Can I Shoot Subsonic Ammo without a Suppressor?

Firing bullets can be taken up as a fun activity or as a method of self-defense for lots of people out there. Whatever may be the reason behind you taking your gun out, be it sport or hunting, there are a few things you might want to consider before going to the firearms shop.

For instance, with the raging popularity of subsonic ammo, you possibly will go for them without a second thought. But then again, what about suppressors? Can I shoot subsonic ammo without a suppressor?

Let us tunnel ourselves through some knowledge on subsonic ammo before heading off to our main question.

What Is Subsonic Ammo?

What Is Subsonic Ammo

Subsonic ammo or ammunition are basically bullets which are designed in such a way that they operate below the speed of sound, which is typically 1126 ft per second. Some quite beneficial aspects of this type of ammo include:

Less Noise in Firing

The most important reason why subsonic ammo is manufactured and so popular is the subsonic property itself. When shooting, the firearms mainly produce two kinds of sound –

First, the bullet creates an expansion in the pressure and speed of gas inside the firearm and consequently shoots off to the air making an explosive “boom” sound.

Second, the bullet takes to the air at supersonic speed and creates a small and constant “sonic boom” until it hits a target. The latter sound is diminished when using subsonic ammo with a firearm, and this makes subsonic ammo so well-liked by everyone.

Mild Recoiling

Withdrawals due to shooting can be a bummer for the majority out there. If you are required to reshoot the target, then recoiling can bring much more difficulty.

Subsonic ammo, in such cases, can be a good choice. With its almost-quiet feature, they also provide reduced recoil, which can be a great factor when hunting within 100 yards or even in shooting ranges!

Heavier Weighted Subsonic

Another key factor that makes subsonic ammo a great choice for shooters is the added weight compared to other bullets. Producing subsonic ammo with a heavier mass helps in improving the performance downrange and ensures a better flight and aim.

Holding on to the downrange energy can be a very critical aspect for hunters using subsonic ammo to shoot their prey from a distance. Therefore if you’re a hunter, opting for subsonic ammo should be your first choice without any doubt!

Suppressors or Sound Modulators

The great deal that comes along with Quietest suppressors or silencers is definitely worth the hype!
Suppressors succeed in managing the speed and pressure of the gas inside the firearm and thus silence the shooting sound to a great extent. How is it built? A sequence of partitions is made inside the tube of a firearm to suppress the sound from the said gas expansion.

While this may be particularly useful for everyone, let’s get on to our real topic of the day. Do we really need suppressors with subsonic ammo?

Using Subsonic Ammo Without Suppressor – Yes or No?

Since subsonic ammo already reduces the shooting noise in the air alongside providing reduced recoil and heavier bullet weight for a good aim, you might skip out on the suppressors.

Nevertheless, if your aim is to go completely soundless, adding a suppressor with your subsonic ammo is a wiser choice.
So, if you wish to cut out both the noises – the “boom” and the “sonic boom” during firing with a much more precise target, little to no recoil and no hassle of hearing protection, you might want to fix a suppressor to your firearm first.

Hence, subsonic ammo with or without a suppressor can still be a very useful tool to meet your shooting experiences. It’s absolutely your choice!