How to Put the Fishing Line On a Closed Face Reel?

For any fishing gear, a fishing reel is an essential part. It is like a cylindrical tool that becomes attached to a fishing rod. The fishing line effect many factors that weaken its quality, so it really needs to know about putting the fishing line on the reel.

The most popular and common use fishing reel is a closed face reel because it is very simple to use and condition change-resistant. There are many factors that badly affect or weaken its quality, so it has to be changed once over the weeks or months.

How to Put Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel?


If you don’t know that how to put the fishing line on a closed face reel, then here is the step-by-step guide for you, which will be really helpful for you.

  • Step:1 Identify The Reel Line Capacity.

For putting a fishing line on a closed face reel, firstly check the reel line capacity accurately. Then put the line appropriately on the reel and make sure that you do not make a mistake by putting the line. Because if you put inappropriate reel line, then it would make the unmanageable line and limit the distance of casting.

  • Step:2 Open Reel Cover Off.

Now, put flatten your rod and open the reel cover off. To put a fishing line, the cover of the reel spin-cast should be unscrewed and removed off. Some reels need to be unscrewed, and some have a notch and a pin that easily gets separated. There are also automatic spin-cast reels containing an automatic push button that opens up once the button just presses.

  • Step:3 Take The Old Reel Out of Line.

If you have any old reel, then take it out of the line. If you want, then you can take some old-line parts so you can attach this with a new line to create it long. You can take the old line as a backup.

  • Step:4 Tie The New Line with A Spool.

Now, it’s time to tie the line to the spool and move the line that is coming from the rod end through the cover hole. If necessary, then you can also take the help of rod guides. After making an arbor tie, pull it tightly. If you have the old line as a backup, then tie it with the new fishing line of the reel together with two nails or clinch knots.

  • Step:5 Cover The Rear of the Reel.

After tying up the line, it’s time to cover up the reel. When covering the reel must put it tightly and ensure that the line is never pinched by the reel cover. After placing the back lid on, pull the line tightly.

  • Step:6 Reel The New Line.

Roll the new fishing line on the closed face reel and put down the spool. This step is done to ensure that the line on the spool smoothly goes as you continue on your reel. This process prevents the line from twisting and by using one hand, grasp the line and begin the process of measuring the new line on the reel.

To make sure that the reel is tight, maintain the high line tension. If the line is not blocked, then many throwing problems can occur, so you must set the line at a low and steady speed.

  • Step:7 Fill The Spool.

Fill the spool about 1/8 inch cover and never overlap the reel. You must open the cover of the reel every 15 to 20 seconds to make sure that the reel does not end too much in line. The closed face reel holds a smaller line than other reels but ensures that you don’t break the line accidentally whenever you replace it with a new one.

  • Step:8 Tie A Lure.

By using the proper line guide, you can tie a lure to any of your choices. Now you are ready for fishing, but make sure that you hold the reel at the time of casting. This process really helps you to keep the reel line tight, and the lightweight lure never puts stress on the line.

  • Step:9 Eliminates The Tangles and Twists.

Always ensure that there are no tangles and twists on the reel line when you roll it gently. You can also put the line on a flat floor or any flat surface and gently roll it. But always confirm that there are no hurdles at the line end.

By putting the fishing line on a closed face reel, ensure that you will enjoy the fishing experience hassle-free. If there are no tangles and twists on the line, then it will make your fishing more pleasant or enjoyable.

Keeping all the above steps in your mind will help you to put the fishing line appropriately on the reel. These steps are not too difficult, and by the end of all these steps, you will see that you put the fishing line upon the closed face reel