Pulsar N750 vs. N550 – Comparison of 2023

Pulsar is one of the hunting industry’s leading companies. It is home to creative innovations that are fantastic in various fields – hunting, observation, night and thermal photography and video recording, and search and rescue.

Herein, one of their featured products is the digital night vision riflescope. Attached to most modern rifles, this device allows you to follow your targets even in total darkness. It is mostly used when you want to search in a blockade, during evening, or darkest conditions.

And Pulsar developed their best night vision devices that are the N750 Pulsar and N550 Pulsar. What are the differences between this Pulsar N750 and N550? This article will answer your question. Take a look below to find out.




This digital night vision riflescope is engineered and designed mainly for shooting and observation purposes at night or in the twilight. It is the successor of Digisight N550. Pulsar added some essential features to make sure this product will be appreciated by you.

A built-in laser IR illuminator is equipped to give you a dramatic extension of the viewing range. It has adjustable power settings that allow you to detect targets at a distance of up to 600 meters. With its help, the displayed image is clearer. You can focus precisely on the target, even in the darkest hours.

It uses a high-quality 640×480 pixel colored OLED display that gives you exceptional image quality with good color variations, even when you use it in poor environmental conditions. You will be able to operate at a lower temperature range of up to –20°C.

Along with its optical qualities are the 50mm focusable lens and 67mm eye relief, which enable you to quickly zero in your scope. The magnification can also be increased from 4.5x to 7x digital. With this digital zoom, the image quality will not deteriorate anymore.

This system offers improved versatility. It is convenient because a remote control jack doesn’t supply the new scope, rather it’s made with wireless remote control. And this remote control is used to turn on scope, IR illumination, and digital zoom.

Much more, it is powered with a built-in and external power supply, which prolong its operational life up to 20 hours. Another feature is the CCD sensor located at its core so you can use it effectively in both day and night operations.

Truly, Digisight N750 is a multifunctional device with great features that are essential for modern hunting applications.


  • Easy zeroing method
  • Portable to carry around due to its lightweight
  • Equipped with wireless remote control for easy use
  • Provides clear images and wider viewing field


  • No lens cleaner provided

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Pulsar N550 Night Vision Digital Rifle Scope

Pulsar N550 Night Vision Digital Rifle Scope

With Pulsar Digisight N550, hunting on a long-range won’t be a problem since it enables you to see your targets at midnight or noontime. This product is a combination of good optical performance and durable construction that can be used either during the day or the night.

It is equipped with a knob for better reticle adjustment. You can freely switch from horizontal movement to vertical movement and vice versa by just pressing the button located on the knob. This eliminates unwanted optical error and makes you set the rifle exactly on the target.

A built-in laser IR illuminator comes along in this product, which supplies different power settings for various light levels. You will be able to detect long-range targets clearer and brighter even in the dark.

The optical system employs an internal focusing mechanism with exact click-stop focus positions. This ensures to provide high-quality images at all distances when using this digital night vision riflescope. A fixed 4.5x magnification complements its optical characteristics.

Images can be adjusted quickly since there are functions available for easier modifications and good image results. You can choose a “Contrast” mode for a sharper image, a “Color” mode to change the LCD’s colors, and a “Sum Light” mode, which activates and enhances the sensitivity algorithm.

It is fitted with a socket for connecting external video or video playback recordings. You can easily switch from “video in” to “video out” by pressing the button next to the socket. This product operates with the help of remote control, which triggers the functions of the rifle and IR illuminator.

Indeed, this N550 Night Vision Riflescope has everything it takes for competition and precision shooting, along with hunting applications.


  • Equipped with easy adjustments to provide convenience
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a flip-up objective lens cover
  • Creates fine image quality and resolution


  • Its function might decrease when used in the daytime

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Pulsar N550 or N750?

Now that we’ve discussed the features of both Pulsar N750 and Pulsar N550, it is quite obvious that some of them are alike. But each product still has its unique qualities and disadvantages. Let’s talk about it now.

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Magnification Level

The magnification level of your riflescope is a key factor when you are shooting a target. With the right level of magnification, you can clearly see the object at a distance. Pulsar N750 offers a 7x digital magnification.This allows you to completely focus and aim at your target and view it without deteriorations.

On the other hand, Pulsar N550 can be magnified up to 4.5x. It’s quite lower than what N750 can offer, but it still assures you a high-quality image result.


These night vision riflescopes also have features that give you control for easier use and convenience. But when it comes to this, Pulsar N750 has a little advantage.

It was designed to have better control and stability. You can operate the device easily using its wireless remote control to activate the functions of the scope, IR illuminator, and the scope itself. For the Pulsar N550, you need to use a traditional remote control to activate these features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a riflescope?

The scope allows you to pinpoint, aim, and fire a target at a distance. It works the same way as a telescope, giving you a visible view of the image you want to hit. This is mostly used in hunting and shooting experiences.

Which of these two Pulsar products is better?

Both of these digital sights are made with great features for efficient and effective use. However, N750 offers you more convenience and ease since it is equipped with wireless remote control for easier operation.

Are night vision scopes only designed to be used in the dark?

In the past, night vision scopes were only designed to be used for night operations. They needed ambient light to produce an image. But now, with the advancement of technology, some night vision scopes are equipped with sensors and other technology packages that make them functional even on broad daytime.

What is the best magnification for a riflescope?

Magnification or power indicates the strength of how many times closer the image may appear to you. The magnification of your riflescope should vary according to where you’re using it.

For hunting at close range and shooting moving targets, it is better to have low power riflescopes. Medium power scopes are suitable for big game target applications. And when shooting motionless objects, it is advisable to use riflescopes with higher magnification.

What is better, a thermal or night vision scope?

If your purpose is only to detect the desired object, better use a thermal vision scope. But if you need to detect, recognize, and identify an object, it is preferable to use a night vision scope.


So now that you have the information about the key features and differences of these products from Pulsar, which is better between Pulsar N750 or N50? Choosing either one of them, you are still guaranteed that you will be having one of the best.