What Bow Is Best for Beginners?

One of the fastest-growing sports is archery and hunting, as more people are inspired by movies and series like Hunger Games and Arrow, making it a demanding activity. The use of bows was prevalent from as early as the Stone Age, primarily for hunting and protection. This has now become a source of recreation and entertainment.

When buying a bow, one needs to keep in mind to find what fits their need and comfort. With different types of bows, comes different exceptions and prize.
As you are a beginner in your journey to archery and have stumbled upon this piece, keep reading, and this will help you find the best hunting bow of all time.

Types of Bows

Types of Bows

There are four different types of bows. All come with some challenges, but finding the right bow for you can be rewarding, so one has to choose wisely.

Long Bow

The most common and oldest form of bow known to mankind. These traditional bows have a straight limb and are usually made of laminated wood with notches at each end to tie the string.

These bows are not easy to use for beginners as they have no arrow rest, and the draw weights are usually heavier and can cause muscle fatigue.
However, satisfaction with hunting with a traditional bow can be high.

Recurve Bow

These are similar to longbows but are more popular and used by many, with the limbs curving away from the shooter, which helps in storing more energy, and the arrow can cover a long distance with much higher velocity when released with the same pressure as the longbows.

The recurve bows are also lightweight, and one size is fit for all. One of the advantages of a recurve bow is that it can be disassembled and portable. In addition, more accessories can be added if necessary, such as stabilizers, pressure buttons, sights, and clickers.

Compound Bow

Well known by bowhunters, this bow is a full-on mechanical bow consisting of pulleys, cables, and cams. This is quick and effective than other bows but requires more strength to pull the strength. Usually used for hunting big animals, this bow is loved by professional hunters.

As this bow is more systematic, this has a very low chance of missing the target, with higher chances and more machinery parts comes maintenance and cost. On the bright side, External components can be added to the bow for further accuracy.


This is similar to the compound bow, and it is in a horizontal position and much easier to operate. The whole system is almost automatic as the string is pulled back using a device and locked, and when the trigger is pulled, the string is released.

And this bow functions as a firearm and is the most accurate of all bows. Crossbows are small and lightweight, thus more preferred of all by hunters.


After getting fixed on the bow, it is time for some accessories which are essential to hunting and adds value to the hunting experience.


Getting an arrow with the correct spine weight given the draw weight is crucial as it will determine the flight. The arrow should flex during the first few seconds of the flight.

Arrow Rest

These help set the arrows in place and can help a beginner a great deal. An arrow rest can be simple but must serve the purpose which most of them do.

Release Aid

This will help from any injury being caused to the wrist, and can be helpful when in the learning stages.

Bow Sight

Getting a bow sight will help get the accuracy right. This will also help get an idea of how close to the target to shoot before you become a pro at it. A ¼ inch hunting peep sight is recommended for beginners.


  1. Buy a bow after trying it out in a shop.
  2. Find a bow that fits your needs.
  3. Practice is key to perfection, so keep practicing.


All in all, the recurve bow provides higher velocity, weighs less, and is also preferred by hunters due to its portability and size. The bow is cost-friendly, readily available, and the best hunting bow out there.

Some of the best manufactures for recurve bows are PSE Bows, Samick Bows, SAS, and Hoyt.
You have to begin somewhere to hop on your journey of hunting. Get your bow and your gears and begin hunting.