Magnetospeed V3 vs Sporter Chronograph – Which One Is Better? – 2023 Guide

You can learn all about the weight, dimension, and velocity of your ballistic, but that still leaves a lot of gray space. Still, you will not know the exact trajectory of your bullets. So, you need to get a ballistic chronograph.

However, these are not simple tools; they actually are quite expensive, which is why getting one can be intimidating. But one thing is for sure that the brand Magnetospeed makes amazing products. Now, when the question is Magnetospeed V3 vs Sporter chronograph — which one to get, you might face some confusion.

Thankfully this article will be all about these products and their differences, and you can tag along to get the answers yourself.

Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph Review

In the past, ballistic chronographs scared people because of how taxing it was to set up. But the new line of modern sensors is becoming more and more user-friendly. The V3 from Magnetospeed is a prime example.

The biggest component of this product is the bayonet that goes directly on the rifle muzzle. It is very sleek and should not weigh the rifle. The length of the bayonet accommodates the movement of the bullet and helps to track it.

Besides, it is compatible with 2-inch suppressors and barrels. However, if it is less than .5-inch, then the chronograph might have issues with accuracy. To improve accuracy, you get spacers of different sizes.

So, you can attach them or stack them till the bayonet is at the perfect position, and the bullet will not rip through it. If you are worried that you cannot guarantee the spacing, then take help from the spacer bar available in the last.

It also has a unique sensor with an adequate display. Once you connect the sensor with the product, it will automatically light up. What’s exciting is you can save data from previous shots.

The micro SD card will let you store some data, and you can pull them up whenever needed. You can also get a stable connection with the cable that is convenient and long enough to not dangle from the rifle.

However, if you want less clutter and preferred the wire to be small, you will also get a retractable wire. The whole thing works on a 9-volt battery, and you can store all these pieces in a sturdy case.


  • Bayonet is compatible with suppressors and barrels
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Features a three-button display
  • Micro SD card to store data
  • Long and retractable wire


  • Not suitable for load workups

Magnetospeed Sporter Chronograph Review

This is the age of smartphones, and whenever we find a device that works alongside a smartphone, we rejoice! Especially when it is about chronographs, which many people consider old technology.

However, the Sporter from Magnetospeed is no way near old technology. It has a unique XFR cable that allows you to view the reading using your phone. So that way, you can store as much data as you want on the phone.

Through the same cable, you can also connect the bayonet with the display. There is one button on it with which you can navigate through the screen. You should also know that the display is compact and portable.

Moreover, the product also comes in a sturdy case where you can store all the accessories and cables. The case itself will not take much space; hence you can carry your rifle, scope, and all other items easily.

In this case, besides the display and cable, you also get a convenient bayonet. It is extremely easy to work with and does not require additional stands or support. You can connect it with the rifle directly.

There are spacers and a strap in the kit, which will come in handy while you try to attach the thing. You need to take some time to adjust the height and space, but once you do, it can easily record the velocity, trajectory, and other things on display.

The bayonet is compatible with barrels that range from .5-inches to 1-inches barrel. If you use muzzle brakes, then this works with 2.7-inches as well.

After a secure attachment, the three fine-tuning settings will surely give you precise results. And the best part is you get all of it at an affordable price.


  • Compatible with flash hides and barrels
  • XFR cable attaches with phone
  • One-button display
  • Does not need any tripod
  • Comes in a sturdy, compact box


  • Cannot work with suppressors

Magnetospeed V3 vs Sporter Chronograph Comparison


Now it is time to decides which chronograph packs more of a punch. So, let the match begin.


The V3, as you remember, can work with suppressors, barrels, and other pieces on a rifle with ease. They can be as long as 2-inches, and the chronograph will still be able to detect the trajectory of the ballistic.

On the other hand, the Sporter, while it is still attachable with barrels and muzzle brakes, you cannot work with ones that are more than 1-inch. Moreover, the Sporter cannot sit on a suppressor either. So, that leaves us with V3 winning this round.


Clearly, you get more accessories with the first model. The kit has more than enough spacers to stack on, two different cables, and a bar for accurate placing. But you only get one spacer bar, a secure strap, and a cable with the Sporter.


However, what you have to know is that V3 is way more pricy than the other one, which is why you also get additional items. So, if pricing is something that matters to you, then V3 will not bode well with you.


When it comes to convenience, both these models outshine any other chronograph in the market. They are super easy to work with and do need any other set-up piece. The cable connects with a display with which you can monitor the values.

However, the displays are slightly different on the models. On the V3, you get three buttons, while you get only one on the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need batteries for the display?

Yes, the displays run on batteries.

How long will I have to wait to process the data?

The device processes the data almost instantly. So, you will not have to wait before you shoot again.

Will the bayonet be heavy?

No, these models sit comfortably on guns and rifles. However, if your rifle is very lightweight, you should consider a test-run.

How can I attach the bayonet?

There are spacers and straps in the kit. You need to place the bayonet on the barrel and use the accessories to get a good placement. Once you are happy with the position, secure it with the strap.

Will I be able to store the data?

Yes, you can, but in moderation.

Final Words

So, the verdict is that the V3 is more versatile since it has more accessories and it is more compatible. However, it is a bit expensive, which is why the Sporter is also a fantastic pick.

All in all, the Magnetospeed V3 vs Sporter Chronograph debate does not matter as both the chronographs are highly user-friendly, and you will not regret the purchase.