Top 10 Brass Shell Reloading Kits Every Shooter Must Know 2023 – Top Rated

Being a professional shooter, one can cut a lot of costs by reloading the brass shells instead of buying a new set every time. The brass shotgun shell reloading kit can be proven as the best tool to refill your shells within no time. As a matter of fact, these reloading kits will be a profitable investment a shooter can make for his successful and inexpensive shooting career.

Things to Consider before buying a reloading kit
⦁ Brass shell size
As you know bullets are available in numerous sizes which depends upon the shooting habit of the individuals. Before buying a shotgun shell reloader make sure to measure the size to avoid any inconvenience.

⦁ Safety Measures
Taking the right safety hazards while reloading shotgun shells is as necessary as water for our body. In the process of reloading brass shotgun shells, the small pebbles of the powder can be leftover in the press. You need to clean it every time after loading brass shotgun shells to avoid any explosion.

⦁ Toughness
By the toughness of the 12-gauge reloading press, I mean the durability of the kit. The strong material with rust and erosion proof warranty can be used for a long period. The quality of the reloading kit should match the industrial standards before coming into your arsenals.

⦁ Feasible
As we all know there is no perfect product made on earth which means every product has its pros and cons but one thing that should not be compromised is its ease of use. A brass shotgun shell reloading kit should be easy enough that can be used by anyone without having a mechanical or technical background. A simple instruction book can do the work of a tutor as well.

Top 10 best brass shell reloading kits

1. Lee Precision Challenger Kit

There are two types of buyers in the market, quality seekers and price lovers. Many of us may compromise quality over price as we are always looking for something that fits well in our budgets.

This shotgun reloading supply is as affordable as the diapers for a kid. It’ll reload pistols and rifle shells at the same time which means you can kill two birds with one stone. A small product with multiple advantages to reloading the shells at your ease.

Key Features

It comes with a powder funnel
Includes sensitive safety scale for any emergency
Save cost of small auxiliary tools
Flawless working system
Complete manuals for reloading guide processes

Customer Reviews
A great product for a newbie to try on. It works well and the kit comes in a number of tools to support the reloading process. It has a great funnel to pour the powder into the shells in an efficient manner.
Lee Precision Challenger Kit

0. Hornady Classic Reloading Press Kit

This shotgun reloading press features a strong cast frame that gives easier access to the cartridge. It offers greater visibility with a quick and easy reloading process. A perfect brass shotgun shell reloading kit that offers everything you need to get started.

This shotgun shell reloading supplies a prime catcher, universal reloading book, handheld priming tool, and a digital scale to measure the exact shapes. It also provides shell holders and a bushing system that makes the process super quick.

Key Features
⦁ It has a kinetic bullet puller
⦁ A decorative sign
⦁ Reliable powder measure stand
⦁ Metering assembly for Rifles and pistols
⦁ A strong shell holder

Customer Reviews
There is nothing to be worried about this product if you know how to manipulate its settings. Do a favor to yourself and try to read a complete installation process. You can watch a YouTube video for instance. This model is quite famous for its press quality.
Hornady Classic Reloading Press Kit

0. RCBS Master Kit

Next in our list is the RCBS Reloading Master kit that is suitable for modern and old shells. It doesn’t matter what’s your skill level in shooting: it’ll help to sharpen your shotgun shell components in an effective manner. The press is speedy, efficient, and versatile in design.

This 12-gauge reloading kit has everything that you’ll need to become a successful reloader. With the passage of time, the cartridge size is also changing at a rapid speed but this model has been lengthened enough to tackle the long size cartridges easily.

Key Features
⦁ Economical price
⦁ One of the right options for newbies
⦁ Rock chucker system
⦁ Value for money product
⦁ Durable long life

Customer Reviews
A complete package of brass shell reloading kit that didn’t bother me to go for any other product. A top-rated seller on Amazon with 4.7 ratings from the verified purchasers. Don’t forget to double-check the rebate period before going for rebate.
RCBS Master Kit

0. Shotshell 12-gauge Reloading Kit

If you’re looking for a reloading kit that can load a huge number of shells, then the Shotshell 12-gauge reloading kit is made for you. It has the capacity to load more than 100,000 shotgun shells which is quite impressive.
The Shotshell kit is a really simple and reliable tool for reloading your shells. It’s made of steel and aluminum which makes it more durable than the average reloading kits. This model will only cost you around $35 up to the date I’m writing this article and that is really cheap.

Key Features
⦁ It has 100,000 shells loading capacity
⦁ Made with strong steel and aluminum
⦁ No need of additional lubricants
⦁ Quality results for cartridge crimp
⦁ Manual spinning cartridge

Customer Reviews
This reloading kit gives a perfect tight fit for the hulls which can be up to 3-inches. It has a strong body to roll and crimp all the plastic shells. One thing that makes me a little bit worried is its lightweight body which might not catch the shells firmly.
Shotshell 12 Gauge Reloading Kit

0. Lee Precision II Reloading press

The Lee Precision II reloading press weighs only three pounds which means you can carry this lightweight 12-gauge reloading equipment not only to your friend’s home but at the shooting sight as well. It has a handle on its top which is specially designed for easy portability of the kit. Its lightweight quality makes it stand out against its rivals.

This loading brass shotgun shell kit has numerous nozzles for different sizes of the shells. One can easily adjust the size and amount of powder by using this 12-gauge reloading press.

Key Features
⦁ Easily fits in the budget
⦁ Attached handle for easy carrying
⦁ Portable design for multiple places
⦁ It can load buckshot
⦁ Unique design

Customer Reviews
What else you need if a product gets 4.7 ratings at Amazon from the verified buyers. There is nothing from the viewers that can affect your decision to not buy this product. This machine will give your shells a new and shiny look as they came from the factory directly.
Lee Precision II Reloading press

0. Redding Pro-Pak reloading Kit

As a professional shooter, one must know the importance of having a loading tray on any reloading bench. This is pretty useful to sort out things properly and avoid any mess of the shells on the table. The Redding reloading kit includes bullet scale, case lube, deburring tool, powder trickle, powder funnel, and metallic cartridges.

To prevent any damage from oils and lubricants, these reloading shotshells are made with plastic materials. It has a screwdriver and a small tray for measuring the powder.

Key Features
⦁ A complete package for shells reloading
⦁ Comes with pad style lube kit
⦁ It has powder trickle in the kit
⦁ Hodgdon manual for reloading
⦁ Its press has a heavier frame

Customer Reviews
A nice and strong product that will last for a lifetime. It performs all the functions very smoothly. There is no harm in using this as a brass shell reloading kit. However, the price of this model is slightly higher than the other rivals.
Redding Pro-Pak Reloading Kit

0. RCBS Summit reloading press

A proud product which was originally manufactured in the USA way back in the year 1943. Until now, there are a lot of features added and excluded from this reloading press. The founder of the company Mr. Fred and his employees worked really hard to make a name in the world of reloading press kits.
With an experience of decades, RCBS has been giving a high-quality product with a money-back guarantee. One can imagine the work efficiency as it accepts bushings for 1-inch die bodies. All in all, people are getting confident due to their manufacturing in the US.

Key Features
⦁ Quality backed product
⦁ Provide full frontal access
⦁ Made and manufactured in the US
⦁ One of the best hunting reloading press
⦁ Rust and erosion proof body

Customer Reviews
I’ve been using this brass shotgun shell reloading kit for a couple of years and finds it as solid as rock. I can assure you that this press is the top quality and solid frame that will work in hard conditions as well.
RCBS Summit Reloading Press

0. Layman Brass Reloading Kit

If you’re looking for a value for money reloading kit, the Layman Brass Smith will be an ideal choice. This brand is not unknown in the world of reloading kits. They provide a good quality reloading kit that works exceptionally well.

After making some adjustments to the initial set-up, you’ll find this reloading kit work according to your given patterns. As you know, there are many variables in powder bushings so if you want to get the exact charge: make sure to measure it accordingly.

Key Features
⦁ Gives a large powder drop range
⦁ It can work in left and right positions
⦁ Made in the USA
⦁ Colorful and attractive appearance
⦁ Strong and healthy frame

Customer Reviews
It performs actions in a desired manner which gives me full control. The handle works very smoothly which adds value to its accuracy of reloading shells. There are no worries about powder leakage. However, you may find some weight measure problems. Layman Brass Reloading Kit

0. Hornady Lock Trimmer

A brand with all the features that make it survive in the hard competition due to its quality products. This Hornady trimmer will reload the 12-gauge kit with a 100% accuracy rate that helps the end-users to rely on this product without any questions.

The thickness of the cartridge rim can be adjusted in the trimmer with an accurate length. It lever helps to lock the case in place and the micro cutter allows changes even at .001”. One can speed up the work as per mentioned instructions.
Key Features
⦁ It can trim micron sizes
⦁ It comes with replaceable cutting head
⦁ 100% accuracy rate in trimming shells
⦁ It includes numerous sizes
⦁ Maximum limit of trimming is 50 caliber

Customer Reviews
This is the final brass trimming kit I’ve bought in my shooting career due to its accuracy of brass trimming. This is the best of them all as I can use it in my bedroom, living room, and every corner of my house. The only downside of this product is the shell holder was a non-starter.
Hornady Lock Trimmer

0.    Hornady Manual Prime

There are numerous reasons to reload your brass shell by using a shell reloading kit. If you’ve the right tools, it will be fun to reload your shells at home or even at the farmhouse. I always suggest reloading shells by yourself as it will give you a feeling of professionalism.

To get in the zone, one can start with the Hornady Manual prime which provides presses and dies with maximum accuracy. It has a strong shell holding platform to free your worries of holding it by yourself. Its cast-iron frame has the heaviest pressing class.

Key Features
⦁ Normal pricing range
⦁ Strong cast Ammon
⦁ Elegant mounting patterns
⦁  Lock-N load bushing system
⦁ One of the ideal options for shooters

Customer Reviews
After using this for a couple of months, I found this shotgun shell press a well-made solid kit. It performs all the functions consistently and in a precise time. The N-lock design is really easy to use. Nevertheless, don’t expect too many free tools except a few ones.
Hornady Manual Prime

It’s always fun to reload the brass shells for your next trip but it gets more interesting and enjoyable when you do it yourself. A brass shell reloading kit will be a handy tool to get your work done in an efficient manner without wasting your time and resources.

Another way to reload the brass shotgun shells is by hands without the use of any professional reloading components. This is super easy and will only cost you around 10 cents to refill a 12-gauge brass shell. Trust me, you can do it at your home without having any mechanical or technical background.


⦁ What is the best brass shell reloading kit?
There are a lot of kits available in the market with different styles, shapes, and designs. One can use the best shell reloading kit by identifying the factors regarding its usage. However, we have enlisted 10 best brass shell reloading kits with their features and real-time customer reviews from Amazon.

0. How to use a brass shell reloading kit?
Every reloading kit has a different model and a unique style of functioning. It’s suggested to watch a YouTube for a complete understanding of the model you’ve chosen for your shells.

0. What to look in a good brass shell reloading kit?
Although there are several factors that need to be double-checked before buying the best brass shell reloading kit but one should focus on its feasibility, durability, brass size, and safety measures.

0. How many types of a reloading kit?
A good brass reloading kit can be divided into three main categories.
⦁ Turret Reloading press
⦁ Single-stage press
⦁ Progressive reloading presses

0. Do all reloading kits come with complete tools?
No, it depends upon the model to model and brand to brand. Most of the brands we have mentioned in our list comes with a complete package of necessary tools.

0. Are the brass shell reloading kits expensive?
Yes, the brass shell reloading kits are a bit expensive. If you only buy a pressing kit, then there are other accessories that might cost you a bit more. IT’s suggested to buy a complete kit which includes all the required tools.