Top 12 Best Axe For Chopping Wood 2023 – Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you’re a camper or a hiker, the hatchet is one of the most helpful apparatuses you will discover in your tool stash. It’s a flexible, convenient, and solid apparatus that you can use for slashing logs, cutting wood, and felling trees. If you’re inside the market to locate the best ax for chopping wood for your next outside trip or you want it to cut up a few firewoods, you have to find out which awe to buy.

 If this sounds familiar, you’ll need to think about your necessities first and pick one of the12 axes detailed below. With that in mind, in this article, we cover the first-rate awl for out of doors use. In case you’re in a rush, you can also choose from our quick picks below. 

Things To Consider Before Buying

Choosing the right ax relies upon the work you’ve got in your hand and the requirement of the sharpness, size, and electricity of the awe.

Here are some issues when choosing the ax.

Head Thickness


The form of the awe head determines whether it’s suitable for felling, splitting, or carving. A wider head permits you to reduce or split wood portions quickly.

The more keen head awe is more appropriate for slicing and cutting through wood. It’s extra suitable when you want to skim the layer of the tree for limbing logs.

Single vs. Double Side Head

The ax can have a single or double side head. The advantage of the double-facet head is that you can use both sides to reduce. But for maximum people, the single facet slicing head might be sufficient.

Head Weight


The weight of the top determines how quickly you could do the cutting. The heavier head delivers big swing momentum and cutting impact to the timber.

On the off chance that you’re cutting a little tree or more slender fallen wood, at that point pick a head that is not very overwhelming. It permits you to cut longer without getting worn out. The heavier head additionally conveys more force however makes it try to do an exact cutting.

If you’re reducing a thick tree department or want to chop several portions of wooden where the ideal slicing isn’t an issue, then you definitely should select a heavier ax head. Many human beings decide on the head weight this is around 3 lb to 5 lbs.

Poll Shape

In the event that you will utilize ax for exploring, camping, or chasing purposes, at that point utilize a multi-shape survey. The mallet and spike are the two normal kinds of polls.

The level survey permits you to utilize it as a mallet. So in case you’re setting up a tent and need a mallet to place the nail in the ground, at that point it can work consummately. The spike survey permits you to burrow hard and rough fields. You can likewise utilize it to haul nails out of wood.



It may not be self-evident, yet the handle assumes a crucial job in woodcutting. You can supplant it, particularly a wooden handle, in the wake of utilizing it for some time.

Most regularly, the handle must be supplanted because of harm brought about by overstrike. It happens when you don’t point it precisely during a strike and hit the piece of the handle that is underneath the head into the wood

Here are some concerns with respect to the handle.

Handle Material

The handle is commonly manufactured from wooden, fiberglass, or steel. The wooden made handles are lightweight and less complicated to replace. It also absorbs the effect that reduces fatigue. However, the timber takes care of breaks or splinters without problems.

The fiberglass handle has comparative advantages to a wooden handle. These are lightweight and assimilate the effect well without breaking or fragmenting. Be that as it may, these are regularly hard to supplant.

The metal handles are extra long-lasting and don’t break effortlessly. You also can use it for numerous other tasks together with a pry bar. But these are regularly heavy and at risk of rust. You additionally get fatigued quickly due to lousy handle shock absorption.

Handle Length


The handle go about as a switch during cutting, and the length of the handle decide the control and force the ax can convey. Yet, you don’t need the handle to be either excessively long or excessively short as it might get bulky to utilize.

Most tomahawks have a handle length that is 24 to 36 inches in length and is reasonable for cutting trees or parting woods. The shorter handle length that is 25 to 28 inches in length is perfect for cutting littler branches and is increasingly convenient.

Handle Shape

The cope with shape plays a crucial role whilst you’re deciding on an awl. When you’re the usage of an unmarried-side blade ax, the curved deal is extra suitable as it gives you an extra natural and cushy grip.

For a double-sided head, you should select a straight manage as it permits you to without difficulty swing in both guidelines without changing the orientation of the pinnacle.

Handle Cover


The handle cover made of non-slippery cloth inclusive of rubber or plastic improves the grip. This prevents the ax from slipping away at some point of a swing. If you’re the use of timber made deal with, then take a look at if the floor is non-slippery.

Some cheaper fine ax has bright varnish on them that makes the ax seem long-lasting however will increase the risk of slipping at some point of a swing. You can sand it off to make the surface less smooth and improve grip.

Top 12 Best Axe For Chopping Wood


1. Husqvarna 26″

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  • Sharp blade
  • Handsome hickory handle
  • Long handle generates plenty of power on the swing


  • Requires maintenance to keep it performing at its best
  • The blade has been known to snap.

If you’re looking for a device to deal with a variety of challenges, this multi-purpose ax may be for you.

The appearance and sense are traditional. There’s a single, sharp blade made from Swedish metallic that’s forged via hand. The ax handle is made from hickory. The two portions are attached using wedges, one of wood and the other of metal, to present a secure fit.

This is 26 inches lengthy. With that approach, you’ll generate lots of strength whilst you swing. It’s versatile sufficient for use for felling trees or chopping firewood.

The blade comes with a leather cowl for a safe garage when no longer in use. The story commonly goes something like this, it really works brilliantly, till the day it snaps.

Careful protection is key. If you purchase this one, watch out for excessive temperatures – they can cause the manage to shrink. Dry the awl after use and grease it if you’re going to be storing it for lengthy periods.

Customer review’s

This is the best ax for splitting wood and is liked by people. 

2. Fiskars 378841-1002 X27

Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super (36") Splitting Axe

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  • Strong, well-designed blade splits logs cleanly
  • Textured, non-slip handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavier than other axes
  • Not the best choice for shorter users.

If you’re tall, a long-handled ax can be a smart investment. You’ll be able to get maximum energy with your swing and won’t need to twist low as you work. So if you’re blessed with long limbs, then this is a good 36-inch ax from Fiskars.

The grip right here is textured, so it won’t slip in your draw close as you swing. It also approaches you won’t need to maintain on pretty so hard, so won’t stress your hand.

The blade is good in all aspects, and it’s designed with splitting medium to big logs in mind. It has a beveled aspect with a convex profile that helps prevent the blade from sticking within the wood. Get your swing right, and you’ll electricity through most logs in a free strike. It’s a robust design, and it comes with an excellent lifetime warranty.

It’s not the lightest ax out there, weighing in at just under six pounds. The weight manner a greater effect for your strike, but also calls for more physical exertion. If you’re now not that tall, or a lighter build, opt for a different awl.

Customer review’s

Customers like this product this is the best axes in the world liked due to its good work. 

3. Estwing Special Edition Fireside

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  • Very sharp blade, with nylon sheath supplied for safety
  • Blade and tang are forged in a single piece for strength
  • A comfortable handle reduces vibrations by up to 70 percent


  • No good for tree felling
  • The handle can get slippery when wet

If you’re seeking out a shorter ax, the 14-inch Fireside Friend from Estwing should be on your shortlist. The shorter cope with the approach is nicely used for splitting logs. It won’t be powerful for tree felling.

It’s perfectly sized to carry on camping trips, and as the name suggests, is a fireside friend indeed!. There’s a wound leather handle, which looks properly and is comfortable to use. Estwing says it reduces the vibrations on effect via as much as 70 percent. Beware though – it may get slippery if you get warm and sweaty.

Opposite the blade, there’s a flat surface. That will come up with something to aim at if you want to hit it with a sledgehammer for knottier logs. The blade is sharpened through the hand, and it comes with a nylon sheath for secure storage. Don’t be tempted to apply sticker elimination merchandise to remove any rate tags, though. They’ll harm the smart black finish.

Customer review’s

“Definitely recommend this product by people because grabbing a hatchet and splitting maul by Estwing right quick.”

4. Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

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  • Effective for anything from splitting kindling to felling smaller trees
  • Handsome hickory handle
  • Keenly priced


  • No padding on the handle
  • No sheath
  • You’ll have to sharpen it before the first use.

If your priority is versatility, the Trail Boss ax from Cold Steel is worth a look. Tested within the Australian Outback, it is able to be used to cut kindling, clear trails, build blinds, or even fell trees. (Just don’t expect it to take down a fully-grown oak – it has its limits.)

It’s a handsome thing, with a handle made from American hickory. But there’s no padding to assist absorb shocks. There’s a 4.5-inch cutting edge made from drop solid carbon steel. It doesn’t come pre-sharpened, so be prepared to do that yourself before you use it. And there’s no sheath to shield it – and you – when it’s no longer in use.

This is keenly priced – so if you’re organized to spend a while sharpening, you’ll get a versatile awl for now not plenty of money. Also, take a look at the Diy guide if you need to make an awl at home yourself.

Customer review’s

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5. Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe

Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe 25 Inch, 430

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  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Will bring down even larger trees
  • Comes with a top quality leather sheath to protect the blade


  • You could buy six of the Cold Steel axes for the price of one of these.

If you’re organized to spend huge dollars on a top-notch ax, Gransfors Bruks is the go-to brand.
So what do you get on your money?

This 25-inch awl weighs in at simply 2.6 pounds and comes with a leather sheath to protect the blade.

The blade is curved, which means that it’s going to cut via even resinous woods cleanly. You can use this one for felling larger trees, or lopping branches off people who have fallen down.

The blade is fabricated from steel, and each awl contains the initials of the Swedish blacksmith who forged it. It’s floor and honed through hand to offer a razor-sharp edge. You won’t want to do any similarly sharpening while it arrives.

People who personal these axes sincerely love them. You’ll hear them speak me about them as if they had been heirlooms as opposed to tools.

The most effective real disadvantage right here is the price. You’ll need deep pockets for this one.

Customer review’s

People like this because its work is excellent.

6. Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch and Hatchet Bundle

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  • Textured non-slip grip
  • Well-balanced
  • Can be used one-handed


  • Not the most versatile – this is for log splitting only.

The second ax from Fiskars splitting ax to make our list, the X11 has a significantly shorter 17-inch handle. This makes it a terrific alternative for splitting logs for kindling.

It’s also possible to buy this one in multi-packs of either two or 5 axes. So if you want an ax for exclusive locations, it’s really worth considering.

Like the X27, this sports activity has a non-slip textured grip. Fiskars says the power-to-weight ratio is such that you’ll get more strength from your swing. We say it’s light sufficient to be smooth to use, and it splits through most logs cleanly.

Its chopper 1 ax head is well-balanced too, and you could use it both one- or -handed. Just don’t anticipate reducing down trees – this is strictly a log splitting awl.

Customer review’s

This is liked by customers because of its chopper 1 splitting ax. 

7. Husqvarna A1400 23″

Husqvarna A1400 23" Composite Multi-Purpose Axe

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  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The fiberglass handle and the composite blade will cope with being left outside
  • The edge will cut deep – as long as you sharpen it first


  • You’ll need to sharpen the blade before first use
  • The composite blade is prone to chipping.

If you want an ax to use in a forest or on a construction site, Husqvarna’s A1400 could be for you.

The Husqvarna splitting ax taken care of is made from composite fiberglass, so it’s genuinely strong. You’ll be capable of leaving it outside in all weathers too.

There’s additionally a stainless-steel phase just underneath the blade. That will shield the cope from damage if your goal is a little much less than perfect. It comes with a beneficial carrying strap too.

The blade is drop-forged, and the shape is designed to paintings successfully on special applications.

Disadvantages? Well, you’ll want to sharpen it before the primary use. The non-stick coating covers the blade and wishes to be sharpened away to get an easy edge.

You’re possible to get a few small chips in the composite blade too. Grind them out and the awl will retain to paintings fine. But don’t be tempted to go away them, or the trouble will just get worse.

Customer review’s

This is the best all-around ax liked by customers. 

8. Gerber 17.5-Inch

Gerber 17.5-Inch Freescape Hatchet [31-002536]

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  • A composite handle means it’s strong and durable
  • Non-stick coating gives a clean cut
  • Good, deep bite


  • The plastic sheath is a little flimsy
  • You’ll get some dings in the metal from time to time.

Another awl with a composite manage, the Freescape Hatchet from Gerber is best for splitting logs.

That composite copes with the approach it’s sturdy as well as lightweight. And it’s long-lasting too. If you want to chop wood inside the pouring rain, it’s an amazing option.

The best log splitter ax lighter cope with also approach cutting is much less strenuous. There are fewer vibrations, and also you won’t stress your hands.

The head is made of solid steel, and the non-stick blade reduces friction and offers you a clean cut. It bites deep too.

Any downsides? Well, the best wood splitting ax sheath comes with is plastic and quite flimsy. And you may get a few dings in the steel from time to time. Grind them out, though, and your hatchet could be as right as new.

Customer review’s

This product is liked by people because of its chopping block for splitting wood.

9. Helko Werk Germany Vario 2000

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  • Heavyweight, versatile ax
  • Good quality materials
  • Leather sheath and protective oil included in the package


  • Fairly pricey
  • Isolated issues with quality assurance – watch out for a curving bit or crack in the handle.

This universal awl from Helko Werk is a triumph of international cooperation. The blade is a product of German high-grade carbon steel, whilst they deal with it made in Switzerland from American hickory.

The head weighs 2.75 pounds, and the whole awl weighs six pounds. You’ll need to be fairly strong to use it comfortably. It works well for log splitting, where its sloping wedge head cuts through wood cleanly. And it’s going to take care of tree felling too, with an experience very just like a traditional felling awl.

The take care is 30 inches lengthy and is finished with boiled linseed oil for an attractive look.

It comes with a complete grain leather-based sheath to guard the blade. A bottle of Axe-Guard protecting oil completes the package to make renovation simple.

This is a high-priced ax – second best to the Gransfors Bruks in phrases of price. We’ve heard of some problems with the bit curving to 1 side and splits inside the manage. These appear to be isolated problems with fine assurance.

Customer review’s

The product works very well in emergencies and in cutting.

10. Tabor Tools J60A

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  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Comfortable grip
  • Handy size for storing in the car boot


  • Expect to do some additional sharpening before use
  • The leading edge of the blade is on the thin side.

The J60A is an amazing choice if you’re seeking out a small ax to cut up kindling and cut up branches.

With a handle of simply 12 inches, it’s the shortest awl on our list. So even as you won’t get as an awful lot of strength as with longer-handled designs, it’s going to give you lots of control.

It will handle small or medium logs with ease. Stick it inside the vehicle boot when you’re off tenting and it won’t take up a whole lot of space. There’s no sheath with this one, but it does come with a rubber slip to protect the blade edge. It won’t make it weather-proof, however, it does mean you may store and deliver it safely.

The deal is a product of fiberglass, so it’s strong and light. And it’s cushioned for cushy use. The steelhead has a defensive non-stick coating, and the blade comes pre-sharpened. You might also find, though, that you need to record it greater to get it really sharp. If you’re making plans to cut branches in preference to cut up kindling, we’d say it’s essential.

There’s no longer as plenty of intensity to the main area as some axes either. That means it can be difficult to split logs in one strike, even though you’ll get there with or three.

Customer review’s

“Customers gave this product 4 out of 5 stars because it’s faster than a small hatchet.”

11. Estwing Special Edition Camper’s Axe

Estwing Special Edition Camper's Axe - 26" Wood Splitting Tool with All Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - E45ASE

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  • Hand sharpened polished blade
  • Strong and durable build
  • Suitable for chopping woods and splitting firewood
  • Full-tang blade
  • Shock absorbing non-slip grip


  • Hard to fit it in a smaller backpack
  • The edge isn’t very sharp

For outdoor fans and campers, cutting down small trees and clearing roads or trails is an ordinary affair. The Estwing special version camper’s ax is constructed for difficult work.

It has an enduring sharp 4-inch-long complete tang blade crafted with the finest grade American cast metallic. The head metal has long gone through unique heat treatment and tempering processes to enhance its hardness and durability.

The surprise-soaking up rugged grip reduces the shock and maintains a sturdier grip during the cut. You can get almost 70% much less impact vibration than a similar ax without grip protection. You can buy it in 16-inch or 26-inch sizes.

The long handle gives you higher leverage and swinging power for splitting and slicing huge logs. It weighs 4.65 lb and is light sufficient to carry it on your backpack in the course of hiking or backpacking.

It has a ballistic nylon sheath that protects the blade from any unintended damage. It’s made inside the USA and is derived with a proper leather grip.

Customer review’s

This product is cheap and affordable like by people.

12. Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

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  • High-quality blade
  • Lightweight non-slip wooden handle
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • Sturdy and solid build
  • Suitable for chopping and splitting logs


  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty task
  • Expensive

It is a tremendous looking or camping ax. With this, you get advanced reducing and splitting performance. This is an awesome companion ax for reducing firewood or feeling small bushes.

The compact and single-hand use layout of the hatchet has input from survival professionals for efficiently reducing performance. You can use it for a wide range of tasks. The metallic collar in the hatchet makes it perfect for light splitting. The medium-length 15-inch manage delivers sufficient strength to fell an average tree.

The dependable hatchet is made from high-grade steel, and the cope is secured inside the blade for long-lasting performance. The stable American hickory takes care of has a straight design that makes it snug to use with one hand when splitting or slicing logs.

This outside hatchet can be a lifesaver at some stage in outside sports including searching. You can quickly chop down smaller timber or trees to create better visibility closer to the target. It’s a totally compact size hatchet and lightweight.

The head is securely tied to the hickory shaft and doesn’t wobble whilst in use. The lightweight and compact design of the hatchet make it smooth to p.C. away in your tenting gear.

The well-designed collar guard protects the take care of from overstrikes. This improves the existence of the ax, and it doesn’t smash or get damaged easily. For brought peace of mind, the ax comes with a 20-yr guarantee.

Customer review’s

Everyone likes this ax because of its quality.


Whether you’re a camper or a backpacker, the awl is one of the most beneficial tools you can discover in your toolbox. It’s a totally versatile, portable, and reliable tool that you could use for decreasing logs, cutting wood, and felling trees.

If you’re within the marketplace to find the fine ax for your next outdoor ride or you want it to cut up a few firewoods, you need to discover which ax to buy. If this sounds familiar, you’ll need to don’t forget your requirements first and select one of the 5 axes specified below.

With that in mind, in this article, we cover the first-rate awl for outside use.

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