8 Best Metal Detector for Beginners 2023 – Buying Guide

The question arises, what is the best metal detector in the market?

Well, there is nothing anything like this is the best metal detector or that is the best metal detector, but there surely is one thing; you can make any product the best. A metal detector that is affordable and offers the best performance as per your needs can be THE ONE for you. 

Without further ado, let’s look into what makes any product the best or you can say what to look for in a metal detector to before making a purchase.

Things to consider before buying

This guide will help you in choosing the best metal detector for you that will be worth every penny and every second spend on and with it. 

To make sure the product you are going to purchase is going to fulfil all your needs, always look for these factors that determine the overall performance of the product. 

Skill level 

First and the foremost things to make sure of is your experience of using a metal detector. If you have been using it before then you know better, but if you are going to use it for the first time then make it is important to go for the one that suits your level of expertise. 

There are beginners metal detectors that offer all the essential and basic functions a metal-detector must do. 

Friendly tip: Buying a basic metal detector that costs you nothing more than $150 to $300 to the most. It is enough to understand if you are really into buying another, advanced version of metal detector. 


Where the basic purpose of all the metal detectors is the same, new detectors offer a wide range of features that add convenience to your hunting. Besides the features, they vary in designs as per where they will be used. Ask yourself questions like how long will you be using it for and where will you be using it to narrow down your search of the best metal detector from all the types, such as;

  • Metal detector for rings, coins, and jewellery.
  • Detector for relics hunting.
  • Metal detectors for gold hunting.
  • Saltwater and beach treasure hunting.
  • Freshwater hunting.
  • All-purpose metal detector. 

Find you need and there you have the right product. 


There are different type of technologies that are used in metal detectors. They vary in their performance and offer different output when used. 

Very low frequency (VLF)

It is a signal frequency machine that is used for the coin, jewellery, and relic huntings. You will find VLF technology in metal detectors under $1000. 

Pulse Induction (PI)

It is an advance technology that is used in special machines for areas that are high in mineralization such as saltwater. 

These detectors will punch through the ground minerals like iron and salt to detect metal objects.

Multiple Frequency (MF)

Multiple frequency metal detectors are high-end detectors that cost more than $1,000. The benefit of getting MF detectors is that it offers both seawater and ground detecting without having to switch between two or more machines. 

If you are seriously into hunting, this is the best option for you or else you can go for beginners metal detectors. 

Stock coil size

Even if it makes any sense that larger the coil, better the depth, it is not right.

Larger coils may get better depth, but at the same, they also cover more of the ground. It means that the detector has to process more signals, which leads to false or poor detection results. Whereas the smaller coils are more accurate when it comes to detecting metals underground. 

So you know which one to get, right?

Screen or No Screen

For experts, it is easy to find the target with the help of a sound but for beginners, not the same. For easy use, you can find good options in LCD screen that comes in really handy. For instance, the depth of the target, what the target is, the battery life of the detector, and things like these. 

Detectors without screen give signals in the form of a beep when they detect something.


Always remember that you have to carry the detector, which means it is important to have one that is light in weight. Some detectors are very light in weight, whereas some are heavy as made up of bricks and stones. 

Experts may have experience in carrying the detectors of any weight as they have been dealing with it since a long time, but if you are buying it for the first time, go for the lightest one. 

Personal preference 

Most of the people go for the detectors that are popular, ignoring their needs and requirements, ending up buying the wrong product. To save yourself from trouble in the future, consider your needs first, such as;

  • For how long you will be using it?
  • Where would you use the detector?
  • If you have any problem related to arm, elbow or shoulder?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you buying the product for occasional use or daily use?

If you are buying metal detecting as a hobby, it is advisable to get a reasonable one or else you can go for an expensive one if you are buying it for commercial or professional use. Cheaper metal detectors also come in a variety of options and good features along with a reasonable performance. 

Happy shopping, happy hunting!

Top 8 Best Metal Detectors for beginners

Here are some of the best metal detectors for beginners

1. The best multi-featured power metal detectors

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Distinctive features

  • Easy to handle and flexible >>best for the beginners
  • Pinpoint features>> multi-target detection
  • The wide functional range at multiple places>> water places, moist or dry land
  • LCD and headsets >> perfect display and audio while detecting metallic target
  • Battery >> Long-lasting
  • Sensitivity for desirable target >> distinctive feature
Modes of operation☞ 5
☞ All metal
☞ Progressive
☞ Discrimination (controlled by microprocessors)
☞ Notch
☞ Pinpoint ( one touch)
Target identification11 segments
Ground balance☞ Preset ( Avoid the minerals)
☞ Manual ( for unfavorable conditions)
Audio tones4
Search coil☞ Water resistant
☞ 8 inches
Frequency ( To operate)6.6 kilohertz
Batteries☞ 2
☞ 9 volts


  • 6 x 12 x 16 inches (L x W x H)
  • 6 Pounds: product weight

Customer review

I just cannot express my happiness. See, am I not the luckiest guy on earth who got the best cheap metal detector despite having very less budget. Yahoo!!! I can easily handle and carry it due to its lightweight. Availability of bag along with the product in the delivery package help to keep the metal detector while walking and the presence of shovel inside parcel made me super excited as it provides ease in digging the place having desirable stuff.

My excitement at Christmas was multiplied when my friends made a plan to visit Florida beach, as it is legal to use metal detector over there. We all took our favourite, friendly metal detector and just guess what we found over there??? .Coins, rings and earrings. We walked almost for the whole day but no one got tired as this metal detector is really easy to handle and carry.

2. The worth buying metal detector Walmart

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Distinctive features

Image NameRating out of 5Price
DEVO 3D Printer Stepper Motor 

☞3.52 Oz.
☞ Ultra-quiet
☞ Blocks rotation detection
4.5View Product
Bolsen Stepper Motor

☞Direction Control interface
☞Adjustable current control
☞Up to 35 output voltage capacity
4.0View Product
Arceli Stepper Motor

☞Small CNC machine
☞5 steps resolution
☞Afford and durability
4.0View Product
KeeYees Professional Motor

☞CNC expansion board
☞4 layer PCB board
☞6 step resolution
3.9View Product
HiLetgo 3D Stepper Motor

☞Single step direction
☞Over temperature turn off
☞Intelligent chopping control
3.5View Product


  • 28.25 x 10 x 6.25 (L x W x H) inches
  • 3.7 pounds: Product weight

Are you in search of any treasure?

Is your precious jewel close to your heart is missing?

There is no need to worry about the lost ring, wedding bracelet or metal necklace, Notch control Bounty Hunter detector is here to help you out. The multi-mode operation along with neutralizing effects on all other interruptions made it very easy to detect your treasure even at greater depth.

Customer reviews

The auto discrimination quality of this metal detector had proved to be my lifeline.I was constructing my home but due to some delay, the highlighted pipeline became invisible due to filthiness, dry leaves, dust, polyethene bags.I got tensed and was disappointed too. Meanwhile, I searched for the best metal detector for beginners. After going through all its characteristic features, I bought this Bounty Hunter Metal detector. Out of all features, the detection at the deepest level is awesome.I tried all three operational modes, the discrimination one, All metal and tone audio mode. It greatly helped me pinpoint the pipelines.

3. Versatile waterproof metal detector

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Distinctive features

Happy heat electric hot water bottle☞   Takes only 12 to 15 minutes
☞   Stays hot for an hour.
☞   Can stay warm for up to 5 hours.
4.1/5View Product
Electric hot water bottle☞   It is of compact size.
☞   Supplies continuous heat.
☞   It is cordless.
4.2/5View Product
Witery☞   Has an Environmentally safe
☞   It is Safe to use
☞   Has a rechargeable heating pad
3.5/5View Product
Hot water bottle by toyuugo☞   It is rechargeable.
☞   Can hold up to 850 ml of water.
☞   It has the charging time of 15 minutes.
4.6/5View Product
Milkycat☞   Comes with a warming bag,
☞   Is multi-functional
☞   There is long time maintenance.
4/5View Product
Hot water bottle by greenery-GRE☞   Comes with a cartoon cover.
☞   Handy and compact in size.
☞   Easily portable.
2.5/5View Product
Happy heat☞   Has an intelligent thermostat.
☞   Engineered to ensure physical protection.
☞   Has an automatic pressure control.
4.4/5View Product
Hot water bottle by WJGJ☞   It is easily rechargeable.
☞   Can be used repeatedly.
☞   Has a permanent seal.
View Product


  • 5 years


  • 22 x 8 x 5 (L x W x H) inches
  • 2.3 pounds: item weight

Are you up for having a fun time in the rain with your water repellent metal detector?

Do you want to save your time from random digging?

So, here is the solution.Amazon offers a wide attractive range of cheap, affordable metal detector that is not only water-resistant but also present the distinctive feature of numerical target identification (9 segments).

  • Fisher f22 metal detector >> “Turn on and go metal detector”
  • Choice of user >> Set the audio frequency according to your mood and ease

Customer reviews

I want to share the overexcitement of my kid when he got Fisher f22, the best metal detector under 300.In addition to its lightweight and easy to handle feature, the unique tone audio system produces the distinctive sounds on hitting the targets. Switching to different modes of operations he was able to find jewellery, coins and metal specks at different depths.

His happiness made me satisfied that I chose the popular gift for teens 2023 for 300 value.

4. Best metal detector under 200

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Distinctive features

Midwest Guinea Pig Cage☞ Multi-access folding top
☞ Dividing panel
☞ Durable, leakproof
4.5/5View Product
Living World Pig Cage☞ Wire top frame
☞ Balcony with ramp access
☞ Living World habitat
4.5/5View Product
Prevue Hendryx Pig Cage and Stand☞ Durable and sturdy construction
☞ Two large doors
☞ Casters for easy
4.1/5View Product
Kaytee Habitat for Guinea Pig☞ Durable and comfortable cage
☞ Rounded corners
☞ Stand with caster
3.4/5View Product
Ferplast Cavie 80 Pig Cage☞ A solid and safe structure
☞ Large base with high walls
☞ Quiet hideaway area
4.5/5View Product
Midwest Homes for Pet Wabbitat Deluxe☞ Large living space
☞ Easy assembly
☞ Full-width side
4.3/5View Product
Prevue Universal Pet Carrier☞ Adjustable nylon shoulder
☞ Removable perch for birds
☞ A large door
3.8/5View Product
Ware Small Animal Cage☞ Durable all-metal design
☞ Chew proof powder coated wire
☞ Metal drop pan
3.7/5View Product


  • 26 x 10.25 x 4 inches (L x W x H)
  • 4 lbs.:  Article weight

Do you want to engage your beginner kid in a healthy hobby? Or

You yourself is ready to become a treasure seeker?

The full package of best mid-range metal detector exhibits the best characteristic features among which the padded arm with adjustable length and a hundred per cent satisfaction warranty are the mainstream qualities. The most highlighting feature is the availability of a manual guide that will surely help your beginner kid to understand the metal detecting basics.They can easily apply their knowledge regarding metal detection at beach and Delaware state parks.

Customer reviews

It was proved to be the magic stick for me as it helped me to find out my lost diamond ring. Its highly recommended

What a discriminating power!! It can easily avoid junks even at the depth of 1 foot. The inexpensive metal detector with such unique and accurate pinpointing quality is indeed a lucky charm. But, sometimes switching from one mode to another is not smooth enough.

5. Lone star metal detector

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Distinctive features

TheCroco 2 yr old Bike☞ Lightweight aluminum
☞ Adjustable handlebars
☞ Rust-resistant
4.8/5View Product
Yvolution Y Velo Bike for Two-Year-Old☞ Strong and lightweight
☞ Rubber over-mold wheels
☞ Large wheels
4.7/5View Product
KaZAM v2e Bike for 2-Year-Old☞ Step-in frame
☞ Lightweight for Young riders
☞ Ergonomic footrest design
4.6/5View Product
JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Two-Year-Old Bike☞ Durable and elegant
☞ Rubber air tire for grip
☞ Coaster brake
4.4/5View Product
Schwinn Skip Bicycle for 2-Year-Old☞ Lightweight foot-to-floor
☞ Adjustable seat
☞ Air-filled tires
4.3/5View Product
Schwinn Koen Toddler Bike for 2-Year-Old☞ Lightweight frame
☞ Narrow pedal position
☞ Smaller hand grip
4/5View Product
Nice C BMX Bicycle for Two-Year-Old☞ High-quality
☞ Zero welding single-piece
☞ Thick tires
3.6/5View Product


  • 28.5 x 10.25 x 6.25 inches (L x W x H  )
  • Product weight: 4 pounds

What’s your “sense of hunting?”

The question arises that, what is the unique feature in the best metal detector under 100 that marked its distinction among all the other metal detectors.

The most convincing answer is the Disc –notch knob functionality, the option of manual setting aids the user to adjust the knob accordingly and detect a variety of metals and discriminate them on the basis of different frequency of audible tones.

Customer reviews

How much it will cost to buy a metal detector, this question was continuously popping up in my brain.I searched a lot and finally read the reviews regarding the lone star metal detector. I got the best affordable parcel having a multifunctional metal detector. The long-lasting battery helps me to use it for a longer duration at different places. Whether it is a beach, park or my back yard I can find interesting items like rings, antiques and coins.

6. Sharpshooter 2 metal detector

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Distinctive features 

Easy to install friction drive bike kit☞ Riding modes
☞ Battery
☞ TSDZ2h motor
3.8/5View Product
Latest powered version of friction bike motor☞ Riding model
☞ Power pack
☞ Range of speed
4.7/5View Product
TURBO charged friction drive bicycle kit☞ 5- gear power assistance
☞ Aluminum, plastic
☞ Controller
3.1/5View Product
Multifeatured friction drive electric bike kit☞ Chain brushed motor
☞ 250 watts
☞ 13.7 amperes
3.7/5View Product
Nitro tech loaded friction drive kit☞ Aluminum
☞ Brushless
☞ 36V/48V
1.9/5View Product
Efficient electric friction drive bike kit☞ E 30-150 (4 –brushes)
☞ 5600 at 24 volts
☞ Horse power
4.1/5View Product
Smooth silent friction drive bicycle motor☞ brushless gear motor
☞ fat bike
☞ Riding modes
3.9/5View Product


  • 28.5 x 10.25 x 6.25 (L x W x H) inches
  • Item weight: 4 pounds

Easy to use and assemble, the padded arms are sharing the similarity with the power balance bracelet with the warranty of 5 years. The highlighted exclusive features are the visual display and sound production at certain depths and target detection.

Customer review

It’s an excellent option to have a fun time. I found lost horseshoes, which really made me happy.

The manual guide is difficult to understand and follow. I wasn’t able to comprehend the instructions and recalibrate the metal detector.

7. MD-3010II metal detector

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Distinctive features

Image NameFeaturesRatingPrice
Sizthreezero☞ Has a single speed model idea.
☞ Comes with coaster brakes.
☞ Has a deluxe cushioned saddle.
4.5/5View Product
schwinn wayfarer☞ Vintage styled
☞ has a rear cargo rack
☞ comes with chrome fenders
3.8/5View Product
YUTK☞ Made up of sturdy
☞ Can be folded easily.
☞ Comes with unique 26 inch tires.
View Product
Sixthreezero☞ Made up of 15 inch
☞ Consists of an upright riding style.
☞ It is a single speed bike.
4.4/5View Product
Royce union☞ It has a drivetrain
☞ Made up of aircraft grade aluminum
☞ Has alloy linear pull
2.9/5View Product
Lroplie☞ Made up of sturdy aluminum frame.
☞ Has a double walled, unique design.
☞ Has a 21 speed drivetrain.
2.3/5View Product
Kent international☞ Made up of light weighted aluminum.
☞ Has a 21 speed drivetrain
☞ Has a shimamo tourney rear derailleur
3.6/5View Product
Ninasill☞  Made up of carbon steel
☞ Has a frame size of 26 inches.
☞ Can withhold 100 kilograms of weight.
3.9/5View Product

Not available

  • Alkaline battery
  • Headphones


  • 21.26×13.58 x 5.9 (L x W x H) Inches
  • Weight of detector: 3.39 pounds

Are you a “gold digger” treasure hunter?

The source of excitement for the beginners as well as the magic wand for the professionals.The high operating frequency along with increased sensitivity makes it to stand on top in the row of best metal detectors.

Customer review

It’s indeed a good gift for the enthusiastic beginners. My daughter got super excited when she used it on the beach and found coins, copper and bronze specks at an appreciate able depth. But the user guide is not informative and understandable, I watched YouTube videos to help my daughter in operating the metal detector.

8. Muti mode first texas metal detector

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Distinctive features

Bell Formula LED MIPS Adult Road- lowest profile road bike helmet☞ Features MIPS technology
☞ Light in weight
☞ Dual Adjusting inner fit
4.3/5View Product
Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet – low profile cycling helmet☞ Built in speakers
☞ Built in mic
☞ Mobile device connectivity
4.2/5View Product
MOON Bike Helmets for Adults – best road cycling helmets☞ Satisfied customer reviews
☞ Light weight
☞ Ventilation system
4.0/5View Product
GROTTICO Adult-Men-Women – lightweight bike helmets☞ Lightweight
☞ 23 vents to keep your head cool while riding.
☞ CPSC certified
4.0/5View Product
Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt – low profile mountain bike helmets
☞ Suits female riders as well
☞ Easily-adjustable fit system
☞ Budget efficient
4.3/5View Product
PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet – best road bike helmet☞ Constant light mode
☞ Flashing mode
☞ LED rear light for safety
4.3/5View Product
Giro Agilis MIPS Adult Road – best cycling helmets☞ MIPS Technology
☞ Best ventilation system in GIRO series
☞ Available in 11 color
4.1/5View Product
POC Omne Air Spin Commuters- best bicycle helmet☞ SPIN and EPS liner system
☞ Adequate ventilation
☞ Lightweight
4.3/5View Product


  • 5 years


  • 28.3 x 10 x 6 (L x W x H) inches
  • Product weight: 2.4 ounces

Customer reviews

What a wonderful machine it is!!! Mini construct, perfect detection ability at the deepest level with a hundred per cent accuracy. The audio sound system helps to differentiate between various metals and junk. The superb modes of operation made it exquisite. It’s highly recommended.


Here is the list of best of the best metal detectors offered by Amazon. Everyone is open to select any of the metal detectors according to their need, budget, place and hunting trip. Whatever you want, waterproof, lightweight, most sensitive metal detectors just have a look at the exclusive metal detector category at Amazon.


1. Do you ship best amazon metal detectors to Pakistan?

Yes, the service is provided around the globe

2. Is the price standardized for all countries?

Yes, the price is mentioned in dollars however, it will vary according to the currency of each country.

3. Is there any warranty?

Yes, most of the metal detectors are having 5 years of warranty

4. Is there any specific depth that can be measured /detected?

No, different metal detectors can measure variable depths ( from inches to feet)

5. Is there any metal detector that is best for beginners?

Yes, just have a look at the range of metal detectors offered by Amazon for beginners

6. Can I use a metal detector in rain?

Yes, a range of metal detectors are waterproof, you can surely use them at beaches, wetlands or parks

7. Is there a certain age limit to use a metal detector?

No, the lightweight and easy to handle feature of metal detectors help the beginners, teenagers and kids to use them in a very simple and easy way.