he and his brother came up with lighted nocks.

They worked tirelessly on their concept for over four years. The idea is to use an LED light and a battery with a simple triggering system. Instead of using intricate circuitry or magnets, Lumenok chose to take the most straightforward and most reliable design.

Since then, they have been saving archers all around from losing their arrows while hunting or target practice. Their nocks are famous for their durability, brilliance, and longevity. It is a must-have product for any avid archers and bowhunters alike.

Recommended Lumenok Archery Nocks to Buy

These lighted nocks are the best in the market when it comes to brightness, life span, and durability. Read our reviews to learn what Lumenok’s top bolt ends offer.

1. Lumenok Signature Nock

Lumenok Signature Nock,Green, 1 Count (Pack of 3)

Have you had any trouble locating your arrow, especially in low light conditions? This lighted nock activates upon shooting to enable archers like you to follow the path of your arrow easily. It can last up to 40 hours and is very visible even at a great distance.

This nock consists of a battery pack and two plastic sleeves. The encasing applies pressure on the shaft to hold the nock in place. It doesn’t need a magnet to enable the LED. The system uses two metallic bops that complete a circuit once it makes contact with the shaft.

All you need is to simply pull the arrow nock back slightly from the shaft to disconnect the loop. Once you shoot the arrow, its force will push the nock to the shaft. This action also engages the connection to activate the LED. The light is very bright, which makes it very easy to find downed arrows even at night.


  • Made with genuine Burt Coyote nock
  • Useful for placements recognition and easy retrieval
  • Suitable for any .245 shafts
  • Convenient and easily replaceable battery
  • Polymeric battery holder protects from damage during impact


  • Must ensure to install correctly or it fails to light up

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2. Lumen-Arrow 20-inch Carbon Bolts with Capture Nock

Lumenok Lumen-Arrow 20-Inch Carbon Bolts with Capture Nock (3-Pack), Green

Are you looking for ready to shoot bolts for your crossbow? This 100% carbon bolt by Lumenok comes readily assembled. All you’ll need is to attach a point or broadhead of your choice, and you’re ready to go.

It includes a lighted arrow nock, too. There are no switches or magnets to enable the LED lights. Instead, it relies on the conductivity in the shaft. You can use this product multiple times. The batteries are easy to change when needed.

The capture nocks make following the trail of your arrow effortless, even in low light settings. Finding the bolt in the dark is more stress-free because of the glow of the LED light. And it could last up to 40 hours. So, if you need something you can use right away, this product is for you.


  • Made 100% of carbon bolt
  • Comes with lighted arrow nocks
  • No switches or magnets to activate
  • Useful for following arrow path even at night
  • Easily replaceable batteries for multiple usages
  • Comes ready to shoot, you only need to add a point


  • Don’t forget to pull the nock out slightly to deactivate the light

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3. Barnett Headhunter Equipped Crescent Bolt End

Lumenok 20-Inch Barnett Headhunter Equipped Crescent Bolt End (3-Pack), Green

These Barnett bolts come readily fitted with a Lumenok lighted arrow nock. The design made it possible for a crossbow shooter to follow the bolt’s flight with no trouble. Its batteries for the nock’s light are easy to replace, so you can surely use this product over and over.

Each carbon bolt comes complete with a crescent end. It is ready to use, or you can add a point or broadhead of your choice. They were made precision squared to ensure accuracy using the FAST method.

Altogether, the one with 4-inches vanes and Lumenok bolt end weighs approximately 50 grains without a point. It is suitable for Barnett crossbows or any brand that uses half-moon or crescent bolt ends.


  • Useful for easy position identification and arrow retrieval
  • 20-inch carbon bolts with a crescent bolt end
  • Multiple-use and easy battery replacement
  • Activates once shot, no switch or magnets
  • The bright LED light makes the arrow path very visible even at night
  • Illumination lasts for 40 hours


  • A bit difficult to turn the nock’s light off by hand

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Nockturnal Archery Nock

Recommended Nockturnal Archery Nocks to Buy

They are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of lighted nocks for both arrow and crossbow bolts. The patented design by Nockturnal ensures its products are dependable. Their units use a string activated linear switch combined with piston-driven assembly.

Lithium-powered LED bulbs give their nocks the best visibility. The company produces different sizes and compositions to suit almost all measurements of shafts or arrows. These bolt ends provide outstanding accuracy when shot vertically or using crossbows.

Furthermore, they are available in different colors, so you can quickly identify your bolt or arrow. The brand also offers models that have single-color constant light or dual-color strobing light. The units are also water and weatherproof so that you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Recommended Nockturnal Archery Nocks to Buy

If you are curious about the lighted nocks from Nockturnal, you came to the right place. The following are our reviews and brief descriptions of their best archery nocks that you can purchase today.

4. Nockturnal-X Lighted Archery Nocks

Nockturnal-G Lighted Nock for Arrows with .165 Inside Diameter Including Victory, Easton and G-Uni...

Coming from this brand, you’ll know that they are the best. This lighted nock is ready to use straight from the manufacturer. No assembly required and very easy to use. Its linear switch uses no wire connections. Piston driven contact switch design makes it easier to turn the LEDs on and off with or without a tool.

The nock is also water and weatherproof, which means you can use it under any conditions. The clear plastic of the product allows for superb visibility. You can effortlessly spot your arrow or bolt a hundred yards away. It is also lighter compared to other lighted nocks in the market.

Each LED bulb uses lithium batteries and can emit light for more than 20 hours. Some users have mentioned that they can last for days on end. It fits any arrow or shaft with an inside diameter of 0.204. Now, you can quickly locate your bolts even if it passes through your target.


  • A linear switch that is bowstring activated
  • Is water and weatherproof
  • Easy to use and install
  • Uses lithium battery
  • Brilliant red or green LEDs
  • Suitable for any .204 ID shafts


  • Can break off if you use the wrong size

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5. Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Lighted Arrow Nock

Nockturnal Nocturnal Lighted Nocks FIT Universal Size Lighted Nocks, Blue

It is a one-size-fits-all lighted arrow nock. If you use multiple size bolts for your vertical or crossbow, then this product is excellent for you. Each package comes with three adapter sleeves, which you can use to fit standard carbon shaft from .233 to .246 internal diameter.

The nock composes of durable and impact-resistant clear polycarbonate. Aside from the multiple color variants, there are two versions of this nock. Inside the casing is one LED for a non-strobing version and two for the strobing one. The former is available in white, red, orange, pink, green, and blue.

With the strobing version, you get two LED bulbs that alternate after the string-activated and piston-driven linear contact switch activates. It rotates 400 times each minute from either red and green, red and blue, and green and blue colors.

It shines brilliantly for more than 20 hours, thanks to a lithium battery. You have more than enough time to retrieve your arrows once it leaves your bow.


  • Made with a durable polycarbonate body
  • Comes with a broad color spectrum
  • Options for strobing or non-strobing LED versions
  • More than 20 hours of battery life


  • A bit challenging to mark position during flight

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6. Nockturnal-G Lighted Archery Nocks

Nockturnal-G Lighted Nock for Arrows with .165 Inside Diameter Including Victory, Easton and G-Uni...

You’ll never lose an arrow again with this lighted nock from Nockturnal. Its built-in luminous LED uses the company’s patented bowstring activated push on-switch. The nock’s clear plastic casing enhances its visibility.

With colors red, green, and pink, you can quickly recognize your arrow in a field even with other bolts with lighted nocks. At hundreds of yards away and in the fading light of the sun, its brightness is visible. The unit is also waterproof and shock-resistant, which means you can use it in any condition.

A lithium battery powers the nock for more than twenty hours straight. You can come back the next day to retrieve it, and it will still light up. This nock will help you save your expensive arrows during hunting or target practice.


  • Highly visible LED bulb
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Reliable trigger switch
  • Water and weatherproof
  • Easy to use, no assembly needed
  • Suitable for any arrows with .165 ID


  • The switch can become a tad too sensitive after multiple use

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Lumenok or Nockturnal Nocks?

Between two similar but very different brands like the Lumenok and Nockturnal, it is challenging to draw a comparison of Lumenok vs Nockturnal. However, with our extensive research and inspection of their products, we have drilled it down to three categories.

Light Visibility

A smart decision from both companies Lumenok vs Nockturnal, as they have both chosen to use LED lights for their nocks. They are more effective and use less energy. It is an ideal choice for a lighted nock as they are light, compact, safe to use, and won’t burn out.

Service Life

Now, we move on to the product’s longevity. Nockturnal uses a lithium battery that powers its light for more than twenty hours. Some customers have commented that it can last even up to 200 hours. However, unlike Lumenok’s products, their batteries are not replaceable.

An advantage that Lumenok has is offering users an extended service life by changing the batteries when necessary. This allows you to use the nock even after the battery drains after forty hours.

Trigger Switch Reliability

Nocktunal’s archery nock uses a string activated piston-driven contact switch. It uses no switch or magnets like nocks from Lumenok. Their products use the conductivity of the shaft, which helps close the circuit.

The light goes off when the bops make contact with the shaft. You’d only have issues here for arrow shafts composed of non-conductive materials. Resin and glues can also become problematic, but you can quickly fix it by sanding the area.


Lighted nocks are handy archery tools that never let you lose sight of your arrows or bolts. You’ve read our reviews and comparisons about Lumenok vs Nockturnal. Now it is your chance to decide whether to choose Lumenok or Nockturnal. In our view, both brands are dependable, efficient, and very easy to use.