5 Lightweight Shooting Bags Review in 2023

Hunting is both a hobby and a sport that many people enjoy. However, if you take this seriously as recreation or sports, you need to equip yourself with the proper gear. These sports equipment are not only for style and trend but, most importantly, for safety.

One of the essential equipment you must have is the right bag. But, you should never use just any kind. Since this gear helps stabilize and cushion the rear of a rifle, getting the right one is vital.

Therefore, you must get the best one to ensure that it will work according to its purpose. To help you choose the most appropriate best shooting bags, below are the reviews of five products to guide you.

Lightweight Shooting Bags Comparison in 2023

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Top 5 Shooting Bags Review

Shooting Bags Review

There are many available rests available for firing activities. Nonetheless, not all brands are the same. Choosing the best one need not be confusing and difficult; thus, this product review and buying guide.

1. Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag

Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag with Durable Construction and Water Resistance for...

If you are looking for a combo front and rear rests, then this product is meant for you. This carrier, made from polyester material, is sturdy and waterproof. Consequently, you can use it outdoors for range firing and hunting in any type of weather.

Hunters and shooters will love its versatility as they can adjust it at any position on almost any type of surface. It is water-resistant and made from durable polyester material. The Quick-Connect clip and D ring features make it secure and easy to transport.

For the unfilled model, you can quickly fill it with dry silica or other fillers of your choice. This product is easy to set up, which makes you ready for your next shot all the time. Finally, known for its quality, you can get this Caldwell bag for a lower price compared to others.

You can depend on this gear to get rock solid shots when you are in a firing range or out for hunting. Choosing this gear will be the best decision if you are looking for a functional and affordable firing accessory.


  • Water-resistant and durable 600 denier polyester material
  • Versatile, so shooters can use it on almost any surface
  • Quick connect feature for easy carry and transport
  • Available in filled and unfilled models


  • The rear bag has quite a small hole to put fillings in

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2. Allen Filled Bench Shooting Bag

Allen Company Filled Bench Shooting Bag, Brown

The sticky texture of this product ensures that your firearm will not slip while you are trying to get that perfect shot. This safety feature is reinforced with a synthetic gun rest surface. Plus, you will not find a hard time adjusting it to any position you prefer.

It has a shoulder strap for you to carry it around easily. This rest weighs only a little over seven pounds, making it more lightweight than traditional sandbags. Also, it is made from rugged 600 denier polyester material and filled with non-toxic poly beads.

You can depend on this heavy-duty bench rest for a consistent firm and rock-steady hold in every shot.


  • Easy to adjust to any shooting position
  • Lightweight and with shoulder strap for easy carry
  • Filled with inert poly beads
  • Long-lasting 600 denier polyester fabric


  • Uneven filling

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3. Caldwell The Rock Shooting Rest

Caldwell The Rock Jr. with Durable Construction and Elevation Adjustments for Range, Sight In and...

For constant precise shots, you will need a solid bench for a more significant rifle and ammunition accuracy. This Rock rest will just give you just that. Its one-inch diameter steel post offers fast and easy elevation to achieve precise shots.

Weighing approximately eight pounds and with a built-in carrying handle, you can comfortably carry it around. This equipment works well with the included varmint bag and with any Caldwell filled rests. Perfect for narrow or wide forends, you can pair this gear with any rear bag for added stability and accuracy.

Also, it has a suitably placed knob for easy adjustment without removing your rifle from the rest. As added features, it has a forend stop, adjustable cradle ear assembly, and is ready for non-marring foot pads that are available separately.


  • Cast iron base for stability
  • Strategically placed knob for easy adjustment
  • Works well with all Caldwell filled and rear bags
  • Lock lever for safety


  • There is a slight issue on stability

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4. Caldwell Universal Rear Shooting Bag

Caldwell Universal Rear Shooting Bag with Durable Construction and Hook and Loop Straps for Outdoor,...

Ideal for range firing and hunting, it has durable construction perfect for rugged outdoor activities. It is made from leather and polyester materials, making it a reliable kit that will not easily sag or stretch. You can immediately use this product out of the box since it already comes with corn cob filling.

This sack is versatile that you can use it on any surface and available in standard, medium-high, and magnum extended versions. You can also combine this rear bag with almost all kinds of front rests. It has hook and loop tabs for quick and smooth installation and removal from the cradle.

Weighing only 2.5 pounds, it can complement your favorite front rest. So if you are aiming for consistent, precise, and stable shots, this high-quality gear is the key.


  • Versatile that shooters can use it on almost any surface
  • Durable leather and polyester materials
  • Available in three versions (standard, medium-high, magnum extended)
  • Quick installation and removal from the cradle


  • Some users had issues on the seams

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5. Caldwell TackDriver Bag

Caldwell TackDriver Bag with Durable, One Piece Construction and Non-Marring Surface for Outdoor,...

This one-piece durable construction firing paraphernalia is perfect for outdoor fun and activities. Its non-marring surface is ideal for rugged firing and hunting. The self-tightening grip feature protects your firearms while giving a tight grip on the forend, thus lessen the shooter’s felt recoil.

Its fillings are securely enclosed in a hook and loop spout, avoiding any leak. This feature ensures a stable hold on your rifle while firing. Also, it can fit and hold almost any long guns, including your shotgun.

It is a versatile gear that you can use from shooting benches or other positions. Additionally, this bag from Caldwell is easy to use and has a shoulder strap for easy carry and transport.


  • Shoulder strap and handle for easy carry and transport
  • Non-marring surface for added protection to your firearm
  • Can fit and hold almost all long guns like rifles and shotguns
  • Self-tightening grip feature for stability


  • There were users who had to change the filling

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Things to Consider Before Buying

It is wise to go with trustworthy and reliable brands when it comes to gunfire equipment and gears. In this way, you are sure that you will get quality products that will last long to serve their purpose and respond to your needs.


Knowing the dimensions is essential. You want something where you can fit in your gun, ammo, and other firing gears. Ending up with an undersized or oversized bag is just a waste of money.


Your firearms and ammunitions come from heavy metals. Thus, using a robust carrier made from sturdy materials with durable seams will be more advantageous. Getting the right one can also save you a lot of money and trouble if you keep on changing gears.

Carrying Method

If you only have a single pistol, then carrying handles will be enough. However, if you are going to bring big heavy rifles, including accessories, then large bags with shoulder straps will be more helpful. You do not want to tire your arms even before you use them to make those perfect gunshots.

Shooting Rest Fill

Shooting Rest Fill

Entirely stuffing your sack up to brim makes it stiff and not ideal for use. You want some space, especially in the front bag, so that your weapon can rest well on it. The type of filling you have in your carrier can also affect your performance. Some filling materials expand when they get wet, with a tendency to swell and pop.

Pockets and Accessories

Having more pockets is much better than realizing that you do not have enough. Look for a product that has several pockets outside wherein you can put small accessories like ear and eye protection gears. Separating your equipment can keep them from being dirty or getting damaged.

Other accessories you may want to look for are beverage holder and ID pocket. The latter is an essential part since it can make you identify your equipment quickly. It is most helpful during shooting competitions wherein you need to leave your gear with other bags of the same model.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many brands available that you can choose from in the market. However, making sure that you get the right one needs careful thinking and weighing of options. Below are some of the answers to the questions you might commonly ask before buying a firing gear.

What is the best lightweight shooting bag filling?

Most rests used in competitions contain plastic beads or pellets. Meanwhile, Caldwell products recommend corn cob media for this equipment. Rice and bird seeds, on the other hand, swell when soaked in water. Lastly, while sand usually gives enough weight for stability, it tends to wear and snag the bag quickly.

What are the uses of shooting bags?

Your bag can hold your firing gear and equipment. Aside from this, it can also serve as a gun rest. Depending on the bags you own, you can adjust the rests to suit a short pistol or a long shotgun. It ensures stability when you fire a gun and achieve a solid shot.

Can I use a backpack or laptop bag instead?

Although any container can hold and store your gun and ammo, a shooting bag offers advantages, which others cannot equal.

Backpacks are inflexible and too stiff to serve as a rest. Its compartments are also large that your gears and accessories may skid around and pound on each other. However, you can still find the best firing bags in the form of a backpack.

Likewise, a laptop bag can protect your gun, but its design is too flat and may not be strong enough. This luggage can easily break with your pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in it.

What are the things I should put in my bag?

It is typical for shooters to put all their firing equipment, accessories, and paraphernalia inside a range bag. Aside from your pistol, you can place any or all of the following items, depending on your gear size:

● Safety glasses
● Earplugs / Earmuffs
● Shooting gloves
● Boxes of ammunition
● Spare magazines
● Paper targets and a staple gun
● Cleaning and maintenance kit
● First aid kit

Can I store my firearm in a bag?

You can use the bag only if you need to transport your firearm to a firing range. Pistols should always be stored in a gun safe at home where you can easily access it in times of emergency.

Final Words

Sand socks are out. shooting bags are now the in-thing. Whether you are a precision rifle shooter, a hunter, or a gun hobbyist, getting the right kit and rest is crucial. Most shooters will go after quality, design, and versatility.

Whatever your preference may be, your goal is to get a product that you can comfortably use in a firing range. It must be able to hold and balance your rifle to attain a precise shot all the time.