Top 10 Best Wool Hunting Clothes 2023 – Buying Guide

There is a number of reasons to wear wool clothes in hunting season. The unmatched insulation properties of wool make it ideal for outdoor trips. The best part about wearing wool is, it keeps you warm even if it gets wet or frozen. It is flexible and comfortable. It doesn’t stink and keep you dry. After researching all the available warm hunting clothes we have found some best options in high-end hunting clothing.

Things to consider before buying the best wool hunting clothes


Camouflage patterns

A big part of hunting clothes is a good camouflage pattern. Buy some best wool hunting clothing with the camouflage pattern of:

  • Real tree MAX-4 waterfowl camouflage (specifically designed for duck hunting)
  • Real tree AP camouflage (for all-purpose of hunting)
  • Warn color orange (a bright color that can be easily spotted by other hunters but not animals)

Best brands

Few big names in hunting brands that can never get you wrong are:

  • Sitka
  • Under armor
  • First lite

These companies provide special designs of insulated hunting clothes in different camouflage patterns.


Hunting clothes include several accessories:

  • Hunting gloves
  • Wool jackets
  • Wool Socks
  • Thermal shirts
  • Hunting cap


  • Wool is a good quality fabric that is reliable and strong
  • It is composed of many amino acids that offer absorbent properties
  • It helps retain the texture of fabric for a longer time


  • Purchase hunting clothes in a larger size than you need
  • You will be able to wear layers of clothing with a bigger size
  • It will ensure your comfort

Our 10 Best wool hunting clothes

1. First lite obsidian pants

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key features:

  • Made of a durable Merino nylon fabric
  • Rip-stop woven configuration
  • Articulated and stretched built-in fit design
  • The pattern provides a complete range of motion while hunting
  • Matte and breathable. quite without shine
  • Also include suspenders

Everyone knows the traditional hunting clothes by the first lite. First, the lite obsidian pant is true to their size whether you are wearing them as a layer or over a layer. The durable merino wool hunting clothes are made of wool and nylon fabric which is anti-bacterial and stays warm.

Customer reviews:

WOW! The most amazing fabric I’ve ever seen or felt. You can tell it’s both strong/flexible and high thermal properties. It looks amazing as well.

2. Sitka articulated hunting pant

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key features:

  • Tree covered and vegetated terrain made in USA
  • Designed for ambushing and stalking ungulates from ground
  • It is made of lightweight and ultra-breathable fabric
  • Features a four-way stretchable nylon fabric
  • Quick-drying ascent pant
  • Mesh backed pockets for additional ventilation
  • Polygiene technology controls odor caused by sweat
  • Articulated patterns provide a maximum range of motion

Sitka articulated hunting clothes provide the most durable pants. This softshell pant keeps you cool and dry while you hunt. The fabric material used is stretchable nylon that ensures comfort and breathability. The internal mesh knee pocket is to provides extra protection and comfort.

Customer reviews:

I love these pants. They fit well, just a tad bit snugger than my Sitka mountain pants in the same size, but not uncomfortable to wear. They are very light and breathable well they also dry very quickly.

3. Walker and Hawkes women hunting jacket

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key features:

  • Women’s derby tweed hunting jacket
  • made of 60% pure wool
  • it has a breathable membrane
  • two heavy-duty side zippers
  • the jacket is waterproof as well as windproof
  • the fabric used is Teflon coated

Walker and Hawkes are famous for their wool hunting sweaters and jackets. They provide their customers with material that is resistant to all kinds of harsh weather conditions. This best wool hunting jacket has 100% polyester internal lining. For extra strength and durability, this jacket has a 2-way brass heavy-duty zip and extra seams from the arms and shoulders.

Customer reviews:

With my thin upper body, I got a size medium. The jacket fits well and has room for a sweater under it. However, I think the jacket will be so warm I will not need to wear a sweater. Very nice quality wool.

4. Dachstein wool wear jacket

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key features:

  • Dry, clean, and imported wool wear
  • The short collar quietly lies against your skin
  • Structured fit and classic style jacket
  • 100% traditional Austrian boiled wool
  • This jacket covers you all and makes you ready to hunt
  • It includes five forest wood buttons and two warm pockets

This great men’s wool hunting jacket by Dachstein wool wear makes you a leader of livestock and a leader of men. The wool material used is quite durable and breathable. This green wool camo coat-like jacket brings you the freshness of the Dachstein Mountains.

Customer reviews:

This is the best Jacket ever. My husband gets so many compliments on it. Added bonus it is MADE in Austria NOT CHINA. If one takes care of this jacket – it will last a lifetime.

5. Filson mackinaw wool field jacket

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key features:

  • Combination of cotton and wool jacket made in USA
  • 24 oz. wind and water resistant
  • A woven coat that will maintain your looks without compromising performance
  • Bottomland original camouflage pattern
  • Front zip closure and dual welts.
  • Include two hands warmer zipper pockets and one chest zipper pocket
  • Roomy fit size. It is a combination of 80% wool and 20% cotton

This merino wool hunting jacket by mossy oak’s original has been famous in the hunting industry for a long time. They have their new designs this year including this Filson mackinaw wool field jacket with a bottomland camouflage pattern. The jacket includes internal security pockets and zipper handwarmer pockets.

Customer reviews:

The best part about them is the coverage all the way up to your neck. This is the only reason that I own both Filson hunting vests and jackets because they give your neck and throat protection when it’s really chilly outside.

6. DG hill Merino wool thermal socks

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key features:

  • Designed for extreme weather conditions with 80% Merino wool
  • Keeps you warm by acting as a body temperature regulator
  • Brushed fleece lining which is incredibly comfortable and soft
  • Stretchable and extremely durable
  • Added arch support and reinforced toe and heel cushioning
  • These socks are odor-free as it absorbs moisture and sweat
  • Thermal Antibacterial socks are available in all sizes

DG hills manufacture a variety of men’s hunting clothing every year. This pair of wool socks is ideal for hunting and hiking. Its ultra-comfortable and high-performance properties keep you warm all day long. They are breathable and built for versatility.

Customer reviews:

Most of the customers are happy with quality and comfort but many complained about the strong odor and awful smell it produced after using it.

7. Scent Lok men’s hunting pants

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key features:

  • A perfect balanced pant for all seasons
  • New taktix system with rich features
  • An un-matched carbon alloy technology with odor absorption
  • Consists of an un-detected camouflage pattern
  • The never wet feature keeps you clean and dry
  • Water, blood, mud, and other liquids resistant
  • Designed with Microfleece inner lining and eight pockets

After the struggle and improvements of 25 years this scentlok hunting pant company. The product is here with rich features and carbon alloy absorption technology. These pants will be greatly helpful in searching for your quest and success. It also includes articulated knees and wide waistband elastic.

Customer reviews:

Great product, lots of pockets and comfortable too. I got a large size and mainly bought it for warmer weather hunts. They fit me around the waist. Overall I would recommend it.

8. Man’s Thinsulate 3M palm gloves

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key features:

  • Made with 55% wool and 55% acrylic material
  • Available in all sizes of men and teens
  • Thick, lined and flip down measurements
  • Easy access plus super thick and warm
  • Work as a natural insulator. 40-gram insulation hold
  • Durable custom micro fleece fiber for long-lasting wear

These gloves by Sk hat shop are the warmest hunting gear and work great for all outdoor activities. They are super warm, super soft, and super comfortable. Improved quality consists of 40-gram thick fleece lining and Thinsulate 3M insulation properties.

Customer reviews:

They fit perfectly. Really snug and cozy. They’re lined with a soft fuzzy lining on the inside too. And the wrist unfolds for a longer extended glove up your wrist.

9. Sitka men’s fanatic camo hunting gloves

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key features:

  • durable fabric and imported quality
  • offers a perfect balance of dexterity and warmth
  • half fore finger design to offer more thumb accuracy
  • provide ability to use touch screen phone
  • the DWR system that prevent water light precipitation from getting wet
  • easy on/off with durable leather pull system

the Sitka men hunting gloves provide the versatility you need to stay for all day long. The camouflage micro configuration pattern helps in making your hunting effective, warm and comfortable. The gloves feature water-resistant properties and are breathable next to the skin layer.

Customer reviews:

I wore these gloves for two entire seasons now, and I couldn’t be happier. They are the perfect combination of having a lightweight early-season glove.

10. Nomad men hailstorm jacket

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key features:

  • The most innovative and authentic hunting jacket
  • The bundle includes ware to work bandana
  • Provides true functionality performance in the hunting field

The nomad mail storm company inspires their community by making the best hunting jackets on the market. The product they produce is always authentic and innovative. This jacket provides efficiency during your hunting sessions in any weather condition.

Customer reviews:

Many customers have provided positive responses after using this jacket.


For a great experience in a hunting field, there are several factors to consider. Wool hunting clothes are as essential as other hunting gears and accessories are. Hunting is worth nothing if you have everything but you can’t stand the cold anymore. Take the right decisions before getting into the game. We hope our article is helpful enough for you to purchase the best wool hunting clothes.


1. Are wool pants good for hunting?

Wool pants are proven to be great for hunting. They are breathable, durable, and fully effective. Not all the expensive products you buy last longer. And cheaper products also tend to be less durable so, wool products are a little expensive but worth buying.

2. What hunting clothes are warmest?

Some of the best warmest hunting clothes include, First lite obsidian pants, Sitka articulated hunting pants, DG hill Merino wool thermal socks, Filson mackinaw wool field jacket, Walker and Hawkes women hunting jacket, and many others more.

3. What is the best cold weather hunting gear?

some of the best cold weather hunting gears that make the cold bearable are: First lite obsidian pants, Sitka articulated hunting pant, Walker and Hawkes women hunting jacket, Dachstein wool wear jacket, Filson mackinaw wool field jacket, DG hill Merino wool thermal socks, Scent Lok men’s hunting pants, Man’s Thinsulate 3M palm gloves, Sitka men’s fanatic camo hunting gloves, Nomad men hailstorm jacket.

4. Is merino wool works better than regular wool?

Yes, merino wool is better than regular wool. A difference between merino wool and regular wool is that merino wool is gentler and softer than regular wool. It is because merino wool is generated from a unique kind of sheep called merino sheep.

5. What is the best rain gear for hunting?

Best rain gears for hunting are: First, lite obsidian pants, Sitka articulated hunting pant, Walker and Hawkes women hunting jacket, Dachstein wool wear jacket, Filson mackinaw wool field jacket, DG hill Merino wool thermal socks, Scent Lok men’s hunting pants, Man’s Thinsulate 3M palm gloves, Sitka men’s fanatic camo hunting gloves, Nomad men hailstorm jacket.

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