Goose vs Duck Meat

Goose and ducks might seem similar when you look at them but the truth of the matter is that they are totally different. Though both of them are birds, ducks are more social and you will most certainly find them living in groups. Their lifespan is quite long and they can go up to 20 years.

Insects , plants, fish , fruits and seeds are some of  the things they take on a day to day basis. They live mostly in ponds, rivers or streams and that explains the reason as to why they love feeding on fish and crustaceans.However, some breeds of ducks, unlike geese, have been made pets and domesticated by humans.

Duck meat is known all over the world to be the source of proteins besides minerals and vitamins. While some people think that duck meat is red, it is also considered and  white meat. Being a poultry like other birds such as chicken, it’s meat is definately white.

Goose on the other hand, are birds slightly larger than ducks. They live in freshwater and walk together as a flock. Goose love to take stems, seeds, and shoots for their meals. However they never mind having a dinner with some berries, insects, roots or grass.

There is a clear difference between geese and duck meat. In this article therefore, we shall focus on elaborating in detail the difference between the two.

What  Difference Is There Between the Goose And Duck Meat?

As mentioned before, ducks and geese feed on different diets. It is this difference that influences the deliciousness of their meat. For us to know the degree of their difference, we will first need to do some sort of analysis before we reach the conclusion.

Since geese are more of herbivores unlike omnivores, they tend to produce meat with a lot of fat. Omnivores such as ducks on the other hand have light flesh.

When it comes to the taste,goose meat being fattier tastes better and sweeter than duck meat.

Whereas duck meat is a white meat goose meat is considered a ‘dark meat’.

Duck meat has a lot of health benefits just like its counterpart, the goose. However, duck is loved more in Western and Asian countries. There are two ways you can make a duck. It can be roasted and as well steamed. That will depend on your preference. Besides, duck offers an amazing amount of amino acids and protein to your body.  Most importantly, the saturated fatty acids in it plays a crucial role in your body. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, copper and vitamin B. Goose meat on the other is much loved in  United states and parts of Germany and United Kingdom. Being Dark meat, geese have good amounts of vitamin B. Unlike duck meat, it contains a significant amount of glycerine. That way, eating it will help smoothen your skin. Besides, it is rich in minerals such as zinc and iron hence a good source of therapy for such minerals.

Importance of Goose Meat

goose vs duck meat

High In Protein

With great amounts of protein and amino acids, goose meat plays a crucial role in  improving the health of your body.

Best  source of Glycine

Glycine has too many benefits for your body. The body requires it  a lot for the production of collagen. It is also a good therapy for osteoarthritis..

Good Source Omega-3

Being omnivores, their meat contains a lot of fatty acid. As well all known fatty acids are essential to production of lipids and hormones in the body.

A Good Source of Minerals

To overcome deficiency of minerals such as zinc and iron, you can take goose meat. It contains more than just zinc and iron. Other minerals present include phosphorus, iron and copper.

Benefits of Duck Meat

goose vs duck meat

Significant Source of Glycine

Duck skin has significant amounts of dietary glycine This glycine helps supply the body with sufficient amino acids.

Source of  Protein

Proteins are a crucial element as far as body growth is concerned. Duck meat has a lot of it. Precisely, it contains close to 19g protein per 100g.

Rich in Selenium

Selenium is essential to your body in the sense that it acts as an immune-booster and antioxidant. Duck meat supplies significant amounts of it.

Protects Bones

Besides minerals such as iron, duck meat contains calcium, a mineral needed to strengthen the bones.

How to Obtain Duck and Goose Meat

The primary way to obtain a goose or a duck is through hunting. Even though it is not the easiest way. You can alway learn to become a hunter .

Another way is to buy them from the stores. If you are not into hunting, then it might be the preferred way for you.


In today’s world where hunting is gaining momentum, what we eat is no longer limited to particular animals. There are much more delicious animals out there other than domestic animals such as chicken.

Both duck and goose meat have essential constituents to the human body. Besides providing minerals. First of all, they are a good source of glycine which provides amino acids to the body. Again, they are both rich in minerals such as Iron and zinc. For that reason they generally improve the health of your body.

Whereas ducks are carnivores, geese are herbivores. What these animals take on a day to day basis is directly proportional to taste and flavor of the meat.

Even though ducks and geese are different, they share some features. First is the health benefits we have discussed above. Both of them have minerals that are important in keeping the state of your health great. Obtaining any of these meats involves two ways. You can either decide to go hunt them or if that will be difficult for you, buying it from the store is a great option.

With all the information given in this article, it is clear that duck meat is sweeter and tastier than geese meat. However, that does not mean that geese meat is not sweet. In the end it will all trickle down to personal preference.