Brief Summary on All You Need to Know About Tech and Recruitment 2023 – Guide

You can get job postings in

The new model for job postings is like Twitter. Smartphones have given people news feeds up-to-the-minute and this has resulted in shorter attention spans. When people are reading information online – which includes job openings – they want it in bite-sized piecesIf you find it hard to tell your job postings from full-blown job descriptions, then you are most likely missing out on great candidates because you cannot grab their attention. You should keep Twitter’s 140-character limit in your head when it comes to job postings. You will see an increase in interest from the right candidates. 

Mobile is a must

People don’t have to wait for the Sunday paper to see job openings. Job seekers have an easier time looking for job openings using smartphones and tablets no matter where they are – whether they are on their lunch break or the waiting line. You should have a mobile option for candidates, you are missing out if you don’t.

Faster response time

Social recruiting technology has improved the process a lot and now you can interact with the candidate the moment they complete the application. 82% of applicants expect to hear from the company once they send their application, but 29% don’t even get the acknowledgment that the application was received.

This is going to hurt the reputation of the company, and some people can decide never to do business with such an organization. When you cut down the time from submission to review and contact, you save yourself money, time, and sanity (yours and that of the candidates). Have text, email, and instant messaging alerts enabled so that the process can be painless and fast.

Better access to candidates

You have a chance to reach qualified candidates across the country or even the world, and all thanks to professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and social media platforms. Social recruiting helps when you capitalize on referrals from former and current employees; it is going to take you a couple of minutes to work your way through a trusted source’s network. You can get the word out at the click of the mouse because of social media.

It is more than the resume

The one or two-page summary of a person’s backgrounds, accomplishments, talents, and experience is still important when recruiting, but there are ways of finding more about the candidate through social recruiting. Job seekers with profiles on online job boards and professional social networks can post their virtual portfolios that show their skills, sharing examples of their work, and a well-rounded presentation on them as professionals.

Social networks are going to help you figure out whether a given candidate is going to fit in with the company culture. You are going to save yourself a lot of time because you get the chance of weeding out anyone who doesn’t have the right body of work for your needs. You can do all that without having to call them for an interview.

References are a click away

In the past, you had to chase down references for every candidate you were considering. Online profiles give candidates a chance to include reviews and recommendations of their work. If you can access this information upfront, you make things easier because you can easily identify the best candidates.

While you are still going to need the traditional method of checking references, but this gives you a greater insight into your candidates. Published recommendations will come in handy when you want to identify the candidates to call for an interview.

Reviews work both ways

Jobs seekers are scrutinizing companies these days. They are taking their time to learn as much as possible about the company before they apply for the job. This is why you need to pay attention to your online presence as an organization.

Have more than just the current opening when you post job openings. Paint a picture of your organization, what makes the organization great to join, and why employees love working there.

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