What Is The Best Virtual Phone System For Small Business?

A virtual phone number can help you to grow your business. If you are a small business owner, you must need it; it will connect all of your employees, including remote workers. You can choose a virtual number to use it on mobile or landline, which will work as a toll-ree number so your clients can call your company, and all of your employees will be able to respond to them quickly.

A traditional phone number can be challenging to use in such an environment. If you are looking for the best virtual phone system then this is the right place for you, here you will know a lot of things about virtual phone system and a list of best service providers.

What is virtual the phone number?

All phone numbers that are not provided by the traditional phone service company are called virtual numbers. These numbers have no physical location as conventional phone companies. Virtual service providers allow business owners to choose a specific number to connect with other remote employees. That can be used on a mobile or landline to make personal calls.

How does a virtual phone system work?

A virtual phone system work as an extensive call forwarding solution, it transfers calls to an employee’s phone or home landline rather than forwarding it to the front desk phone when a customer calls the specific number. These phone systems also offer different features, including voice mail, call screening, automated receptionists, toll-free numbers, online faxing, and call forwarding.

For example, you have a team of ten employees. Half of the team members work in the office, and the other five employees work remotely, they need to attend the client’s calls from all over the country, it is challenging for all employees to take calls with a traditional wired phone system.

The office team may receive calls from the desk, but those employees that are outside of the company need a mobile number to take calls, but it will cost you higher, especially if one of your employees is in another country.

A virtual phone number cut all of your problems and allow you a toll-free number to use for all calls. Customers will call on that specific virtual number to reach that person without dialing a local number or area codes.

Those incoming calls are connected with a cloud-based system that diverts the calls to your team members. It doesn’t matter what device your team is using or where they are located. They will get all calls to any device, just like a traditional wired phone system.

List of the best virtual phone service providers:

You must be looking for a virtual phone service provider that offers impressive features, best quality calls, and excellent customer support. You will find some of the best virtual phone system providers in this list that fit all your needs.

1- Salesmate

Salesmate offers a cloud-based virtual phone system with a smart sales CRM system. This service provider allows its users to choose a local and toll-free number of more than 80 countries.

If, as a business owner, you are looking to solve your communication, sales, and contact management woes and want to use a cloud-based virtual phone system, then this might be the best tool for you. Small business owners can stay in touch with all calls and messages by using a Salesmate virtual phone system. It will increase the productivity of your small business if you connect it with a smart CRM system.

Just choose a local or toll-free number and assign it to your employees and start communications with your contacts. It can transfer calls to any mobile or landline number. Additionally, the CRM keeps the record of calls so you and the other authorized person can easily access all call data.


Grasshopper is another virtual phone service provider that offers its users to choose a toll-free number and make their presence felt locally in an international market. It allows you to receive calls on mobile or landline easily and offers call forwarding, multiple extensions, and business texting by using that specific virtual number. It also provides 24/7 customer support.


FRESHSALES offers a CRM with a cloud-based virtual phone number. A CRM lets you manage contacts and other call records.  If you do not want to use the two different software for these tasks, then this is the perfect fit for you. Make phone calls directly from your dashboard, take live notes, and record calls. It is available on IOS, Web, and Android platforms.


VONAGE’s virtual phone system is designed to cater to its services to multiple industries. This phone system is smart, affordable, and user friendly for mid-size and small businesses. Users can have multiple devices connected with a single extension. It offers call recording and “do not disturb” features. By visiting the admin portal, you can easily set restrictions for call and review all records as well as billing information.


RingCentral offers an instant 800 numbers to small businesses. This is a VoIP virtual phone system that allows its customers to make and receive calls from any device, and you can make calls with just one click. Customer greeting feature can be enabled for welcoming callers, easy to track incoming and outgoing calls. You can port any existing virtual number for calls. More it gives internet fax features to its users for free. The supported platforms are Web-app, IOS, and Android.


A virtual phone system is the best way to enhance productivity. It helps you in several different ways and allows your employees to work more efficiently. If you are going to appear in an international market, then you need a local or toll-free number of the specific country.

The cloud-based virtual system with CRM will control all incoming and outgoing calls; it will transfer them to mobile or landline with ease. Track your call records and casually serve your clients to improve your business. All of your employees, including remote workers, will be able to make and receive calls with this virtual phone system without being present at a specific location.