How To Attach Your Multi Cal Suppressor

As we know suppressors are accessories that we fix onto the muzzle of our firearm to cancel out the noise that comes from shooting. There are different types of suppressors meant for different firearms with different calibers.You need to understand the different calibers and how to find the right sized suppressor.

But there’s also a multi caliber suppressor that is manufactured to be compatible with multiple types of calibers on different firearm types.

Once you find the best multi-caliber suppressor for your firearm, the next step is for you to learn how to attach your multi cal suppressor so that you can silence the noise from your shots. For this, we’ll be helping you know the different ways.

Ways To Attach A Multi Caliber Suppressor

Attaching a suppressor on a firearm is also known as mounting. The suppressor is meant to be mounted onto the end of the muzzle of the firearm. And since multi caliber suppressors are compatible with any type of firearm, you do not need to worry whether you are working on a rifle or a pistol.

As long as the size of the multi caliber suppressor fits the size and structure of your firearm, you are good to go.

Mounting suppressors are a bit tricky and requires technical knowledge for you to successfully make the attachment. Using techniques like wiring with baling wire or taping with duct tape will not do the job at all. The techniques you need to learn are given below:

Direct Thread Mounting Technique

Direct Thread Mounting Technique

The direct threading technique for mounting suppressors is the most common and popular technique used. Since the barrel in your firearm is threaded, the suppressor can get directly threaded or screwed on.

The only time the direct threading mounting technique would be difficult to use is when the barrel in the firearm is not already threaded by the manufacturer when it is sold. In this case, you can take your firearm to a professional and get it threaded.

If it is possible, you can try looking up techniques by yourself and thread your gun’s barrel on your own.

Other than that, there are clamp on adapters used to help you mount suppressors on barrels that are not threaded. But such adapters would be hard to come across in shops. For this reason, you need a flash hider or a muzzle brake.

These devices are threaded so that you can attach your suppressor with the quick detach mounting technique.

Quick Detach (QD) Mounting Technique

The quick detach system is a simple and quick process of attaching the multi caliber suppressor onto the firearm. The barrel inside your firearm can be threaded by a suppressor.

There is also a quick lock feature meant to lock the suppressor in place. All you need to do is latch the suppressor on, screw the lock tightly to the area you mounted it on until it is firmly in place.

Another way to mount it with this quick lock is by sliding the suppressor on and turning the locking collar a few times to let it firmly latch on. But to make this quick locking feature work you need a muzzle brake or flash hider on your firearm.

This way you can take off any old suppressor or other gadgets on the muzzle and replace it with your new multi caliber suppressor.
But this technique is less popular than the direct thread mounting technique because quick detaching is a bit more costly.

Nielson Device

The Nielson device is a kind of a recoil booster that is meant to be attached to the end of a suppressor where the suppressor is supposed to be attached to the muzzle. Inside this recoil booster, there is a piston that will provide the threads to the barrel so that the suppressor can get attached or mounted.

This recoil booster however can not be used for barrels that are fixed or permanently structured. The barrel of your firearm needs to be able to tilt during its cycling process.

But in case you still need to deal with a fixed barrel and a recoil booster in your suppressor, you can try replacing the booster spring with a fixed barrel spacer. This is so you can reattach the firearm’s piston into the suppressor.


When you buy your multi caliber suppressor, an important thing you need to check on your firearm is the thread pattern on the calibers. This way, you can get a matching piston in the suppressor to go with the barrel.

This is how you replace the piston and mount the suppressor on your firearm no matter what kind of threading is used in it.

Final Words

Even after you find the best multi caliber suppressor, it will be useless if you do not know how to attach your multi caliber suppressor to your rifle or pistol.

There may be some basic features in the suppressor that will not go with every kind of firearm, but there are some techniques you can use to modify your firearm. Following those, you can mount your suppressor on it.