How to Cut Pavers?

For homeowners, pavers setting in the sand is a very simplest way to build his own pathway. Pavers made by brick, stone, or concrete. As pavers are DIY friendly, and you must need to cut some pavers for proper layout.

When it’s coming to the cutting of pavers, then it depends on the pavers materials that what kind of material pavers have, and what thing you need to use to cut the pavers whether you need a hammer, chisel, or other.

It’s not all about the materials or things to use for cutting because it also about how to cut pavers? You must know about the cutting of pavers, so you can easily set the pavers in your land.

Instruction About Cutting Pavers with Different Tools.

Cutting Pavers with Angle Grinder or Circular Saw.

For pavers cutting, both a circular saw or angle grinder makes easy cuts, clean, and add the same techniques. But make sure that you use a diamond blade in both cases made of stone or masonry, and it is best on a non-slip mat to set the paver.

  • Mark the cut.

Use a pencil and straightedge or square to mark the cut over the paver’s top face. Move the straight line from top to bottom face of the paver.

  • Adjust the saw blade.

Now, place the paver at your work surface and on the non-slip mat. Then for cutting, adjust the saw blade to cut in depth.

  • Top side cutting.

Start cutting with the marked line and from a depth cut at the top surface. Then make and adjusting some passes until you reach at a depth of ½ to 1 inch.

  • Bottom side cutting.

Turn over the paver and repeat the same process of top side cutting on the bottom face side cutting.

  • Break with the cuts.

In last, set the paver on your surface, and with the hammer, utilizes the waste portion of the paver with the cutting line.

Cutting Pavers with Masonry Wet Saw.

A wet saw is perfect for cutting the paver because it cuts very clean throughout the process. During the cutting, you can do some water spray on the blade to minimize the dust and heat.

  • Mark the cut.

Use a pencil and straightedge or square to mark the cutting line over the paver’s top face.

  • Positioning the paver.

Now, position the paver on the saw sled and make sure that its rest part is fully against the sled back lip. Next, line up the cutting line of the paver with the saw blade and then slide the slide fully back.

  • Turn on the saw.

Turning on the saw and let the saw coming up with full speed. When the saw is running, then make sure that the water must flow on the blade.

Firmly hold the paver against the sled, keeping your hands away from the saw blade. Then slowly push the sled and steadily toward the blade until the blade cuts through the paver.

  • Make cutting.

For cutting, hold the paver towards the sled and keep your hands away from the saw. Then push the sled steadily and slowly to the blade till it cuts the paver.

  • Pull back the sled.

Finally, slide back the sled, remove the pieces of the paver, and turn off the saw.

Cutting Pavers with A Brick Splitter.

A brick splitter is a basic hand tool for cutting pavers called a log splitter, and it cuts pavers and bricks. It is preferable in those methods which produce a lot of dust and noise. Because it never produces dust and quieter. If you cut the hard paver like concrete, then must choose a brick splitter that designed for hard pavers. It also never works with a stone paver.

  • Mark the cut.

Use a pencil and straightedge or square to mark the cutting line over the paver’s top face.

  • Aligning the paver.

Place the paver on the tool base so the marked cutting line must align with the splitter’s edge cutting.

  • Split the paver.

Pull down the tool base sharply to cut the paver.

Cutting Pavers with A Chisel and Hammer.

If you need a tool for the few pavers cutting, then you can use a hammer or chisel for this.

  • Mark all sides.

Use a pencil and straightedge or square to mark the cutting line over the paver’s top face. Then transfer the lines towards the remaining paver’s three sides.

  • Scratch the paver.

Then carefully and consciously use a chisel with a hammer to cut all four sides of the paver with the marked cutting line. And never attack too fast otherwise paver can irregularly break.

  • Break with the scratched line.

Place and set the paver on a flat surface and positioning the chisel edge at the paver’s center face in the groove. In last, sharply tap the chisel with the hammer along the line to break the paver.

All cutting methods for pavers are for straight cuts and for curved paver cutting use an angle grinder or circular saw. If you keep in your mind all these steps of different tools for cutting the pavers, you easily and sharply cut the pavers.