How Much Does An AR 15 Cost

Gun enthusiasts have explored different types of ‘toys.’  Spanning from a standard pistol to a shotgun, we all love their unique features, designs, and capabilities of AR 15 cost. Have you ever been to a military barracks? If so, I bet you noticed the gun types these military groups typically utilize.

One of the famous guns used by this group or even mass shootings is the AR 15. Do you know what an AR 15 rifle is? How much do you think you can save to own one?

The article below will diligently answer some of these questions. Also, it will highlight its maintenance process and its popularity.

What is an AR 15?

how much does an ar 15 cost

The AR 15 came into existence in the 1950s after being established by a manufacturing company popularly known as the ArmaLite. It was formed to fulfill the request of the U.S. Army, who wanted to replace their M-1 Garand weapons and other rifles.

In 1959, ArmaLite transferred its rights to another firm, Colt. The company enhanced the popular weapon and sold it to the U.S. military group as a complete automatic M-16. Colt then came up with a semi-automatic weapon, a type of civilian version called the AR-15.

There is a misconception going around that the AR-15 is an acronym standing for Assault Rifle. Yet the National Rifle Association (NRA) cleared the air up and proclaimed that its actual name is the ArmaLite Rifle.

The critical difference between the M-16 and AR-15 versions is that the automatic rifle releases fire shots continuously when you hold down the trigger. Conversely, the semi-automatic rifle may require you to release the trigger after every shot.

However, the patent rights of AR-15 expired in 1979. Therefore, other manufacturing firms began the production of other variants of the weapon. Even though the newly introduced weapons have their brand names, AR-15 is the common term for all AR-15 rifle styles.

Why is ar 15 popular in the country?

The NRA referred to the AR 15 as the ‘America Rifle’ because of its higher popularity among Americans. Most individuals have the AR 15 Cost as their best pick due to its vast, valuable benefits; increased customization, accuracy, adaptability, and reliability.

Besides that, this bad-ass rifle is multi-purpose. You can use it as a self-defense mechanism or in shooting and hunting expeditions. The ultimate reason for its popularity is its customization feature on the rifle’s components.

How much does an ar15 cost?

The popular rifle in the U.S. has affordable costs. You can opt to spend several thousand and purchase an AR-15 for yourself. Or, if you want a more personalized item, you might want to build one for yourself and save up a couple of hundreds.

In case you are stuck in the dilemma of either building or purchasing, you are in the right article. We shall weigh both sides and help you make the appropriate decision.

Building your AR-15

If you decide to build your AR-15, you might need to assemble the required tools, components, and parts to give you an AR-15. You can find all these spare parts online at convenient prices.

Be ready to spend much of your time on this. The daunting set of activities should not worry you whatsoever. The results after you are done will be worthwhile your time and efforts.

You tend to take more time when building up the lower receiver of the AR-15. After you are done with it, you begin on the upper receiver part. You might need to purchase additional components. It might cost you an average amount of $500-$900.

If money is not an issue for you, you might spend more money purchasing your necessary components. You can customize the design and make it match your desires and preferences.

Most importantly, before the building, you might need to assess all of the financial requirements for the entire activity. Being aware of the potential costs will ensure you have all the components at convenient prices.

The types of budgets involved when building an AR-15 might include:

Lower build

The average amount of money you might need to build up a lower AR 15 Cost around $372-$412, according to ARFCOM. Some of the costs for the different critical components might include:

  • CMT stag arms might need an average cost of about $105.
  • For board arms at the lower part, you might spend at least $65 from your nearest store.
  • The Mods standard kit and the Vitor carbine costs might depend on the site of choice during purchase. The costs might fall around $155 to $197.
  • The MIAD clutch might cost you around $45.

Most times, you might have an average cost of $600 when purchasing the entire kit. Since you will be building the weapon, there might be minimal risks when getting unnecessary tools.

Upper build

The estimated amount of purchasing an approved upper AR-15 might be at least $1520. Below are the approximated prices for the different components.

  • The upper receiver for the CMT board might have an average cost of $95.
  • The 4150 steel has a high-end quality and a barrel lined with chrome. It is a vital component; therefore, its price might cost you $325.
  • For the CMT, LMT, MP, and BCG, it might cost you at least $130.
  • Other expensive AR-15 components that might cost you tons of money are the La Rue or the 4rail Handguard. Their costs might come around $300.
  • BUIS might range around $120.
  • For the HWS, a holographic feature that assures you clear visibility in darker conditions might cost you around $350.
  • Other additional features might cost you above $200.

Purchasing an AR-15

If you lack efficient time to build your customized AR-15, you might go with the buying option. Below are some of the cheaper AR-15 weapons you might consider purchasing.

  • DPMS

DPMS has been in the A.R. market for multiple years. These weapons even outsmart several high-end rifles. You are, however, not guaranteed supreme supplies. You might get a cheaper DPMS for $530.

  • ATI

ATI is another AR 15 Cost rifle with a budget-friendly cost. You might get this cheaper AR-15 rifle for at least $550.

  • Radical firearms

The radical firearms released increased quality weapons for entry-level beginners. It might cost you around $560 to get this magical weapon.

  • Palmetto State Armory

Most individuals consider the Palmetto State Army as their cheapest option. It will not guarantee you all the luxurious features. However, you might enjoy satisfactory shooting with this solid Palmetto State Army.

How to maintain your ar15

how much does an ar 15 cost

Cleaning your AR 15 might be a personal activity. Cleaning methods might vary for different individuals. There is no specific technique on how to maintain your AR-15. As long as the method you are employing does not harm the hard-earned weapon, you might stick with it.

The standard simple way of maintaining a AR 15 might include:

  • You first need to assemble your cleaning supplies. And by the way, you do not need fancy items. You might require the following: a paper towel or paper tissue, a bore snake, a swab, and a nylon brush. These are the necessary items. You might add other supplies.
  • Have a quick wipe down. Take out the rear take-down pin followed by the bolt carrier and the charging handle.
  • Use a rag to wipe your BCG and charging handle to get rid of the grit and black sludge caused by untidy oil. Once you are done with them, set them aside on a cleaner surface. Redo the same wiping process to both of the AR-15 receivers. You can use bristles from the nylon brush for cleaning. You might fold one rag end to reach for the nooks and crannies.
  • Then, use a bore snake to move through the barrel and ensure it is sparkling clean. Ensure all of the parts are clean, free from dirt and dirty oil. Re-oil all the AR-15 components, including the three different sides on the charging handle. You might make an oil drop or a reasonable amount in the BCG through the side holes.

When your AR-15 becomes malfunctioned after the simple cleaning, you might decide to go deeper with your cleaning. These are the steps to follow.

  • You might start with gathering your cleaning supplies. It would be best to pick paper towels over rags for your items because rags accommodate dirt, unlike paper towels that remain clean throughout.
  • Disassemble every part of the rifle and clean each component simultaneously.
  • You can begin with the lower receiver. Use effective cleaners that create foam. Make this part wet, and then wipe dry it. Please pay attention to the magazine and ensure it is clean as well for easy maneuvering.
  • Use a cotton swab around the fire groups. The state of the cleaning item will tell how clean your parts are. If your cotton item comes out dirty, redo the process until you are satisfied with their outcomes.
  • Get out the buffer and its spring and wipe them. You can roll some paper towels to reach the furthest part of the buffer tube.
  • Do the same for the upper receiver.
  • You can use a brush to remove stubborn carbon. Assess your bolt body and ensure there is no build-up left. Do not forget to put on gloves when handling toxic cleaning solvents. Make sure every part is tidy before oiling the entire weapon.
  • Finalize by reassembling all of the parts. You can test the functionality of your AR-15 too. That’s it.


The AR-15 rifle is a heaven-sent rifle to have in your box. It is customizable, accurate, affordable, and high-performing. It assures you with killer shots during your sports, hunting, or even in military exercises.

The AR-15 has varying prices depending on the available additional features. You can opt to build your rifle if you are on a tight budget.

Besides its budget-friendly prices, the AR-15 has lower maintenance, unlike other rifles in the U.S.

You need to own this powerful rifle of all times.