Suppressor Manufacturers List – Updated 2023

A suppressor is a necessary accessory for any gun enthusiast or even a beginner, as each year, manufacturers come out with new technology to help shooting be more efficient. Although, as brands will say their products are the top of the line, it’s best to know which ones feature the best aspects and multi-faceted qualities.

There are countless great brands in the market currently, but deciphering which ones have a solid build, reasonable price, and offers an appropriate warranty is a piece of information that this article will provide. So, in this article, we will provide you with a top suppressor manufacturers list.



This manufacturer is known to be the most reputable brand in the market recently with its quality technology and high-brand material used to make the SilencerCo suppressor. It certainly deserves the top title. And this brand provides threaded barrels for handguns and a complete solution for sound and visual feedback.

SilencerCo has been continuously challenging their limits by introducing newer and more innovative technology almost every year. This has made the brand popular amongst your average gun enthusiast to even professional military-grade users.


If you’re in the market for high-quality suppressors within your budget, BlackHawk! is known to offer the most affordable premium grade suppressors.
Suppressors, whether it be flash hiders or silencers, is a device that’s significantly more difficult to acquire than other accessories. This is because of the multiple legal restrictions one might face to equip them.

However, BlackHawk has come up with an HPA legislation, which, if passed, would let suppressors be just as accessible as any other accessory.


This manufacturer is known for its massive collection of accessories. Their complete line covers almost any type of weapon or ammunition.
AAC also offers a lifetime warranty, which can be applied for any situation. The warranty is often gone unapplied, as their products have shown to feature some of the sturdiest material in the market.

Due to their outstanding customer service and wide lineup, AAC is one of the reputable and trusted brands for suppressors.


Despite being one of the most expensive brands which are favored by the military and law enforcement, Gemini Technologies or Gemtech offers the highest standards of weapons and accessories available.

This brand supplies weapons to the military, as their products undoubtedly offer the safest rounds that one can hope for in a suppressor.

Sig Sauer

This brand prioritizes comfort and safety above anything else. With one of the biggest lineups, in terms of major manufacturers, Sig Sauer definitely stands out from the rest. Their suppressors also offer longer external sleeves for better weight distribution and performance, especially for rifles.

Moreover, this brand considers a lot of the factors that other brands often overlook, so for a gun enthusiast, their products tend to offer some of the best products available.

Get Yourself the Best Suppressor in the Market!

Knowing what you need in a suppressor isn’t always the only important factor. There are countless brands coming up with different features every year.
It’s recommended that you seek reviews and feedback from trusted sources before investing in a fully equipped suppressor for your weapon!