How to Put Fishing Line On a Spinning Reel? – 2023 Guide

One of the most adaptable types of fishing gear is a spinning reel, which is the most popular and very convenient to use. With spinning gear, you can easily get the line twists, so you have to be well known about how can you solve this problem?

If you get the new fishing line and want to know that how to put the line on a spinning reel or face problem of line twists or tangle, then here are some steps that will help you in learning and to tackle these problems.

Step: 1 Attach The Spinning Reel to The Rod.

If you attached the rod with the reel, then it will be easier to put the fishing line on a spinning reel. This first step must be taken before moving to the second step.

Step:2 Run The Fishing Line.

With the first guide, take an end of the fishing line from the spool that it came to and move the line onto the reel. The large one spool closely moved up to the reel seat.

Step:3 Open The Bail.

Some people skip this step, but you must remember this step of opening the bail. Before attaching the line to the spool, must open the bail. You have to remember this step because if you forget to do this before attaching the line, then you will be in trouble. So, save yourself from these kinds of trouble.

Step:4 Attached The Line to The Reel Spool.

Learning about attaching the fishing line with a reel is pretty uncomplicated. You just need to wrap the line around the reel spool by two times and then save it by a knot and a half knot.

If your fishing line was well worn, then you need to rehang the reel. If you have an old line, then you can save this as a backup by doing this you can use this to connect with a new line to create it long. This tip not only safe your money but also allows you to take a fewer new line to fill the spool.

Step 5: Winding The Line onto The Reel.

Now, it’s time to turn over the bail close and turning handle slowly. Once you turn, you will see that the rotating bail will put line towards the reel spool even it wraps. So after turning, stop for a while and make sure that the line spool is in the right direction.

Step 6: Consider The Spool Orientation.

Actually, there are three methods to consider the line spool orientation, but the only one method right because the other two get a line twist results.

To move the line straight from the spool, stand up, and tightly hold the rod, which is parallel to the floor. Then put the line spool on the flat surface and in such shape that its either facing the floor or you. Next, put some stress on the line and start turning the reel. Just after ten turns, you will see that the line on the floor and let the rod to sink.

If you put the line on a spinning reel correctly, then you will see the line loose on the floor in the shape of a nice and relaxed loop, and you can easily proceed. But if you don’t see such relaxed coils, then turn over the spool and repeat the procedure.

Step:7 Turn Until the Reel Spool Is Full.

In last, you just need to the reel fill-up. Stand up, tightly hold the rod, which is parallel to the floor, put some stress on the line and grabbing it among the first guide and reel and gently start turning. Keep turning until the reel spool is full about 1/8 or 3/16 inches.

After this, you can pin the line, strain it along the rod guides rest, and then tie the lure any of your choices.

These steps are really helpful for you, and you will very well learn about the putting of fishing line on a spinning reel. After knowing all these steps, you can re-spool at any time.