Why Getting A Business Phone Line Is Essential?

Getting a business phone line will increase productivity and allow your clients to reach your company with a smooth channel to resolve their queries. You can also keep the record of those customers who were interested in your services, so you can later make calls or text to inform your promotional activities or discounts.

Before taking services or products, a client will see your customer support system for their ease, and if you have no calling number, then this might affect your business and will stop your progress towards success.

Benefits of getting a business phone:

  • The business phone line will always keep your phone number private. You do not need to sprinkle your private number all over the internet. This way, you can keep your personal and business contacts separate.
  • Having working hours is one of the main reasons to have a business phone line. When someone calls you after your working hours, they will be greeted with a customized message from you. In that message, you can thank them and share your working hours and days then ask them to leave their name and number in the voicemail, and it will be transferred to your dedicated business voicemail, not in your voicemail. So, you can call them later after receiving their voicemail.
  • You will be able to use call screening or incoming call notification features. If you receive a call, then you will get a voice notification saying, ” You have a call to attend. Press 1 to accept it. Or press 2 to ignore.” Pressing the number 2 will transfer the incoming call into a business voicemail box. Meanwhile, your clients will hear a regular ringing or the greeting message if you have any, it allows you more time to receive the call and every time you will be notified with a text message or email.
  • It allows multiple users to receive calls from one number. If you have a team that works as call agents in your company, then you do not need to list up multiple numbers for different phone lines. Just buy one virtual number with numerous call transfer feature. If you have an incoming call, all of your connected phones will ring then the available person can answer the call. Your customers do not need to try multiple phone numbers to get in touch with your company. Hassle-free calling will make your customers happy.
  • It will keep your business listing and branding consistent. If you have a dedicated business phone line then you can quickly make sure all of your business listings have the same number, you won’t be posting multiple numbers. So, if you need to buy a new cell phone, then you will have no fear of losing the business because of your business listing that has your old phone number.
  • You can efficiently work remotely. If you have remote workers in your company or you need to leave the office, then you do not need to worry, the dedicated business line allows you to answer calls from anywhere. The customer will typically call on the specific business number, and you will get it on your phone.

How To Choose A Business Phone System?

Before choosing the business phone line, you have to decide what kind of phone line system you need, including VoIP, Landline, or a virtual phone system, and where you prefer the equipment hosted. You will get two options for this one is to host it on-premises, or the second is cloud-based.

Today several phone service providers offer their services to all kinds of business, and you need to check the size of your business and then choose the best fit according to your requirements and needs.

1- Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers connect those who use the main number for calling with remote workers. It can be used for mobile or landline calls, and this is an extensive call forwarding method that transfers incoming calls to your call agents no matter where they are located.

You do not need multiple numbers for your callers and no front desk person to transfer the call. By using a virtual phone system, you can be able to use features like call screening, call forwarding, voice mail, and text messages.

A virtual phone system is the best for the company that has remote workers or some of the employees who are located outside the country. It offers some additional features that home phone or mobile do not provide. It is perfect for small business owners.

2- Traditional Phone Systems

Landline is the traditional phone system that is controlled by the regional or local phone company. These regular phones are analog and operate with a wired network system. If you want to use a landline, then you need on-premises hardware to control the system and to generate multiple extensions.

You may be required to set up other equipment to utilize the features like call directories and call forwarding. Some landline phone is considered a hybrid system with and additional VoIP system, but this might be little difficult to find such landline phone systems. Such systems will cost you higher, and if they require a repair, then they may become an obstacle in your business flow.

3- VoIP Systems

Instead of using a wired system like a landline, these VoIP systems use the same internet that a company already uses. VoIP systems allow remote workers to access the business phone system from their mobile. These systems are cheaper than landline and more efficient; it will enhance your business productivity. You can easily install them as they do not have a problematic configuration. The VoIP systems run on a strengthful internet connection; if you are out of the range or have week signals, then you might get into trouble.


Running a business without a phone system means losing most of your customers. For a growing business, it is essential to have a healthy relationship with your customers, and you also need a way that can connect you directly from the new customers. VoIP systems or virtual phone systems are the best fit for small business owners, and it will allow your employees to work remotely.