Best Wet Tumbler for Brass Review in 2023

Some people believe that if you want things to be done right, you must do it yourself. Such an attitude is what you need when deciding to pursue any aspiration or activity. One thing that will help you come up with great ammo is if you have the best wet tumbler for brass.

For gun enthusiasts, making ammunition for themselves requires patience and the right preference. If you are engaged in hunting, you will need these characters while doing it.

The best wet tumbler for brass will surely help you experience a smooth reloading process plus the accurate and efficient procedure it provides. Check this review to learn more.

Best Wet Tumbler for Brass – Comparison in 2023

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Best Wet Tumbler for Brass

Brass wet tumbler review

You will see in this review the top 5 best wet tumbler for brass. Discover these products as you choose, and see which will fit your shooting necessities.

1. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Tumbler

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler with 7-Liter Capacity, Clear Viewing Lids, and Auto...

If you want an efficient and accurate case cleaning at all times, then this rotary tumbler is right for you. The item is designed with ultimate quality and impressive features.

You will be able to clean each case as if it is new because the rotating drum is primarily crafted to do such a thing. The inner and outer parts of every cartridge will achieve good polishing.

In terms of capacity, this model can hold up to a thousand cases at a single load. It works even for smaller batches. Another sensational thing about this one is it handles big or small loads with the same level of efficiency.

The drum has end caps that enable you to see the tumbling process. With another sifting cap, you can also drain water from it when the procedure is finished. In addition to that, the two-layer drum with rubber lining decreases noise while on tumbling mode.

More so, this one of the best wet tumbler for brass has an adjustable timer for ensuring the machine is shut off even when you forget to do so. It boasts an extremely durable material that can last for several uses at an extended period of time.


  • Can hold a big capacity of loads
  • Efficient for cleaning brass either small or big batches
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Adjustable timer to prevent power-up or to overheat


  • A little noisy when running a large amount of load

This remarkable tumbler has a lot to offer because of its features. Such a model appears to be one of the quietest units on the market. The watertight item will not give you worry about mess while cleaning your brass.

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2. Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler

Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler (115-Volt)

Lyman Pro is also one of the quietest tumblers. Its lid lets you separate the brass from the media to keep better loads. The item also speeds up your cleaning procedure without compromised results.

In terms of loading, this one has an adequate capacity for low calibers. Apparently, it can clean more than a couple of hundreds of cases per load, which is productivity-wise for small calibers. Still, it can clean any kind of cartridge.

It will also not require you to purchase additional sifters because it does the function on its own. That helps you save time because you have to ensure that each case does not have the remaining media inside as you take it out.

The spring supports the bowl, which makes the unit immovable while it’s on. You will not have a dusty space even while you are cleaning such cases.
Additionally, you will see its drive system that allows the airflow to dry the unit. The thermal protection also avoids heat reactions. This item also possesses enough durability to do heavy-duty tumbling. Its potent motor offers an optimum running range even at full load operation.

This best wet tumbler for brass has a particular movement circulation that leads to superior brass polishing. You just have to turn on the tumbler, and it will be accountable for the rest of the procedure.


  • Durable unit designed for long-lasting use
  • Noise-reduction feature
  • Quick media and brass separation
  • Fast cleaning process


  • Space will be slightly dusty after using

Having this product is a good asset because of its durability. It works accordingly as to how you expect it. For novice hunters and enthusiasts, this is the tumbler we recommend.

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3. Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ 110V Vibratory Tumbler

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Vibratory Case Tumbler with Clear Viewing Lid and Durable Construction...

This tumbler is part of the top models on sale in varying market platforms. The unit cleans every case thoroughly because it has a special bowl.
You will find this item convenient to use with its regular features. This removes lube or oxidation easily.

In using the product, you just have to fill the bowl with the right amount of media. Then you can put your brass before turning on the equipment.
You will also notice the switch together with the power cord. This prevents the tumbler from powering up while you are plugging it.

Moreover, that feature is essential for the control purpose and working system of the item. Also, you will not need to plug it every time you have to operate it.
In just a few hours, the tumbler cleans more than half a thousand cases. For higher calibers, it may be less, but it can still refine those at their best.

You will see a clear glass top, which is keeping the media to fall out of its unit. This lets you see how the tumbler cleans the brass. More so, it is a good thing to monitor the tumbling motion as it eases the process.


  • Can clean many small-caliber cases at the same time
  • Has an on and off switch on its power chord for optimal machine control
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to use


  • Can also clean bigger calibers but in less quantity

All the more, this tumbler is an excellent choice for anyone who seeks for low caliber brass cleaning. Still, whatever case size you have, it can give you the polish at its finest.

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4. Hornady M-1 Case Tumbler

Hornady M-1 Case Tumbler – Clean and Polish Brass Cartridges Quickly and Efficiently – Holds up...

Hornady tumbler does not fail in delivering quality and exceptional performance. The model may not be as huge as the others, but it assures you a convenient brass cleaning experience.

If you are a beginner, you will be totally capable of using this item, and you will enjoy the advantage of having this if you are a veteran.
When the media is in the tumbler, it can hold up to four hundred cases. With cyclonic functions, every tumbling motion shows consistent results. The loading capacity lets the brass cases to have guaranteed thorough cleaning.

The unit’s design can offer a quick change in every batch. Its media sifter helps the exchange of clean cases to dirty ones into the load with little time.
Moreover, the easy and fast cleaning of the brass proves that the tumbler is best for reloading many cases in a single time. It cleans hundreds of cases per cycle.

Also, it delivers constant motor speed, which helps to have a smooth process. The strong components of this tumbler handle vibrations smoothly – increasing the usage capacity of the product. This little wonder may not be totally quiet, but its sound is hardly noticeable.


  • Easy to use
  • Polishes cases effectively
  • Reduced noise
  • Accessible cord switch


  • • Smaller yet more compact compared to other models

You will observe consistency and remarkable capabilities while using this product. There are different reloading tumblers available, but this one matches almost every brass cleaning need of hunting persons. You will just have to put the brass cases on the tumbler, and it will do the remaining process.

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5. Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler

Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler 115V,Multi

Lyman Cyclone tumbler has a massive capacity for holding a thousand brass cases. A rubber lining coming with it protects the case and reduces noise during the loading operation.

Included on its features is the built-in timer that automatically shuts off within 3 hours of use. When the timer hits set time, it turns off, and you will no longer need to watch for it.

With its stainless-steel media, you can thoroughly polish your brass cases like new. Its dual sifter function is also an advantage for allowing media pans and cases to separate after the tumbling process. The upper pan has an opening to catch the cases, and the lower pan has a fine screening layer to separate the pins.

Compared to a traditional tumbler, this one works through advanced technology with varying types of brass, making such materials look rich and shiny after cleaning.

Through the drum end cap, the loading or unloading happens in a snap. There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy once you have this tumbler. The job it completes is something you will be grateful for. It delivers outstanding results.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Durable enough to be used for years
  • Provides admirable results and performance
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Increased tumbler capacity


  • Some leaking may occur if maintenance is neglected

As you can see, the effective and useful features of this product are undeniable and have made it one of the advanced tumblers on the market. It offers you an amazing tumbling encounter, even if you have no prior knowledge or experience with the item. See then how it mainly works for you.

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Features to Consider Before Buying

There are different types of brass tumblers available on the market. However, every single kind has a specific feature and quality that distinguishes each from others. But you don’t need to worry. There will always be an appropriate one for you.

In making the right decision before buying, you must consider the varying factors of each model. Some of the few aspects you can look into are the things that follow.

Capacity of the Tumbler

Capacity of the Tumbler

The number of cases that a tumbler can hold is a vital factor. And the more brass it can hold, the quicker the polishing process will be completed. Some units are built to clean up to 500 cases per cycle, and some other tumblers can carry up to a thousand cases.

If you are going to imagine, the more cases per batch a can tumbler accommodate, the more productive your cleaning experience will be.
When you need to work progressively, you might possibly need a brass tumbler that holds more cases in a single load. That is why your decision to buy a tumbler will depend on the number of cases you have to polish per cycle.

The Number of Cases the Tumbler Can Hold

Almost every tumbler can load any type of brass case. On the other hand, some models can handle specific types of cases better than selected ones. For instance, if you are seeking for a tumbler that holds a thousand small-caliber cases, this same type may not be able to carry a thousand of bigger calibers.
When working with a lot of calibers on the same cycle, you are suggested to buy a unit that will clean or hold more brass cases of the large calibers.

Reliability of the Tumbler

Buyers aim for quality atop all other factors for every product. The cost of tumblers may be expensive, and considering this, it can mean that these tumblers are also the best ones. However, this is not true all the time. Even when prices are higher, it does not always guarantee better quality. Still, there will be exceptions to this.

You must ensure the tumbler’s materials will fit the job it needs to do. The same goes for the gears or bolts, and they must stay secure and firm after hours of cleaning processes. Also, the wheel that rotates the tumbler must significantly work constantly on appropriate speed and target loading capacity.

Durability of the Tumbler

The typical tumbler materials are either steel or plastic components. Evidently, steel models are more durable than those of plastic types. However, you cannot underestimate plastic’s durability because they also possess certain qualities that can match steel ones.

Steel tumblers are reasonably expensive than plastic types. But spending more on your first purchase will be a way to pay less in the succeeding years. You will not want to spend your time and money on buying another brass tumbler because your previous one won’t work after a couple of months.

Type and Maintenance Process of the Tumbler

You must also consider which type of tumbler you will get. This will give you the idea of how you are going to maintain it.

Vibrating Tumblers

A vibrating tumbler allows you to process your brass cases – making them clean, de-scaled, debugged, and polished. This type of tumbler, along with the media, has less expensive inputs compared to other options.

Rotary Tumblers

This is more expensive but gives instant results without the hassle. Its quality and effective features apparently make your cases look brand new.
After deciding on the tumbler you will obtain, you shall also get a case cleaning product which is meant for the tumbler you chose. Select products that will get rid of residue, rust, and discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my brass tumbler last long?

You have to give it proper maintenance measures. Also, you must follow the guidelines on its owner’s manual.

How long does it take to run a tumbler for complete cleaning?

It depends on the number of cases your tumbler can hold per cycle. It can take minutes to hours considering the load capacity and size of the case it holds.

What is the most appropriate media for cleaning my brass cases?

There is a variety of media that you can use for cleaning your brass cases. You can choose from corncob, stainless steel pins, and walnut shells.

Which is better: dry tumbling or wet tumbling?

This is entirely dependent on the type of tumbler you are going to use.

What makes my brass cases look shiny and new?

Dry tumbling typically makes that happen. However, wet tumbling also does wonderful works to your brass cases.

Final Words

There they are. You have read what you need to know about the best wet tumbler for brass. This can be your starting point in seeking and finding what will add to your hunting essentials. Do not hesitate and get the one that caught your eye!