How to Wash Hunting Clothes

Hunting is a ‘dirty game’. Given that you have to go into the bushes in  search of animals to devour, there is no doubt that your clothes will miss some dirt or filthy smell. In hunting it is important to be aware that most animals are sensitive to smell and they can detect danger through smelling. Your hunting gears normally have no smell that can get the animals suspicious of anything but as time you make use of them they get dirty and filthy.

In the event that you want to go ahead and wash your clothes, the type of detergent you choose should not  have any smell. In addition, it should not have any trace of UV brightness or perfumes.

Unlike other types of clothes, the procedure of washing Hunting clothes is a little different. So, let’s get into learning everything you need to know to start your hunting clothes washing business.

How to wash hunting clothes

Select a detergent

It is true that detergents  make your clothes look amazing and attractive but not all kinds of detergents are recommended for washing hunting gears. This is because the material used to make hunting clothes is a little bit different from other normal clothes.  However, some detergents that are free of UV lights are perfect for washing hunting clothes.

Every time you go to the store to buy washing detergents, you will most likely find labelled detergents that are good to be used in both military and hunting clothes.

Apart from that you can still use natural and chemical detergents. Lime water for example goes a long way in removing the stubborn stains from your clothes. In addition, Baking soda does a great job in cleaning your clothes without discolouring them.

Other different ways of laundering hunting clothes involve the use of  local detergents like hydrogen peroxide. This comes ready in handy when getting rid of  stubborn  stains from your hunting gear.

Although  local detergents are the best  at removing stains,they have unnecessary fragrances that might ruin your hunting.

Let’s do some washing!

Even though you can wash your hunting clothes by hand, it is most recommended to use a washing machine. Let’s take a look at how you can wash them using a washing machine.

1. First clean the washing Machine

For better results, washing the washing machine itself is the initial step you would want to take. Thoroughly clean the inner part of the machine before running hot water over it to rinse it. After rinsing, you can allow it to dry by leaving it for a couple of minutes.

2. Do a  cold-washing cycle

Once you have the washing machine clean, gather the UV-free and fragrance-free detergents and put some adequate purporting into the washing machine. In these cases avoid using hot water as it weakens the glue that keeps the accessories together.

3. Run  another laundry cycle.

In the second laundry round, make use of baking soda. That way you can remove any residue of bad smell from your hunting gear. In addition, baking soda will help remove the remaining traces of stubborn detergents.

4. Allow your clothes to dry

After the second laundry, take your clothes out of the washing machine and leave them outside to dry. Do not use a dryer because it can severely damage your clothes by shrinking its fibres.

5. Store the clothing in a plastic bag.

Once they are dry, you can gently iron and fold them for storage. Put them in a plastic bag and cover with a tight lid

Advantages of using Washing Machine

  1.  It  saves you s great deal of    time
  2. It completely removes stubborn stains on your hunting clothes.
  3. You can save a lot of water.
  4. Unlike hand washing, using a washing machine make removing hard stains a breeze.

Disadvantages of Using a Washing Machine.

  1. Using hot water can damage the fabric by causing it to shrink.


Besides using a washing machine, washing by hand is also a better option. When you have the right detergents, the ones that do not have fragrances, hand washing is easy. One advantage of hand washing is the fact that your clothes can stay for long.

However, since hunting clothes are often made of rough materials, washing them by hand can be difficult. Furthermore, it takes more time compared to washing with a washing machine.


  1. Hand washing makes your clothe stay way longer than you expect.


  1. It might take you a lot of time.
  2. It is nearly impossible to remove hard stains

Hunting Clothes Washing Tips

  1. Before you begin the entire process of  washing your hunting clothes,you need first take your time and  clean the washer and dryer inorder to get rid of any remaining  scented detergent and fabric softener
  2.  Always hand wash your  hunting clothes with a larger  shower or  utility  sink.
  3. Use baking soda for rinsing  in order to remove bad smell..
  4. Dry your clothes before using them.Once they are dry,  be sure to store them within a lined plastic bag to prevent the odors from sticking.
  5.  Do not use  fabric softener or dryer sheets while cleaning your hunting equipment.
  6. Wash your hunting clothes as regularly as possible to prevent your sweat from turning into something else that you might not like.


There are different reasons as to why  many folks out there love hunting. While some do it just for fun,  others prefer to do it for a living.Wearing protective hunting clothes is always something you don’t want to take for granted. Care needs to be taken though as such clothes are easily susceptible to tear and wear. Besides, the more they are used the more it accumulates bad smells and stains.  Therefore, knowing how to take care of those stains is very crucial.

In this article,we have prepared some tips and some insights you need to know in order to wash your clothes. By following through the guidelines provided above, we are definitely sure that maintaining and cleaning your hunting clear is nothing but a piece of cake.