12 Best Heating Insoles for Hunting 2023 – Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best heating insoles for hunting because you are sick and tired of your feet being cold? Well, then step right in!

With some of the ideal opportunities for hunting being in regions that have temperatures below zero, it becomes hard for hunters to keep their feet warm.

Even if you are mentally prepared for hunting in the winter season as it offers more hunting possibilities, few of you are physically prepared to tackle the heat.

Best Choice
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
Good Choice
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Don't Miss
ThermaCELL Rechargeable Remote Controlled Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger, Small
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
ThermaCELL Rechargeable Remote Controlled Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger, Small
Best Choice
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal
Good Choice
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Don't Miss
ThermaCELL Rechargeable Remote Controlled Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger, Small
ThermaCELL Rechargeable Remote Controlled Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger, Small

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For those of you that are underprepared, we have listed 12 heated insoles for hunting because if you intend to stay warm investing in insoles is the right call. Even if you are covered with gloves, coat, hats etc if your feet aren’t warm the rest of the body will fail to stay warm as well.

If you want to stay comfortable while you wait for the perfect shot in the cold, you may want to consider investing in heated or thermal socks. While you may already have a coat, a hat, gloves, and more, if your feet are warm, the rest of your will catch up.

Under each product we have highlighted the specifications, these will assist you immensely in selecting a product that satisfies your requirements. These specifications truly define the product and through them, you will get an idea as to what are you paying for.

By the end of the product description, we have included customer feedback so that you can read for yourself what consumers have to say about the insoles.

So by the end of the review, you will know all there is to find out about these best-heated insoles for hunting.

So let’s get started.

Top Heating Insoles for Hunting

1. Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal

Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal

Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Universal


  • Hours it lasts: on settings this battery-operated foot warmers to the lowest settings you can get the heated time of 21 hours. In case you are hiking, hunting or playing in the cold this time duration is more than enough. For extreme conditions, you can turn the settings up to medium, medium-high or high. These will last 10, 7.5 and 4.5 hours respectively.
  • Offers 4 heat settings: when it gets super cold you can turn the settings on high. Other times medium-high, medium and low will work just fine.
  • Universal size: in order to fit the insole in nay footwear you can trim it. This handy feature makes these feet warmers for hunting ideal for all foot sizes.
  • Battery is rechargeable: the rechargeable battery eliminates the need of purchasing disposable ones. You can recharge the included battery 500 times in total. This is a huge amount and so the insoles will be used several winters.
  • Maximum heat is of 178 degrees: with a warmth of 178 degrees, you will remain warm no matter how cold the weather is.

Hotronics manufactures some of the best products and is a well-known name. If you are looking for heated insoles for ski boots or another other boots, then this is the right product to consider.

It’s a bit costly but that’s just because its well-made.

Customer Reviews

With 62% of consumers have rated it 5 stars it is definitely a people pleaser.

2. ThermaCELL Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL Proflex Heavy Duty Heated Insoles


  • Offers 3 heat settings: Obviously, you required more than one set of heat. These 3 settings with the highest being at 115 make these insoles the best thermacell rechargeable heated insole.
  • Hours it last: These insoles have a run time of 8.5 hours and that’s a decent amount of time to keep your feet heated during hunting.
  • Recharge time: These heated insoles for boots can be recharged in just about 2 hours. The common charging time for insoles is 4 hours and these beat that.
  • Battery is built-in: With these insoles, you don’t have to worry about a battery clip. The battery is built-in and is covered by cushioning, so you will not feel it nor will it be visible.
  • Battery is rechargeable: the rechargeable battery eliminates the need of purchasing disposable ones. You can recharge the included battery 500 times in total. This is a huge amount and so the insoles will be used several winters.
  • Bluetooth compactible: unlike other battery-powered heated insoles that operate with a remote you can control these using your smartphone. So you don’t have to carry about carrying a remote with you.

Thermcell is definitely a company to look out for. These insoles are its top sellers if you don’t believe us you can check out thermacell proflex heated insoles reviews for yourself.

We decided to check thermacell heated insoles reviews in order to see what the people had to say about this product.

Customer Reviews:

It should come as no surprise that people are super impressed with the benefits that these insoles offer. They love the fact that you can easily change the settings of heat.

        3. Flambeau Hot Feet Heated Insoles


  • Hours it last: This product last for about 5 hours with a full charge. It’s certainly not a bad duration.
  • Offers 3 heat settings: Majority of the insoles on this list offer a variety of heat settings same is the case with this insole. It has 3 heat settings: high, medium and low. All in all, you will get ample warmth.
  • Remote control: these insoles can be operated with a remote. So you don’t have to take off your boots or gloves to change heat settings.
  • Comes in multiple sizes: you will surely get a size that fits you as this insole is available in many sizes.
  • Comfort: As these insoles are made out of EVA and lycra, so they are able to absorb shocks and offer comfort.

Flambeau is a company that makes amazing outdoor gear and all its products excel in performance so buy this product with the mental satisfaction that you are investing in the right merchandise.

Customer Reviews:

Consumers are super impressed by the cost and performance of this product.

       4. Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles

Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles


  • Remote control: Controlling the warmth yield makes life much simpler. Rather than twisting around and taking your shoe off to kill the radiator on or, you can simply utilize the remote.
  • Offers 3 heat settings: This feature can also be constrained using the remote. You’ll value this in the event of various temperatures and climates.
  • Hours it lasts: it offers 5 hours of warmth and will work during a lot of circumstances. You can generally energize it during lunch and use it throughout the day.
  • Insole is shock resistant: When one is out in the cold he/she needs an insole that can get hammered. ProFLEX can take a beating and will make your foot feel better, even when you’re trekking o rough landscape.
  • Totally waterproof: You won’t need to stress over the battery or warming components getting harmed if shoes get wet.

With no straps and wires needed for the insole, ThermaCELL has truly outdone itself.

Customer Reviews:

Ranked high on comfort this is quite loved by all. Plus, it’s selling like hotcakes as it is quite affordable.

        5. Warm Heated Insoles

Warm Heated Insoles

Warm Heated Insoles


  • Offers 3 heat settings: You truly need more than one warming setting in case you’re pondering which insoles are the best. On the days when it’s very cold you can wrench it to high and during the days when it’s not all that chilly, you can leave it on medium or low.
  • USB charger: Another angle that makes this insole helpful is that it doesn’t require a one-of-a-kind charger. On the off chance that you need a wire to charge it, it will be extremely easy to get one.
  • Hostile to slip: If case you are investigating crude landscape you’ll value this component. This insole utilizes suction innovation to guarantee it doesn’t move around when you’re strolling.
  • Remote control: If you need to switch the warmth or turn the radiator on, you won’t need to battle with the boots to do so. The remote offers full access.

Dr.Warm Heated Insoles are designed ergonomically. With they being built for mobility you can use them on whichever terrain you like.

Customer Reviews:

Consumers have remarked that this product excels in comfort and that it makes every step feel good.

6. Hotronic FootWarmer S3 Custom


  • Offers 4 heat settings: the majority of the insoles on this rundown have 3 heat settings yet this one accompanies a coordinated fourth warmth setting. It siphons in a high measure of warmth in short blasts to spare battery and keep your feet super warm.
  • Maximum heat is 168 degrees: On using the most elevated warmth setting you get 168 degrees of warmth. It doesn’t make a difference if the temperature is in the negatives, you’ll feel good despite all that.
  • Simple installation: This item doesn’t take a lot to set up either. You simply need the Hotronic bracket in order to fix the battery on your boots.
  • Tough and durable: If you plan on bringing this radiator into a harsh landscape, you won’t need to stress over the battery breaking. It can deal with whatever you toss at it.

Like the first product by Hotronic this one also has a long-running time and will not disappoint you.

Customer Review:

The gist of the positive feedback is this is a fantastic product and totally worth the cost.

     7. Thermacell Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger

Thermacell Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger

Thermacell Heated Shoe Insole with Car Charger



  • Hours it last: This model offers 5 hours of warmth. This battery life isn’t the best on this rundown yet it’s not all that awful. A great many people aren’t in cold for straight 5 hours.
  • Offers 3 heat settings: Even thou this isn’t a one-of-a-kind feature it is however one that you certainly need. This feature makes you feel super comfortable.
  • Quick charge: Some batteries of insoles take a long time to energize however this one has a sensible charging time of 4 hours.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Replacing a battery-powered insole can get costly. Fortunately, on the off chance that you settle on this warm insole you won’t need to stress over that for quite a long time as its battery can be charged 500 times.
  • Remote: Many items so far have accompanied a remote and this one also comes with a remote.

The best part about this insole is that it comes with two charges. One is the regular charger that you plug in the wall the other is a charger for your car. So you can charge the insole in the car in case you forgot to charge it at home.

Customer Reviews:

With a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon, this is quite a people pleaser.

8.  HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers


  • Odorless material
  • Air activated
  • Size variations
  • Heating time: 15-20 minutes
  • TSA approved

Most insoles have a weird and unfavorable plastic scent which gets eve worse when your feet get wet due to sweating. Not in this case! As, Hot hands’ warmest hunting socks are free from any sort of bad fumes. Offering extreme adhesion, these air-activated feet warmers are pretty durable and to they will avoid any new heated insoles for boots purchase in the near future.

This set of temporarily heated insoles for boots includes 16 rechargeable heated insoles and each one lasts for around 9 hours. Moreover, it features a natural heat mechanism. Worried about harmful substances? Well, don’t worry because these rechargeable heated insoles are TSA-approved. An unused pack of battery heated socks can last around 4-5 years and after that you have to dispose of them. Weighing only around 1.6 pounds, each set in these battery-operated foot warmers takes up only 15-30 minutes to heat up.

Consumers who love camping or hiking in cold weather are the ideal users of these battery-operated foot warmers. It’s disposable so you can easily dump them after using them instead if carrying them around in your bag in the form of extra weight.


If you’re in search of a temporary solution to cold weather while hunting and absolutely despise the idea of carrying extra things, this is the answer for you.

9. Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

Heat Holders Thermal Socks


  • Proportions:7″ high and 9″ wide
  • TOG rating : 2.34
  • Easy wash/Machine wash
  • Long looped thermal pile knitted

This machine washes best thermal socks are around 7″ high and 9″ wide. The long looped thermal pile knitting technology utilized in the construction of these women’s heated socks successfully traps in more hot air as compared to cold air and simultaneously keeps you warm for a long time. These thick socks have a TOG rating of around 2.34.

The machine wash nature makes it easy to use because you won’t have to go the extra mile while cleaning it. The construction material includes; 3% Polyester ,1% Elastane, 91% Acrylic ,5% Nylon. Moreover, the breathable surface will let moisture pass through and keep your skin the way it was instead of suffocating it.

Ideal for female consumers, not only do these socks perform their function properly. The color variations can also be mixed and matched with your outfit and you can appear stylish while being completely covered.


This might be the perfect present for your diabetic friend or relatives as it keeps feet warm even if someone struggles with circulation problems. So, give them what they deserve something stylish yet durable.

10.  Meister Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer

Meister Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer

Meister Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer


  • Polyester and neoprene material
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Easy fit design
  • Color: Black

Ice skating or sledding can be a sport that offers you a kick that nothing else offers. Moreover, if you live in a northern area where there are 5 feet of snow outside your house most of the time, going out can be pretty hard. These thermal women’s heated socks by Meister work the same as global vision heated gloves and are specifically decided to target these needs of yours. It features 2.5mm thick neoprene body that practically seals in heat and keeps cold air outside.

If you’re a fan of ice baths then these can also be utilized during that to prevent cold feet.  these duck hunt socks weigh around only 3.2 ounces. The style is extremely sleek and it fits easily without causing any sort of discomfort. It comes in a jet black color that practically disappears under leggings or socks. Polyesters utilized in its construction makes sure that the shape of these women’s heated socks adjusts with the contours of your feet perfectly and it’s not loose.

Consumers appreciate the fact that it comes in one easy fit size that fits most feet. Although, if you have abnormally large feet you might struggle with it. In that case, you can check out the rest of the best boot warmers mentioned on this list for best boot warmers.


These multipurpose socks can be used for various sports and occasions e.g. running, biking, hiking, cold baths etc.

11.  Pure Athlete Ski Socks

Pure athlete Ski Socks

  • Merino wool
  • Anti-odor material
  • Elastic spandex
  • Knee-high length
  • Cuffs for safety

As the name indicates these heated insoles for boots have been specifically designed for females. Although they are ideal for skiing, they can also be used regularly or for other athletic occasions. The company offers a lifetime guarantee for these heated insoles for boots.

These warm best-heated insoles for hunting have been constructed by using high-grade wool guaranteed to provide extreme thermal support. Furthermore, these are knee-high so most of your legs will also be covered. In addition, merino wool helps in avoiding any sort of stinky odors that might get build-up due to perspiration. The construction material includes; 58% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex, 23% Merino Wool and 16% Polypropylene.

Most consumers complain about the fact that usually, thermal socks result in accidents but the reviews for these boot warmers for hunting suggest that the cuff at the top prevents any sort of slipping. So, skate away without worrying, these best-heated insoles for hunting will take care of everything.


Unable to find out thermal socks for you in your size? The pure athlete has solved your problem. Now you can hunt and skate without worrying about cold feet and toes.

12.  ActionHeat Rechargeable Heated Insoles

ActionHeat Rechargeable Heated Insoles

ActionHeat Rechargeable Heated Insoles


  • USB charging mechanism
  • Rechargeable
  • Soft shell material
  • Heating panels under toes
  • Wireless control adjustments

For only under $130 these heated shoe insoles provide you with a wide range of size variations. These rechargeable electric socks insole sets have the features of a dual micro USB charging mechanism. You can also adjust the heat according to your choice by pressing the controller whenever you want. There are 3 heat adjustment levels and the battery runs out according to the level you’re on.

Furthermore, these ultra-thin heated shoe insoles have built-in batteries which are super lightweight and these boot warmers for hunting provide equalized heat. The batteries can last for up to 4-5 hours easily. The highest temperature it can reach is around 140F and the heat panels specifically placed under the toes provide comfort better than ay other best electric foot warmers. Don’t let the ultra-thin material fool you, regardless of this, these insoles trap heat and keep your feet warm as hell.

Customers who have utilized these best electric foot warmers for a long hunting trip complain about the battery very often. It usually depends upon the heating speed you’re using the best electric foot warmers on. So if you want the battery to last longer, keep the heat level at a minimum.


Unlike other heated wool socks, these heated wool socks is super portable and can be carried in a bag when you’re not wearing it. These batteries last pretty long on average although if you’re looking for something that lasts for 6+ hours you should check out other best thermal socks mentioned on this review guide.

What to Look For

Hunting boots heated insole

Hunting and rock climbing seem like a great idea eve during the coldest of weather. The serotonin rush is bound to get you riled up and you’ll end up planning a list of stuff you need but wait a second and think about that one issue you mostly face, “cold feet”. Yeah, that’s a big issue, especially during nighttime.

This is why you need to have the best-heated insoles for hunting lying around in your bag, that you can put on whenever you desire. Not only are heated insoles ideal for hunting, they are also appropriate for various other occasions.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to a blanket while camping and you’re laying out in the open? Your feet are the first part of your body that’ll catch up the cold. In this sort of situation, a great pair of heated insoles will be your only remedy.

Although, some best heated insoles for hunting only provide moderate thermal support to your feet, some can also act as arch angle improvers. It’s important that the best heated insoles for hunting you’re purchasing is comfortable enough otherwise your attention will remain deviated while taking an aim during hunting.

Firstly, it’s significant to notice whether the heated insoles for boots you’re about to purchase is waterproof or not. That’s because, during cold weather, the moistures in the air can affect your battery-run heated insoles for boots. Furthermore, make sure that the boot warmers for hunting are easy to fit and according to your choice.

Lightweight insoles of electric socks for hunting are more portable and easy to walk in, as they don’t place extra weight on you while trekking or walking on a unequal surface. While hunting and skiing properly fitted boots, socks and boot warmers for hunting play a significant role. Loosely fitter things can cause hazardous incidents, so always opt for the sizes that fit you. Not too tight and not too loose!

Lastly, there’s a variety of best heated insoles for hunting in the market that releases unfavorable odors when they come in contact with water, which is why it’s important to read reviews regarding that product prior to the purchase.


Why have cold feet on the off chance that you don’t need to?

There are a lot of choices to keep your feet toasty and a warmed insole is perhaps the most ideal approach to do as such.

These items can offer a high measure of warmth and can work for more than 20 hours on a solitary charge. Furthermore, there’s a pack to browse so you get the correct one for your needs.

In the event that you have any inquiries regarding these items, leave a remark underneath and we will respond.

Are you eager to indulge in winter activities with one of these best-heated insoles for hunting?

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