How To Clean A Rifle Scope Properly?

To handle an intricate device like rifle scope is not an easy task. The lenses are of high quality and are made of high definition optics. These lenses are such placed that they allow optimal light to transmit through them. The vision through the lens is crystal clear to the shooters and hence it helps the shooter to shoot the target.

However, for successful shooting hunters must not only follow shooting tips but also clean the lenses on a regular basis. Accumulation of dirt and dust on the lens declines the crispness and sharpness of the product.

How To Clean A Rifle Scope?

clean a rifle scope lens

Regular cleaning is very important for a having a good quality rifle scope for a long time.

Steps to clean your rifle scope properly

  • Firstly, brush off all the dust and dirt particles which have accumulated on the surface with a soft bristle brush. Choose soft bristles to avoid scratches on your lens. Before using the brush one should ensure that the brush is oil free.
  • After brushing off the dust eliminate the smudges and the blotches of fingerprints from the lens. Use a microfiber cloth which is soft and chemical free. Microfiber cloth has triangular fibers which can clean the surface of the lens. On a contrary, normal cloth have circular fibers which all the more spread the grease over the lens. Hence, choose microfiber cloth only. The fabric of the cloth must also be thick enough so that the diminutive particles can sweep off. Hence, choose a good quality cloth to clean your lens in a hassle free manner.

For eliminating stubborn remains from the lens advanced cleaning is required. For removing dried water spots and remains of pollens anti-fog cleanser must be adopted.

The following steps must be followed for cleaning a glass lens with an anti-fog cleanser:

  • Pour few drops of the liquid on a gob of tissue. Then in a circular motion clean the lens proceeding towards outside. Most of the stubborn stains can be removed easily by this technique.
  • Use a dry gob of the tissue to abolish the fluid which remains on the lens. Repeat the process till the lens is clean.

In case you use an anti-fog lens cleaner, do not go for a quick-dry formulation. The reason behind this is such fluids if dries quickly they may leave residues on the surface of the lens. Hence, this process will lead to a negative result. Hence make sure that the cleanser does not dry on the surface of the lens.

Final Verdict

Therefore, it is clear that cleaning a rifle scope is an easy task. Follow the steps given above and make your lens more durable. The vision through the lens is crystal clear if it is cleaned on a regular basis.

One more thing which should be kept in mind while cleaning a rifle scope is to choose excellent quality products to clean your lens for avoiding further damage. Good products clean the lens properly without affecting the quality of the lens.