PETZL Pro Sequoia SRT Harness 2023


  • It comes with multi-layer padding for comfort.
  • It offers adequate space for gear storage.
  • Self-adjusting buckles make it easy to use.
  • It comes with an oversized back and leg straps for secure support.
  • Specifically designed to keep comfort in mind for long sessions.
  • It offers organization pockets for tools.


Coming to the amazing wearing, this tree saddle is the best one out there that not only offers the best price, but also amazing quality and functionality, unlike other alternatives that are available in the market. This is the product that would not disappoint you in any way from the functionality to quality and durability, no matter for what purpose, where, and for how long you are going to use it for. 


What makes it the best amongst other tress saddles is the question that arises?

Well, it has made its way to the best hunting tree saddle because of the amazing performance and design it offers to the users. Talking about the design, it ascents on a single rope. A ventral attachment point on the harness allows a ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik that needs to be installed with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENT accessories. The waistbelt is extra-wide and semi-rigid, which does not create discomfort when worn for a longer period of time along with leg loops for ultimate convenience.  


Sitting for hours can be hurting for the back, not with this tree harness that is equipped with a DOUBLE BACK PLUS self-locking buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops. This harness makes it to the best one amongst all the others because of its compatibility with ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard along with other several attachment bridges and accessories directly to the bridge. 


Adding more to the performance, this harness facilitates the organization and carrying of the tools with multiple equipment loops and retainers. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this saddle is a must-have for everyone. This saddle comes in different colour options that let you choose the one that suits your personality. 



  • Very light in weight
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Convenient to use
  • Uni-sex tree saddle
  • Comes in different colours



  • Its straps loosen up even with the added slips.


Customer Review

After trying various saddles and losing hope to get the best one out there, I stumbled upon this one as a last attempt for the day. I am more than pleased to get this harness as it is very light in weight, which I personally prefer the most because of the long hunting hours and the frequent trips I make. Besides its comfortable wearing, I love plenty of loops and attachment points for carrying tools along.  The last time I wore it was for the whole day on the tree and trust me there were no sores, which actually amazed me.