Notch Sentinel Harness – Best Hunting Tree Saddle – 2023 Review


  • Waist fit: 28 to 36 inches
  • Leg circumference: 23 to 35 inches
  • Adjustable parts: leg loop, waist belt, and bridge paw position
  • Contoured mesh padding on the back
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric and padding
  • Meet ASTM and EN standards
  • Weight limit: 308 lbs

The experts at Notch are set out to create ultimate user-friendly the best hunting tree saddle like no other on the market. This harness meets all the standards for the best and the most functional tree saddle, keeping all the needs and requirements of the users.

Coming to the safety it is made using high-quality material that offers a strong and sturdy build without being bulky. It offers ultimate performance in every kind of environment to every kind of person for every kind of use in hunting, climbing, aiming or targeting. 

Where safety is considered, most of the companies and the users overlook comfort. Meeting comfort and safety, this saddle comes with a padded waist and legs. It helps in eliminating sore spots, no matter how long you are going to hang in it. Its has an elastic waistband that keeps the harness sitting comfortably on your waist for longer hours of sitting. 

You will not be disappointed with the functionality of this saddle. It has adjustable leg loops along with adjustable waist belt and bridge paw position with buckles that are easy to use. Saving your time and effort, this saddle is perfect to use in different environments. 

Sentinel offer users with all of the amazing features that are vital for modern climbers in order to be safe and secure, efficient, and comfortable while working on heights. Engineered to the perfection this is the best saddle in the market at such a price. It will give you a lifetime of performance without being a problem.


  • It comes with quick connect buckles for trouble-free usage.
  • Heavy construction allows a strong and sturdy grip offering a perfect saddle hunting platform.
  • The ergonomic back support of this saddle provides users with ultimate comfort.
  • Easy to use as well which is yet another important feature to have.
  • Its lightweight offers portability.
  • Ergonomic design enhances the versatility of the saddle.


  • It does not have self-adjusting buckles.

Customer review over the best hunting tree saddle!

This hunting tree saddle offers the best performance to everyone. 

Let’s see what customers have to say about it;

“Spending most of my time climbing, this saddle is the best upgrade I have ever seen. From its lightweight to comfortable fitting I am in love with it.”

“I could not wait to try this saddle and I am amazed at the quality and comfort it offers. Spending more than two hours hung around in a tree, I have not felt a single sore spot from back to legs. I have found the rope bridge great for a motion to work comfortably. The most favourite part of this saddle is rigging plates connected to the bridge that takes half the pressure off of my back while lanyard on to the branches all day.”